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  1. 18 points
    I keep pushing the new 3 logo in this darn elevator to get WKYC on the screen and nothing happens! Lol!
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    It's been a rough road getting here, but we're excited to reveal the new site. Let's get to it! Outside of visual changes, there aren't a whole lot of functional changes. Notable changes include: Mobile support is improved, especially when composing a message. Emoticons are OUT and the full suite of emojis are IN. BBCode has been removed completely in favor of a more robust WYSIWYG editor. The logo has been refreshed. Coming soon: We will be restoring the ability to register and sign in with popular web services like Google, Twitter, and Facebook. And there is much more to come in the days and weeks ahead! Stay tuned for more updates. Regrettably, the old Shoutbox was not able to be carried over to the new site. We are looking into our options when it comes to real-time discussion, including integration with services like Discord, which many of you already use. This will also be addressed within the coming days. Please reach out if you encounter any issues, either by PM or by emailing support@tvnewstalk.net.
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    If only this site had some sort of analog back then. "Looks like Westinghouse-itis is rolling out across more stations with their WHYwitness format. 90 minutes? Please. I liked it better when the news was one person sitting at a desk for 15 minutes. We were lucky to have any pictures at all!" "Group W out with another lame logo... So much for individuality! Could they only afford one sheet of Letraset?
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    Posted without comment....
  6. 14 points
    We'll keep the concepts to a minimum, but I will say, I'm very impressed by WTHR's upcoming Tegnafication.
  7. 13 points
    Here's the song -- "Chicago" by Tary Rebenar -- that inspired Dick Marx's legendary WBBM theme. Note that the nine-note signature is based on the lyrics "This is my city, Chicago's my town," not "I love Chicago, Chicago my home" as often supposed:
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    "...To Another Channel!"
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  10. 12 points
    I'm not gonna lie, it's pretty annoying that we've gotten to the point where our national anthem has become a hot-button political issue. If you like having it played on TV, you're a fascist, and if you don't, you're a communist. There's no pleasing anyone anymore, is there?
  11. 11 points
    You're right. History will show WPIX was so much better under Tribune. PIX never looked better than when they were broadcasting their 10PM from this messy corner of the newsroom. That classic late 2010 set and graphics package from when Bill Carey blew up the 10pm news. Who can forget the giant green "iPad graphics", Mr. G's weather closet, and all the great commentary and round table discussions with Lionel and Larry Mendte. Hard-hitting news like this, And of course the seemingly daily "investigation" into the MTA. We're lucky to not have any good videos of the first weeks of this disaster. Even two years later, it was still a giant mess. About the only thing Scripps could possibly do to the station that Tribune didn't already try is to burn the place down for the insurance money, though with all those cheap extension cords in the lighting grid, it sure looks like they might have been trying.
  12. 11 points
    Well, I found what the main non-newscast logo will look like. And here's more of the upcoming graphics in action.
  13. 11 points
    Dude. We get it. You don't like Tegna, or Scripps, or basically any other company. Drop. It. These companies weren't "better" back in the 80's and 90's. The whole industry was different in the 80's and 90's. It was the golden age of local TV news. Nobody had to compete against a rectangle in your pocket that gives you live news instantly from 300,000 sources. The golden age for local TV has come and gone. We're in a different world. The industry is struggling. These companies are doing what they can to keep afloat and profitable. Nobody is going to "go back" to producing local news the way it was in the 80's and 90's, and even if they did, it's not going to suddenly make their ratings spike back to the levels they saw back then. That was then, this is now, and the times are a changin'.
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    I don't see what the big deal is. I'm 99% sure this is supposed to be a modern take on their old slanted 11 logo. If they used this exact logo 40 years ago, I have a hunch that every one of you in here complaining would be commenting about how amazing and wonderful it is that Tegna was reviving a "classic" and how the logo they moved off of was the worst logo that ever existed in the history of TV station logos and should have never existed to begin with. It's an 11. It looks way better as a social media icon/app icon/etc than the old one did (which is probably the catalyst for the change.) It looks way better than any typeface would look.
  15. 10 points
    Y'all want to know why the TV industry is in the shape it's in look no further than this. I can't explain how many people are in positions that they shouldn't be in and I've worked in 4 newsrooms in the span of 6 years. Sorry, didn't mean to go off topic here. To contribute: my thoughts on this logo is that it is indeed terrible.
  16. 10 points
    I got some names: 5pm: "Watch Us After Ellen" 7pm: "At Least It's Leas Boring than Wheel of Fortune" 11pm: "At Least Fox 8 Isn't Here...Yet" Weekend Mornings: "Go...Back to Sleep!"
  17. 10 points
    Good Lord, quit while you're ahead. This discussion stops now. If he was dealing with someone who was lying about they're age, then that's for the court system to sort out, but otherwise, just stop. If they look like they could be that young, then you should probably just stay away. Period. Consider this a warning for everyone. We're not going to try and rationalize this.
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    Wow. Like some sort of strange testament to Oz, it really says a lot that -- even in its tenth season -- it still gets passed around between stations like a joint at Coachella.
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    Nothing has driven me crazy this decade like trying to identify that voice. You know, the one who did 20+ years of KFVS opens, a similar body of work for KWWL, and other stations from Idaho to Iowa to North Carolina to...lots more Iowa. "Really, given the volume of work he's done, it's amazing nothing has ever turned up on him, even so much as a name." –ChesapeakeTV "This was the VO for WQAD for many years up to 1997. Does anyone know the name of him?" –now-inactive @FirstNews8 in 2009 "The nameless voiceover" –the title of an email I sent the NMSA in 2010 I tried looking and decided my last chance to figure this long-running mystery out was to email KFVS. Years of searching ended in 23 minutes and vindicated my decision. This guy would never have turned up in any searches. So I feel extra special being able to give this man the credit he so deserved. Jeff Ellingson (1948-2008) lived in Cedar Rapids and did work for three AFLAC stations at the same time (KWWL, KFVS and WAFF). This is what KFVS Marketing Director Paul Keener had to say about Jeff in the email I got back from the station: Ellingson's body of work, of course, was larger than just KWWL and KFVS. He should be credited with 68 different NMSA samples for 16 different stations when all is said and done. (Contemporaneously, he did a third AFLAC station, WAFF, and a fourth ex-AFLAC station after the insurer exited the television business, WITN.) Even though Ellingson died February 5, 2008 at the age of 59, his voice lingered around for a time longer at some of his final client stations. At KIMT, which had just had a new open series done not long before Ellingson passed, it took at least into 2009 for a new voiceover to be brought in for the opens. WABG Greenwood, MS, was using his voice on the air as late as 2010. I'm glad that, after all these years, we are able to finally put a name to the voice and give Ellingson the credit he so richly deserved for his voiceover career.
  20. 10 points
    I'm now more dumber for having read this. You clearly don't know the woman JacobC, so put your pitch fork and torch away, sit down and shut up. Show some respect and be glad she found another job. Also, you show clear inability to splice together a coherent thought. Work on it.
  21. 10 points
    Try using Wikipedia as a source on a school/research paper, and tell us how that goes. Good luck.
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  23. 10 points
    Everyone, I'm going to be on WFAA News 8 tomorrow night at 10pm. I've was interviewed by Kevin Reece all afternoon today about my autism, my love to local TV news, etc. So, if you're in the DFW area, please be sure to tune in tomorrow on The Update at 10pm.
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    This took me 10 minutes....it could clearly be refined just a bit. They really could just replicate the KARE "11" across the group and the world would be a better place. There's a reason that still looks good after 25+ years.
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    You'll have to forgive Eat News. He and Regis have a bit of a history with each other. Every since the vicious taunting, Eat News sees Regis everywhere and this causes him to boldly address TVNT posters' wild misconceptions regarding ratings versus billings.
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    Your experience at any station, whether it's WLS-TV or somewhere in Montana or Maine, is partly what you make of it too. Attitude always travels.
  27. 9 points
    As others mentioned in this thread, I can vouch that I learned the reason for this from my former news director. By starting the newscast 2 minutes early, you save time and can win the quarter hour on more hard hitting top stories or breaking news coverage. It’s definitely a consultant move and it’s one that all stations across the country follow. For example, a sample newscast starts with a 15-30 second pre-show topical tease, then you have a 10-15 second open, then you have an extra 5-10 seconds for the anchors to introduce themselves, then you toss in a minute for first weather, etc. By the time the hour starts, you’re already in to your first lead story. Your lead story is what will help you win the quarter hour. In markets like Nashville, ratings are done on the quarter hour and every minute counts. Wasting precious time on the intro pleasantries wastes time, but it’s unfortunately necessary. By doing it this way, you can ensure your station wins the lead-in and viewers won’t turn it off which is important if you want to win the quarter hour. A compelling lead-in that starts right at the top of the hour or half hour can make or break a newscast. If you started the top or bottom of the hour with all the wasted time at the beginning of the newscast, then you’ll basically be telling viewers to turn you off because you have no reason for them to watch. People don’t want you to waste their time, they want to know what’s going on the moment they tune in, which most of the time is right on the hour or half hour. Also, you mad bro? If this is what makes you want to metaphorically or even literally kill yourself, then I suggest some serious professional help. Stations have been starting before the half hour or hour for years, your screaming in all caps and angry aggression on this will only fall on deaf ears. It’s not going to change, this is a consultant driven business and consultants say start early.
  28. 9 points
    Your parents only want the best for you. You can tell they care because people who stream, are the same folks that also vape, speed and use those hooka bongs . The cable tv signal is much more pure and organic, and cable consumes much less electrons for a far more reliable and better signal. Cable is green and is endorsed by Greta the climate girl. With streaming comes corruption of bits and data, hackers and viruses and all kinds of other cooties that pollute those internet streams. Plus... lots of streamers are just plain thugs. Your folks care about you...and so do all of us here at tvnt. BTW... This is what I had for a tv under my folks roof, I had to buy it myself, it got 6 local channels via a telescoping antenna. It came with an earphone. and cost me $69 dollars at Fedmart. When I decided I wanted 13 channels of "cable tv, I bought a cable splitter and tapped off my parents outlet ...thus committing a misdemeanor that could have followed me on my permanent record. We just don't want to see you fall into the wrong crowd of vaping, thuggish hoons, streaming all kinds of derelict programming.
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    I hope Tegna replaces WNEP's 6PM news with a dance party with the entire half hour set to that MCTYW knock off on loop.
  30. 9 points
    Scripps isn't paying money to go into New York just to run "2 1/2 Men" and "Friends" reruns ad nauseum and make it into WWOR2.
  31. 9 points
    Failed Marketing Idea??? Or Al Primo's guest bath?
  32. 9 points
    B-bu-but.... Tegna-itis.
  33. 9 points
    Gotta give credit to any organization that sticks around for 1,065 years. Hey, it's longer than the Notre Dame cathedral.
  34. 9 points
    They may have the most ACCURATE forecast, but not with spelling! (See top of banner. Irony!)
  35. 9 points
  36. 9 points
    Personally I'm sick of flat design, so a return to 2010 is a welcome departure.
  37. 9 points
    Look what I was able to find via the Wayback Machine!
  38. 9 points
    The sign was restored and converted to LED, according to this video.
  39. 9 points
    This isn't even worth talking about. It's not going to happen. Mainly because there is no such thing as a universal "license to broadcast" (The FCC would need to evaluate and rule on each of Sinclair's 193+ broadcast television licenses individually.) Let's keep this thread focused on the Nexstar and Tribune acquisition, please.
  40. 9 points
    I wonder what intern is running the ticker.
  41. 8 points
    Here at KBEX-TV our 5pm newscast starts at 12:00...because we forgot how to re-set the VCR master clock after the last state mandated power outage.
  42. 8 points
    — James O'Keefe (@JamesOKeefeIII) October 14, 2019 Ahhh... Project Veritas... they of editing videos together out of context and calling it legitimate journalism? James O'Keefe is a con artist political activist with an axe to grind... If you are gonna quote things... use some actual sources and not some guy with a website and a desire to see an agenda fulfilled... thanks.
  43. 8 points
    Good luck with that. That's like telling McDonalds to have some local flavor to it. If it's corporate it's corporate.
  44. 8 points
    Bah, I like that new WKYC logo. It's simple and to the point, tells you everything you need to know. Hey, when you see that 3, you know it's coming direct from Cleveland. You know what's boring? Those blue-and-white Circle 7s, those suckers are everywhere. You see one of those, it could coming from any of the nine zillion Channel 7s around the nation that were too lazy to come up with something unique. And since I had no clue what the current WKYC logo looked like, I went to their website. It looks like a ne'er-do-well 3 leaning against a wall while a shady peacock looks around the corner for unsuspecting rubes to mug. Hardly trustworthy, I'd say.
  45. 8 points
    How do we know it's the worst run station in the country? Are the books for the station available? If CBS Detroit is profitable, or if it's operating at a small loss, in a market where they feel that in 2019 a 4th television news operation isn't viable, then there's no problem here.
  46. 8 points
    Of course it wasn’t necessary. It wasn’t necessary for them to change the lights to blue or for Norah to wear a pantsuit either. It was a choice. This is nothing new, by the way. When Charlie, Diane, and David each took over WNT, they all cited Peter Jennings in one way or another. For people who work in that business, it’s an act of respect. As I said, the 20 second nod to the show’s legacy was just as much for the CBS News staff as it was for the audience.
  47. 8 points
    Hallelujah! Praise be to God! (whoops....sorry.....wrong station!) But a long overdue move by Tribune. Hopefully it's a good one that's up and running before Nexstar takes over!
  48. 8 points
    Hey, let's not turn this into a game of "who carries Wheel and Jeopardy!"
  49. 8 points
    How does this man keep getting promotions? He shouldn't be allowed to manage a Cinnabon, let alone more television networks.
  50. 8 points
    The Shell gas station on my street hasn't had a facade lift since 1985...but people still buy gas there. I would take a 'pass" on the Shell station corn dogs though.
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