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    Simple, Sinclair thought they could get away with it. Just like they thought they could get away with that must-run speech they had their anchors do about "fake news" that turned out to be such a joke it probably jeopardized their acquisition of Tribune because someone complied a video of Sinclair anchors all over the country reading that same script verbatim. Sinclair will never learn. They really are a company run by arrogant people.
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    More than that, actually. See, Rupert made his mark in the UK and his native Australia with gloriously sensational tabloids. Even when he took over the New York Post, he put his stamp on that paper in a hurry ("Headless Body in Topless Bar") and was poised to do the same in Chicago and Boston. Which brings us to the Metromedia Five: WNYW, WTTG, KRIV, KTTV and even WFLD. Outside of shared logo stylings and the "network + channel number" brandings, not much had changed at that core group since the sale beyond a stateside import of A Current Affair with WTTG's Maury Povich. (WFLD had no news department until 1987 but at launch was set up very much like the other Metromedia stations had been.) None of them ran news in the early evening hours, and (as mentioned earlier) WNYW launched Good Day NY, which was not dissimilar to WEWS's Morning Exchange and WCVB's Good Day! was in creating GMA... a traditional morning show with news updates, light conversation and fluff. Some glitz crept in but Rupert ran them as traditional as you could get. No one thought of doing a rolling hard news block from 6am-9am. Pure folly. Ed Ansin, Bob Leider and Joel Cheatwood basically took the Rupert model of flash and splash in his UK tabloids and New York Post and transferred it to WSVN. It wasn't just that it was news-intensive, it was outrageous, in-your-face and smacking you upside the head. While WTVJ was emulating the Michael Mann glitz and glamour era of Miami Vice with the John Fox Art Deco-esque set and graphics, WSVN went all in with the Dick Wolf nihilism era of Miami Vice. It not only was unlike anything the industry had ever seen, it was such a massive departure from the staid, conservative image WSVN had prior to the summer of 1988; in many ways, they were still seen up to then as "that Wayne Farris station." Ironically, the success of WSVN precipitated the New World group into going all-in on news. Even Virgil Dominic, who loathed at WJW being called "Fox 8" led an investment into the Newscenter 8 ops and launched an ill-fated local morning show, Good Day Cleveland, that ultimately led to WJW becoming an unstoppable dynamo in mornings. HulkieD is right in classifying WSVN as "the first true Fox affiliate." I'll go one further. WSVN was the station Rupert wanted to run but never did. And probably never will. But that's okay, because Ed pulled it off in a way Rupert never could have dreamed of.
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    Those images speak volumes. Same desk, same chairs, same lamp, same portrait on the wall over 30-plus years. It speaks to not only what may have been Mr. Ansin's own frugality, but on two more important themes: Simplicity and stability. With all the money he had, he could have easily upgraded his office furniture and design on numerous occasions. It's safe to assume that the phone was one of the few items there to have changed over the years. WSVN and WHDH were lucky to have a guy like that for an owner.
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    So I was rewatching an old clip from 1987 about Ed Ansin challenging the sale of WTVJ to NBC... and something dawned on me. Note the scenes in which he's interviewed in his office, which was apparently the quietest room at the studio complex. ...it never changed.
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    I would love to know who let it get this far. As stated above, one of the key elements of reporting is being a responsible gatekeeper of information - good and bad. Things are changing, but all this would have done was deepened the divide between fact and fiction, and you don't give a voice to fiction. We're 22 years removed from one quack doctor saying "vaccines cause autism," and an ever growing number of people believe it, even though it is proven FALSE. Imagine the type of damage that would have been done if you put the 'Plandemic' tape on air, even if you followed it up with top notch fact checking. It's so wild, and so factually incorrect, it should never have been given the time of day or consideration to air on any rational television station in the first place.
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    It's very encouraging to hear that the next generation of the Ansin family is poised to keep things going, so that we don't have another James Rogers/Intermountain West situation. If they are truly in it for the long haul, they will still be the forces that they are, and could benefit in the future WHEN the affiliate model begins to fall apart, and these corporate stations will have to do what Ed Ansin did decades ago with WSVN and recently with WHDH.
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    Great observation... This was our first project with DDG and thankfully our friends at WXII were keen on having us involved as the work was much appreciated during these times... I hope everyone likes the set!
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    Was working on a twitter thread about this, but it got derailed due to some household drama, so I'll type everything here. Ed Ansin, in my mind, deserves to be mentioned in the same breath as Al Primo, Roone Arledge, and Ted Turner. His stations were that revolutionary and influential, and a lot of people don't know it. In my opinion, local news has three "mother formats". The first is Primo's Eyewitness News (specifically the version perfected at WABC New York). The second is the WPVI Action News format. The third was Ansin's "News Station" format pioneered in Miami then Boston. EVERY local television station incorporates elements of these three newscast formats. You can probably see parts of WSVN's DNA in the newscast that airs in your market, even the most conservative one. People forget how risky WSVN's format actually was. Sure, it joined Fox, but "joining Fox" meant something a hell of a lot different in 1989 than it did even in 1994 when New World shocked the industry. Fox didn't have the NFL. "The Simpsons" wasn't even a half-hour show yet. Fox was five hours of primetime on weekends, that was it. Even if you were a Fox affiliate at that point, for all intents and purposes you were an independent station. In fact, WSVN didn't mince words - in its promotion and reporting for its post-switch plans, it referred to its new status as becoming an "independent station". And if you were an independent station, you were what I would call a "Great Entertainer". Your programming day would consist of cartoons, sitcom repeats, a movie in primetime, sports if you were lucky to have a contract with a team. Maybe, maybe, maybe you had a half hour or an hour of news at 10pm. Even ideas like a local morning show from 7am-9am were novel: Good Day New York had been on the air for only a few months at the time of WSVN's switch. You did not do seven hours of news each weekday. Even if you were a network affiliate this was madness. Doing it without a net(work) - that was suicide. This idea was ridiculed in the press. Ansin might not have had much of a choice here, admittedly - CBS had announced its plans to move to WCIX at the beginning of August. Four months is not a lot of time to get the inventory you needed to be a conventional independent. WSVN likely became "South Florida's News Station" out of necessity. Still doesn't negate how ballsy the plan was. The tone of the newscasts was also wildly different from anything the market - perhaps the nation - had yet seen. His new news director, Joel Cheatwood, moved the newscasts out of the traditional studio and into the newsroom and control room. The presentation was also something different - bold graphics filled the screen. Discordant music opened the newscast and penetrated the proceedings. Even the station announcer, Scott Chapin, was menacing! It's here that I am going to say it: Ansin's stations were not paragons of journalism. Tabloid TV was the order of the day. "If it bleeds, it leads" was the motto. One WSVN newscast I have footage of proudly beamed about featuring "THREE BLOODY CRIME SCENES" as the top story. This was not Peter Jennings soberly reporting on the latest goings on in the Soviet Union. That wasn't the point. The point wasn't to just inform, but entertain as well - thus the flashy graphics, the catchy headlines. This was, I would argue, the first News Product on a TV station - something not as just public service but calling card. It's not wrong to call WSVN the first true "Fox affiliate". It ran cartoons - Fox Kids was there for a few years - and out of necessity movies were programmed on nights Fox had not yet colonized. You certainly could not mistake it for a Big Three affiliate. But the look and feel was not that of an independent/Fox station up to that point. I don't think anyone saw that station lasting more than maybe two years with the News Station format. Certainly nobody saw the station not only surviving the switch, but thriving - rising to the top spot among English language stations in that market. The competitors noticed. In 1988-89 WTVJ had a handsome art deco look lavished on it by its new owners at NBC. By 1992 that was replaced by cold banks of monitors and theme music straight out of Miami Vice. So did other stations. Scott Chapin started picking up station after station starting in the early 90s. One of my early news memories is of him blaring out "NEIGHBORS FROM HELLLLLLL" in a sweeps promo for WCAU, which he was voicing by the mid-90s. Other tricks took longer to get to my market - 1997 saw the arrival of "Breaking News" stings and Larry Mendte to WCAU. In a market where the leading station used magnet boards for weather and a blue background set, the added flash stood out. Mendte got notice because he would stand up on set for some stories - if you read the local papers you'd think some massive scandal was taking place. In contrast, I'm usually not sure if Jim Gardner wears pants most nights. Even nationally, the idea of a flashier newscast gained traction. Before it embraced its conservative bent, you could well argue that Fox News Channel was the WSVN formula applied to cable news. Even the network newscasts changed. Brokaw started doing more tabloidy feature stories. Jennings' newscast open went from a simple text overlay to a flashy animation. 1993 saw Ansin spread his wings and add WHDH in Boston. By this point his tactics were well-known. Boston didn't quite get the massive tone overhaul that WSVN got, but it did get the flashy graphics, discordant music, and menacing announcer. WHDH might not have exploded like Miami did but what was a perennial doormat became quite competitive. Moreso when WHDH lost CBS to WBZ and gained NBC's stronger programming. Ansin had to have been a pain in the ass to work with on the network side. He pre-empted quite a bit when WSVN was with NBC. The 1989 switch negotiations were so protracted with CBS that instead of that network agreeing to move to WSVN it instead chose to purchase an independent station with substantial signal issues as its new home. And let's not forget the Jay Leno at 10pm debacle of 2009-2010. Ansin made the announcement that he was pre-empting Leno and moving his CW 10pm newscast over to the main station. NBC threatened to revoke his affiliation and he relented - but when that late night arrangement collapsed in flames months later, it was obvious that his concerns were genuinely warranted. Again, I think it says something that NBC chose to build its own station essentially from scratch over continuing to deal with Ansin. The survival of WHDH post-NBC was his last great accomplishment. It was the WSVN playbook all over again - news, news, and more news. It seems to be working, four years into the experiment. Like I said, Ansin was a giant figure in the television business. Few single stations have been as influential as his were. He is as major a figure as Ted Turner and should be honored as such. May he rest in peace.
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    The NMSA isn't some magic site that is 100% accurate. It's more than likely someone sent in a wild assumption and the operators just put it up since they are unable to verify it.
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    The set will debut August 10. And I like the weather desk. Considering the walls behind them are all monitors that will display different things, I think it was important to have a simplified pod.
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    Even further than that... it debuted on 9/11. Here's the story on the new set... just unveiled on the noon newscast: https://www.wxii12.com/article/winston-salem-north-carolina-wxii-coronavirus-anchor-set/33300403# And here's the promotional video:
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    There are so many priceless Regis moments (he was on television for decades after all), but here's one that I think this crowd will like. Also on a related note, this was and is my favorite Shelley Palmer creation.
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    KTVA itself no longer has a news department. Everything but the license and transmitter now belongs to Gray. More than likely, the KTVA signal will go dark once it's fully integrated into KYES. KYES is essentially airing a news product named "KTVA 11 News" right now and simulcasting on Channel 11, from the way it's described in the announcement.
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    It's insane how Ellengate has imploded on itself these past few weeks. If these allegations are true (and it seems like many of them are), NBC O&Os and Telepictures definitely need to focus on a replacement. After Oprah left the daytime syndication landscape, Ellen somewhat filled part of that void that Oprah left in terms of being the talkshow where A-list celebs and famous people go to. I truly feel like many celebs will start avoiding Ellen's show just based on the bad publicity. I don't think think Ellen has really owned up to her own shortcomings and that will hurt the show even greater. I doubt we will see Joe Biden appearing either. I do like James Cordon, I hope he is nice in real life as he is on television. I wouldn't mind seeing him on daytime. I wonder if parts of Ellen's audience will migrate to other shows like Tamron Hall's, Kelly Clarkson's or even Drew Barrymore's upcoming talker. I still feel like no one really replaced Oprah and it's a shame, her show encompassed so many themes and topics.
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    So both Wyoming and Alaska are becoming a market with Gray TV v. NewsNet, with NewsNet that unlikely to win. What a shame.
  16. 3 points
    Having lived in Florida for 16 years of my life and helping my dad fix and install HVAC at some elderly people's homes, I can only imagine what that office smells like with the old furniture in it. Not just Florida but anyone who has had a elderly relative that never modernized or updated their home. Haha!
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    Another update: CBS Sports unveiled their studio talent and commentary. Host will be Kate Abdo, and play-by-play announcers will be Clive Tyldesley and Peter Drury. Analysts includes former UCL/European Cup winners Jamie Carragher, Peter Schmeichel, and Ruud Gullit.
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    WSVN - the birthplace, and the home, of FOX Attitude
  19. 3 points
    I sure do! Great job guys, and welcome to TVNT!
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    https://www.rbr.com/with-tribune-sinclair-legal-challenge-resolved-wdky-sale-transpires/ WDKY-TV Lexington, KY — PRICE: $18,000,000 BUYER: Nexstar (Perry Sook (president/CEO/chairman) SELLER: Sinclair Broadcast Group (Christopher Ripley (president/CEO) FACILITIES: DTV Ch 19
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    I have to say this. The Hearst (Argyle)'s set-in-a-box are way better than Tegna's set-in-a-box.
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    A video from 7 News in Boston via 7 News in Miami- an interview from his two children. Very nice. Rest well Ed- https://whdh.com/news/remarkable-in-many-ways-whdh-owner-ed-ansins-children-reflect-on-their-fathers-success/
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    No. I think they waited until that settlement with the FCC before they can proceed with the filing. You see on the paperwork, it had to be certified by a compliance officer.
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    And now the whole story is dead. Sinclair will not air it at all. https://www.thewrap.com/sinclair-broadcast-group-scraps-report-falsely-blaming-fauci-for-covid-19-pandemic/
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    Can we please not for at least 24 hours?
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    Rather Breaking News in Alaska.... https://www.ktva.com/story/42439484/gci-sells-ktva-to-gray-television GCI sold its CBS programming to Gray and Gray immediately moved the CBS affiliation to their already owned Channel 5 to create CBS 5 Anchorage. Note to point out that Gray already owns NBC station KTUU. https://www.ktuu.com/2020/07/31/ktuu-expands-into-southeast-alaska-and-kyes-launches-cbs5-anchorage/ Gray also bought the CBS Southeast Alaska stations and NBC Southeast Stations from GCI as well. Quote from the Gray produced article. "Through these separate agreements, KTVA’s local news operation will be preserved and enhanced under the stewardship of a pure-play broadcaster that owns leading local news operations in over 90 markets across the country, from Fairbanks, Alaska, to West Palm Beach, Florida." This also means that (from what I can tell) Gray now owns all NBC and CBS in the Alaska.
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    I disagree. The ratings were solid - if not good, people came out for games, Fox put it's all into presentation and personally I enjoyed the games I watched on it. Vince McMahon's antics and (especially) COVID really put Round 2 to a halt. And now with The Rock's ownership, I think the XFL will return next year just as big and exciting as ever.
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    The real question is: does Nexstar even have the stomach to do another WPTY-to-WATN style makeover, AGAIN? Last I checked, it didn’t work the last time and WATN/WLMT was cast off to Tegna for keep WREG in the Nexstar fold.
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    You buried the lead... that’s “Streets Of...” heard on somewhere other than KYW!
  30. 2 points
    Admittedly based on the sound of that, they were literally stuck. Of the companies in buying moods, the only ones really interested in small markets are Gray and Nexstar. The latter probably was too concerned about the cap, while the former has lots of cap space but was already in the market. As a result, they had no real options.
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    KNXT (KCBS) Channel 2 News brief with Pat O'Brien (before he wore glasses) from October 22, 1980:
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    Won't happen. They may let them stay separate for about a year, and even claim that they intend to do so long-term, then they'll turn around and combine them to (ostensibly) create a "stronger" news operation. This has been their playbook every time. KYTV/KSPR, KSFY/KDLT, etc.
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    News Music Search Archive now shows Icon News in use on KYES. So it would appear that maybe KTVA's newscasts have, in fact, moved over to KYES. The big question is now whether Gray allows KTUU and KYES (formerly CBS 11) to retain unique news departments. This entire deal makes me really wish Nexstar got KTVA instead. Even if they had bought both KTVA and KTUU, Nexstar would've at least kept both news brands.
  34. 2 points
    I've got some oceanfront property in Arizona to sell anyone who thinks that Gray is going to keep the news operations separate. I don't even know why they try to lie about that anymore. It happens every time.
  35. 2 points
    No matter what sort of regulatory gymnastics they're doing here, this is bad news for KTVA. GCI had deep pockets and basically handed KTVA a blank check to run their news department. It is/was a quality operation. At one point, I believe they had two helicopters and an airplane in order to cover the state. They also used to still send reporters on location to places far outside of the market. Seems like the writing's on the wall that deep cuts are ahead.
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    I'm sure when all of this is over, Nexstar is going to take a hard look at WGNO and try and make something out of it. Dumping the "Twist" format was necessitated by the early surge of the Covid crisis, since New Orleans was hit very hard early on, likely due to Mardi Gras and all the revelry surrounding it. Essentially when New Orleans was shut down, all of the culture took a pause as well, which made absolutely no sense to continue the twist format. It may be a year or two before things even resemble normal, I have a feeling Mardi Gras is not going to happen next year. With a little TLC from Nexstar, maybe they could get out of the basement and at least attempt to challenge WWL since they've fallen so far under Tegna.
  37. 2 points
    What station are you referring to now!!! Oh you mean WTSP CBS Tampa Bay yeah there newsroom set is whack!!!
  38. 2 points
    KNTV 'Kids Report' 1990 At the opening of the San Jose kids museum they set up a booth for kids to do a mock newscast. You get a sample of the Siilvertree 1987 opening theme at the beginning, and then the first part of the closing theme at the end. Always liked how they used a piano for the teletype effect in that theme - you hear it during the close.
  39. 2 points
    Much idiosyncrasy here. #RIPTribune for the end of an era. FOX 6 wears the new FTS infrastructure well though.
  40. 2 points
    At last, we've now seen all of the Media General 1997 opens!
  41. 2 points
    This is why I’m hoping News Nation (WGN America) is successful. Having an unbiased news source (which they plan to be) is key in shifting thing towards unbiased news coverage overall. Granted, this is wishful thinking, but hopefully, things won’t get any worse than they already are.
  42. 2 points
    Nothing but respect to a guy who forged his own path in local news, reaching and securing major successes with the stations he owned and maintained to the very end. Condolences to his family and colleagues. May he Rest in Peace. Damn, 2020.
  43. 2 points
    WAVE created their current package themselves though. Makes you wonder why Gray hasn't asked them to run their graphics hub even after the fact.
  44. 2 points
    As he proclaimed himself, Ed Ansin "died with his boots on", owning his two stations until the very end. Even with his recent presence at WSVN several days ago shows the importance of an owner who is in it with his employees, that cannot be said for a mega-company that has 150+ stations that may see a regional VP fly into once or twice a year. With both of his stations, he took situations that would have crippled others and used them to redefine how we watch local TV. Losing NBC at WSVN led to a news-intensive approach as a Fox affiliate that many stations have adopted today. And his ownership of WHDH got him back with NBC (when Westinghouse sent them packing), only to lose them over 20 years later to the network itself, for whatever the heck "NBC Boston" is. As a result of his stewardship, WHDH has grown along with WSVN turning a disadvantage into a major opportunity. So much so, that the FOX station in Boston pales in comparison to what WHDH puts out, and NBC lost out big with their gaggle of stations under their direct control.
  45. 2 points
    They make Fox News look moderate by comparison with antics like this. I feel for all the journalists at local stations owned by Sinclair, many of whom were there before Sinclair owned that station.
  46. 2 points
    Classic Sinclair....expect to air something controversial, then they pull it at the last minute, in order to produce a more "balanced" point of view. Same thing happened with the Stolen Honor flap right before the 2004 election. Sinclair claimed "...Oh, we weren't planning on airing the WHOLE thing!" They think they can pull a fast one, but it's too late.
  47. 2 points
    No. Just because you can put someone on TV doesn't mean you always should. If this doctor were in some position of power accountable to the public (a health department director or the head of a notable research institution, for example), a case could be made that her claims would be worth examining and scrutinizing. But she is not. She is a discredited researcher who is being used by right wing factions to instill fear and cast doubt on the best science we have during a pandemic. She is otherwise a relatively unknown whose opinions are already well documented and dismissed. Putting her on a national platform (even if she's somehow fact-checked afterward) is only going to amplify her views and is a puzzling editorial choice. There are so many better people to ask for insight on this issue. If Sinclair is having trouble finding them, then I'd be happy to share my rolodex.
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    I'm going to temper my anger here, and simply say I hope Sinclair is dismantled from the ground up and sold to the lowest bidder. Disgusting.
  49. 2 points
    As I'd "threatened" in the non-news Classic Video thread, I've been in the process of pulling clips from tapes in the past few days and will continue to do so for the near term. Not a ton of news-related content to date, but I do have a couple of things to share from KTRK. The tease and intro to Live at Five, circa November 1989 at the tail end of the Bob Boudreaux-anchored era. He moved to weekends several months after this was recorded. The open had been updated several months prior to include Joe Diaz while Ed Brandon was in rehab, and this was an exceptionally brief period where the closed-captioning logo appeared before the station ID in the open. And just about a year prior (October 1988) there's this... A group of elementary school students, primarily from East and Southeast Houston, form the Challenger Children's Choir and sing the revamped Frank Gari image campaign that aired on the station at the time - "Houston's Coming Back". My previous channel had a :30 version featuring the anchors, and I had seen another 1:00 version uploaded in the past (perhaps by @compubit?) featuring clips from the Space Shuttle Discovery "Return to Flight" launch that occurred in September 1988. I've found the original version on one of my tapes from early that month that tends to fit the lyrics better and will post it when I get a chance.
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    Watching some of the stuff on that page makes my head hurt. It would probably alienate their viewers with epilepsy too. "See beyond the surface" reminds me of this classic from Boston.... https://youtu.be/WP1YbGLdXKM?t=90 And reading about what they did for WXIA......they though about this WAAAAAAAAY tooo much! "Hey, let's make the angles 11 degrees because it's channel 11!" As The Simpsons said in the Poochie episode it's just another example of a "...soul-less byproduct of committee thinking." But the agency wanted a brand that didn't get "busy.....it gets BIZ-ZAY!" I have to go now. My home planet needs me.
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