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    New set launched today, along with a modified version of the Nexstar CBS graphics. EDIT: Time lapse video of the set construction added. https://youtu.be/Xz00IGWNMY8
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    I have updates on the space before it launches (which I assume to be two weeks from today). As reported, NBC has five floors is the building with a newsroom and small studio on the street level, both of which can easily be seen from the street. The pictures attached (or below) show the view through the windows. I recognize they aren't all the high quality (except the one from NewscastStudio). To familiarize yourself with the space, it is on a street corner. When looking down the rows of chairs/desks with the tvs at the end, the studio will be behind you. In the studio, you'll see the US Capital, but that is a video wall. However, the window I took that photo through, has an actual view of the Capital building. There's also two shots of an adjacent conference room.
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    Well, he and Fahey Flynn will be reunited in heaven again. What a life he lived. RIP.
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    The set is great. They've succeeded in making the studio look much larger than before—the old FX-designed set felt very cramped, especially coming from the large set they had back in the old building at 1001 Van Ness. Yeah, some of the light bars are weird, but I love the use of the roof camera showing the Embarcadero, though the shot they were using at 5pm was really blown out with all of the white port buildings along the waterfront being lit by the setting sun. I didn't catch any of the primetime shows tonight but betting it looks much better at night. Also, it is kinda nice to see both anchors in the studio, complying with physical distancing recommendations—I think KRON is the first Bay Area station to do that, with everyone else splitting people up between the studio and newsroom or at home. But, the graphics are head-scratchingly all over the place. The opens are the same as before (but with new music), the lower thirds are new but look terrible with text set in a thin weight of Avenir, and the weather graphics are the most Nexstar-ish with the headers set in bold Montserrat. I don't think Nexstar leads the way with any of their standardized news graphic packages, but at least they're cohesive. Unless they're taking some strange phased launch approach, I was holding out hope we'd see something a bit more unified for KRON here. Aerial might be generic, but Instant Classics had to go. It's been around since 1995—that music is almost as old as I am.
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    @TennTV1983Wow. Just wow. Nexstar is really stepping up their game. This is the easily one of the best sets in the group. Easily one of my favorite sets of the year, as well. It embraces Memphis so much & looks absolutely stunning.
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    With Election Day 9 days away, the btm0815ma channel has uploaded ABC News coverage of the 1982, 1984, 1988 and 1992 Election Night coverage. The 1984 and 1988 uploads are of particular interest (at least to me) due to this being the first time more than a handful of brief snippets of ABC's coverage from 1984 and 1988 have surfaced on YouTube compared to CBS, NBC and (for 1988) CNN. btm0815ma YouTube channel
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    And let's not forget Aerial.
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    I'll give them credit for being original in creating the gfx, instead of just "copying" what others are doing. I'll also give them credit for not going to the other extreme of being anemic like Scripps or Tegna. I'll speak especially to the 10pm open. That has way too much going on in a short space of time. If they want to go with that style of news open, they should try to stick with one or two transition patterns...instead of using everything in the software to animate the B-roll of the reporters. And frankly the slogan just gets lost in those transitions. I do, however, like the L3s. If they can re-work the opens and use fewer transition styles, then I think this would be alright. But tbh, the previous music and gfx actually worked really well. Kinda disappointed they replaced that with this. Counterpoint has a unique sound--and I think KRDO should've stayed with it.
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    Wasn’t able to get a screenshot but noticed during Daybreak that their traffic center is in front of a glass etching map of the city of Memphis which is a very nice touch. They definitely put a lot of unique thought into the design. The article on their website hinted at throwbacks to past logos but haven’t caught that as yet.
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    Honestly, WGNO ABC 26 is the way to go. Unless you want to rebrand sister station NOLA 38.
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    Surprised they kept the title animation from the Trib GFX and not slap the CBS Eyemark (ala KRQE)...
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    So earlier I seen one of you alluded to ABC O&Os rolling out a new look. That’s true but the standard package isn’t what you think it is it’s something totally different and much more flatter and modern.
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    He'll be WGNO's employee of the month for October.
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    KGO somewhat seemed to get an update. ive noticed some flaws with Extra Bold on during the Accuweather Forecast and at the end of their newscast. The LIVE bug sometimes is small like KABC since KGO uses a larger version.
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    WLS's tribute to Joel Daly, who died this week: And here's Daly anchoring during the freeze of '79:
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    Ok. I'm going to address a bit of this confusion. First, Denver (DMA #17) shares 2 market owners (Scripps and Nexstar) with Springs (Market #85). Both Scripps and Nexstar stations use the same graphics packages across both markets (or will, relatively soon; looking at you KOAA). WABC's graphics were not knocked by WGGB. WABC did not have anything other than market exclusivity on that package and the creator, Linear Drift, licensed it to WGGB (Western Mass). ABC was supposed to premier a standardized package earlier this year. However, pandemic. It delayed NBC's premier of a new look too.
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    I don't like how all Nexstar sets are essentially "shove a desk in a corner "
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    Phil does not express his own political views on his Twitter page, which I've followed for years, so that's not an accurate statement to make. If you're referring to the occasional comment he makes on Twitter calling into question a demonstrably false lie President Trump tells, or lamenting an unprofessional tone or ad hominem attack made by a politician, it's completely justified as a journalist and is consistent with comments made by network and cable news correspondents.
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    No. WTVD is far more distinctive. In fact about it, the new KRDO L3 is more of a knock-off of WTVDs.
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    Looks straight out of 2001 but must have been an ego blast for the guy who created it without any meddling
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    WVTV Super 18 Nine o'clock Nightly News 1990
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    The new NBC Washington newsroom flash cam view debuted yesterday afternoon on MSNBC. This space is on the seventh floor of the new bureau, not the newsroom that can be seen from the street level. I have attached both the old and new newsrooms for comparison. The old newsroom is the darker of the two. UPDATE: NewscastNews Studio has an article out about the space now.
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    Their timeline is off. They've been on their temp set for WAY longer than the story seems to make it out. And if they don't even know (Nexstar included) what they will be at this point, than that is REALLY sad. Things like this take months and years to plan out. Didn't they use the "Wheel of Justice" at one point? Maybe that's how they'll pick a name at this point. Come on ABC Nola 26.......big bucks....no whammies!!!
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    Looks good. I wish Gray could go flatter like with the WAVE 3 and WOIO graphics.
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    4:30pm open: (Same theme and VO)
  32. 2 points
    That's why I said over on Discord that it puts WFLA and KRON's new sets to shame. In-house or not, I think they nailed it.
  33. 2 points
    I agree and not just Nexstar, but if you're going to go corner this is one of the best executions of it. Using the vista shots and making the corner seem like a corner office window makes it more theatric, as does having the effect on both sides of the studio. 2nd best looking set in the market after their roommate KGO Here's a clip with the night shots https://www.kron4.com/news/east-bay-residents-prepare-to-evacuate-amid-extreme-fire-danger/ Color me surprised they pulled off something rather timeless, save for the soon to be dated Chip and Joanna Gaines grey wood floor.
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    Imagine being a reporter or working behind the scenes at WUSA. The bosses have now paid money to lure 3 primary anchors away from WTTG and yet, they’re still in 4th place. And still, everyone’s being asked to shoulder the load of corporate pain, taking unpaid furloughs, etc.
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    Anyway, what's the latest and progress on WGNO revamp right now?
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    They also act like Ann Curry and Deborah Norville no longer exist. I doubt that Matt will be involved with any event pertaining to the Torah show. I guess Meredith doesn’t care for what he was accused of doing. I think it would be quite awkward and even wrong to expect people who testified against him to be in the same room as him for a celebration. Apparently it was also a dislike on the part of NBC and the Today Show that he was even able to get away with as much as he did. They probably want to forget about it.
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    KDAF will definitely be relaunching a news operation in the near future. Nexstar needs a station to house NewsNation's Texas bureau.
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    My main comment on the open (besides being toooooo busy) is that are you going to have to update it anytime one of the reporters in it leaves? With folks coming and going, it could be a “new month, new open” situation...
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    Joel Daly and Fahey Flynn are reunited and anchoring the news in heaven. In them memory and in tribute to Joel and Fahey. RIP Joel and Godspeed. Vintage Atlanta TV News from 1992.
  40. 2 points
    Exactly, they don't need a new set...because they practically still have a set that is "new"...at least it looks new. I could see new graphics coming eventually, but even with that I think KFOR looks fine as it is. I think KFOR should keep things exactly the way they are.
  41. 2 points
    Not many left. KERO, KRIS, KOAA, KATC and WLEX
  42. 2 points
    It's....fine? It doesn't look particularly polished, but that's to be expected from KRON. The lack of a video wall in the outgoing set felt like a somewhat surprising omission given that it was built in what, 2014, so I'm sure they'll have some fun with more chances for different presenting opportunities. It feels rather small market, but KRON is a big market station that's operated like a small market one after all. Timelapse:
  43. 2 points
    KSBY is the second (former) Cordillera station to get the new graphics. Vid courtesy of KSBY's YT page.
  44. 2 points
    That's Craig.
  45. 2 points
    I recall Cox had a standard package for their stations back in the mid 90s, KIRO and WHIO were pretty identical when Cox bought KIRO.
  46. 2 points
    They took the nbc package and made it none-peacock branding. Interesting Another delay? Incredible
  47. 2 points
    That maybe so I actually like there's as well. I don't care for FOX23'S current package but can't wait to see this debut.
  48. 2 points
    A complete WTVF newscast from 1980... shortened to 20 minutes due to CBS' coverage of the Democratic Convention.
  49. 2 points
    Maybe if Zucker leaves, maybe the new CEO will fix all the problems he created.
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    Their Cheyenne reporter walked out, and the lone meteorologist is leaving, their News Director doesn't know a thing about running a news operation since she was in Creative Services for several years (She made the old opens, reverse intros, etc. and if you go to YouTube and watch the old KTWO, it looks horrible. Her husband is a conspiracy theorist who works in Master Control. Neither are the brightest crayons in the box.) If anyone was smart, they would do research on KTWO BEFORE they apply.
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