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    With Election Day 9 days away, the btm0815ma channel has uploaded ABC News coverage of the 1982, 1984, 1988 and 1992 Election Night coverage. The 1984 and 1988 uploads are of particular interest (at least to me) due to this being the first time more than a handful of brief snippets of ABC's coverage from 1984 and 1988 have surfaced on YouTube compared to CBS, NBC and (for 1988) CNN. btm0815ma YouTube channel
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    WLS's tribute to Joel Daly, who died this week: And here's Daly anchoring during the freeze of '79:
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    I agree and not just Nexstar, but if you're going to go corner this is one of the best executions of it. Using the vista shots and making the corner seem like a corner office window makes it more theatric, as does having the effect on both sides of the studio. 2nd best looking set in the market after their roommate KGO Here's a clip with the night shots https://www.kron4.com/news/east-bay-residents-prepare-to-evacuate-amid-extreme-fire-danger/ Color me surprised they pulled off something rather timeless, save for the soon to be dated Chip and Joanna Gaines grey wood floor.
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    WSB Channel 2 (ABC Atlanta, GA): Good Morning Atlanta (morning edition), for Wed. July 1, 1981
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    In Canada, a general election in the province of British Columbia is wrapping up this evening. Global BC & Okanagan, CTV Vancouver, CBC British Columbia, Radio-Canada, and CHEK-TV Victoria are all doing rolling coverage this evening. CBC, CTV, and Global starting an hour before polls close at 7 PM, with CHEK starting their coverage at 8 PM. The graphics for CBC, CTV, and Global are the same as the ones used during the New Brunswick election night. Global BC coverage (simulcast on Global Okanagan, BC1, and Corus news-talk station 980 CKNW Vancouver) CBC British Columbia coverage (simulcast on CBC News Network nationally, and on CBC Radio One across BC) CTV Vancouver coverage (simulcast on CTV News Channel nationally) https://bc.ctvnews.ca/watch-ctv-news-vancouver-s-election-night-special-1.5159102 CHEK-TV coverage (the only results show originating from Victoria, the provincial capital) Radio-Canada coverage (simulcast on RDI nationally) https://ici.radio-canada.ca/elections-colombie-britannique-2020/resultats Other stations of note: - The Pattison-owned Citytv stations in Prince George (CKPG-TV) and Kamloops (CFJC-TV) are not doing rolling coverage according to online schedules, but will have late night newscasts focusing on the election after primetime. - According to online schedules, the CTV2 stations in the province (CIVI Victoria, CFTK Terrace, and CJDC Dawson Creek) are NOT simulcasting CTV Vancouver's coverage. They are airing regular programming. CIVI Victoria's schedule also shows a special late night newscast at 11 PM (CIVI usually does not broadcast a weekend 11 PM newscast) Also, CTV Vancouver was the first to declare both an NDP win, and an NDP majority government thanks to the help of the CTV Decision Desk out of Toronto. Declared NDP Win CTV - 8:45 PM CBC - 8:56 PM CHEK - 8:58 PM Global - 9:01 PM Declared NDP Majority Gov't CTV - 9:07 PM CBC - 9:11 PM CHEK - 9:12 PM Global - 9:28 PM
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    So earlier I seen one of you alluded to ABC O&Os rolling out a new look. That’s true but the standard package isn’t what you think it is it’s something totally different and much more flatter and modern.
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    The KABC package like y’all are saying Disney changed their minds to compete with the new CBS and NBC graphics since FOX and CBS are going modern ABC is going to compete with the other O&Os
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    Let’s focus on another station now because that’s ridiculous. So many delays they should just wait til 2021
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    Imagine being a reporter or working behind the scenes at WUSA. The bosses have now paid money to lure 3 primary anchors away from WTTG and yet, they’re still in 4th place. And still, everyone’s being asked to shoulder the load of corporate pain, taking unpaid furloughs, etc.
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    I hope he leaves, but even better, he retires and never runs another media corporation ever again. I'm sure anyone can run CNN better. I hope the new CNN president fixes everything that Zucker messed up.
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    Phil does not express his own political views on his Twitter page, which I've followed for years, so that's not an accurate statement to make. If you're referring to the occasional comment he makes on Twitter calling into question a demonstrably false lie President Trump tells, or lamenting an unprofessional tone or ad hominem attack made by a politician, it's completely justified as a journalist and is consistent with comments made by network and cable news correspondents.
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    A complete WTVF newscast from 1980... shortened to 20 minutes due to CBS' coverage of the Democratic Convention.
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    I haven't watched KRON in a while, but I'm always interested in graphics and music packages. I'm a fan of Instant Classics. It's so iconic. And regardless of KRON's actual content, Instant Classics brings a sense of comfort. This is my first time seeing the opening graphics and I love them. Surprisingly modern and contemporary. The set also looks like the most modern design they've ever had.
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    This times 1000. Shout it from the rooftops.
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    Imagine being one of the many reporters who were offered weeklong tryouts for the spot on Get Up and getting slapped in the face like this. Really poor news leadership over there. Absolutely pathetic.
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