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    They’ve (finally) replaced the AccuWeather/EWN duratrans with an actual screen. This is the backdrop that appears behind the weather anchor area of the main news desk.
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    30 years ago today. United airlines crash of flight 232.
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    Overnight, BBC News debuted new graphics using the network’s new custom font, Reith. It first appeared on air during the 9am (GMT) newscast on the BBC’s domestic news network. Local news has also received an upgrade, while the BBC’s morning show will debut its version of the graphics Tuesday morning.
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    Sorry when I did it didn't take, hense the 18 minutes in between and I did it this way. I am new to this site. Only been around a couple of months and haven't posted much.
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    It's not necessary to provide a nod, mention, etc... (however brief) of the show's history. What inherent benefit does that provide? Plus, doing so (often trading off the Murrow and Cronkite name) cheapens their work/image imo. I would have rather Norah mentioned what new and exciting things SHE would bring to the newscast.
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    I thought Norah's debut was excellent. As an employee of various CBS affiliates since 1996, I think this is the best Evening News has looked and felt in quite a while.
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    There are WAY too many OTS shots. It seems to be the only thing they used in that show. With Glor, they insisted on using the same monitor effects shot over and over. I don't get it. You see more variety of shots in a typical local news broadcast. When Pelley anchored I felt like they used the studio well. The new lighting and feel of the set differentiates it nicely from CTM. I don't really understand all the NYC imagery they're using considering the broadcast is moving to DC soon. I really like the updates to the theme music so far.
  8. 1 point
    I’m fully expecting CBS to hold auditions for Norah’s replacement if they’re not somehow the #1 newscast starting today.
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    All this is, is.... Cox Enterprises' Cox Media Group -> Apollo's Cox Media Group That's it.
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    Kinda surprised that Court TV isn't using any of the library that has over 100K hours on the weekends that Katz & Scripps got from Turner and just air court trials from the past week. I would think airing more content would get more viewers to the network just saying is all as I saw the schedule online.
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    Fred Griffith from both WEWS & WKYC has passed at 90. https://www.wkyc.com/article/news/local/cleveland/legendary-cleveland-television-personality-fred-griffith-dies-at-90/95-79c6e868-2809-4beb-8a40-f4289c8a9eee https://www.news5cleveland.com/news/local-news/cleveland-metro/fred-griffith-former-host-of-the-morning-exchange-dies-at-90
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