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    They're taken to a nice big farm upstate, where they can run and play with other old graphics packages.
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    I keep pushing the new 3 logo in this darn elevator to get WKYC on the screen and nothing happens! Lol!
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    It's been a rough road getting here, but we're excited to reveal the new site. Let's get to it! Outside of visual changes, there aren't a whole lot of functional changes. Notable changes include: Mobile support is improved, especially when composing a message. Emoticons are OUT and the full suite of emojis are IN. BBCode has been removed completely in favor of a more robust WYSIWYG editor. The logo has been refreshed. Coming soon: We will be restoring the ability to register and sign in with popular web services like Google, Twitter, and Facebook. And there is much more to come in the days and weeks ahead! Stay tuned for more updates. Regrettably, the old Shoutbox was not able to be carried over to the new site. We are looking into our options when it comes to real-time discussion, including integration with services like Discord, which many of you already use. This will also be addressed within the coming days. Please reach out if you encounter any issues, either by PM or by emailing support@tvnewstalk.net.
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    Made it better. My point: the package is fine. One could argue it's a bit rough around the edges (why the speech bubble?), but otherwise it's fairly inoffensive. If this forum expanded their horizons beyond domestic borders (pop quiz, we don't and here's why), they could've known the core elements of this package are essentially in line with general design trends around the world.
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    Like a major news story, I thought this deserved a SPECIAL GRAPHIC, but in light of recent debuts, this is all we're gonna get...
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    Here's the song -- "Chicago" by Tary Rebenar -- that inspired Dick Marx's legendary WBBM theme. Note that the nine-note signature is based on the lyrics "This is my city, Chicago's my town," not "I love Chicago, Chicago my home" as often supposed:
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    If only this site had some sort of analog back then. "Looks like Westinghouse-itis is rolling out across more stations with their WHYwitness format. 90 minutes? Please. I liked it better when the news was one person sitting at a desk for 15 minutes. We were lucky to have any pictures at all!" "Group W out with another lame logo... So much for individuality! Could they only afford one sheet of Letraset?
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    Wanted to share this promo which started running last night on air and in digital spaces in the DC market https://www.facebook.com/WUSA9/posts/10159684883884778
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    Let me keep it real: Some of y'all upset WCBS's newscasts was handled by KCBS/KPIX for three days? "Woe is me I didn't see Maurice for a few days, I can't go face the world if Mary ain't on, why does Lonnie have them fancy graphics behind him?" Give me a break! Be lucky you got several newscasts, you could had none at all for a few days! Moving on, don't forget the entire CBS Broadcast operations in New York was affected meaning DC, Boston, LA & SF was handling everything for a few days including Inside Edition, Last Week Tonight, CBS News and if March Madness was still going on, they would've relocated elsewhere.
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  12. 14 points
    We'll keep the concepts to a minimum, but I will say, I'm very impressed by WTHR's upcoming Tegnafication.
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    "...To Another Channel!"
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    My response on Discord: Here’s the deal with WJBF, they’ve been the long dominant number 1 station in Augusta, GA for as long as records have been kept except for a brief period in the 1980s when they were overtaken by WRDW, but it was brief. Since WRDW/WAGT is such an enormous dumpster fire (right down to having a set from 2004 with duratrans from 3 graphics packages ago, to the constant turnover of news staffers, to the constant technical issues, to the issues with management, to the strive to be everything WJBF isn’t even if what WJBF does wins). WJBF hasn’t had a need to update their look or set for years because they’ve been the strong number 1 with no need to break the formula, all of their talent has longevity and even a few of the reporters have been there longer than two years which is something WRDW/WAGT nor WFXG can say they have. The fact it took them this long to update their look is only because of corporate aesthetics alone, not because someone at the station FINALLY woke up one day and said they need a new look. Nexstar wanted them to finally ditch the MG GO Package they’ve beaten to death for years, and finally WJBF looks the best they’ve looked since the 1990s. Since the set only received a refresh, Nexstar must have realized that the set has strong bones and they don’t need to invest in a flashy new set for a market that size, a simple refresh would suffice. Also, viewers are extremely fickle in that area, so they don’t want to do too many changes at once. Also to the people on TVNT bitching that they need a new logo, slow your roll. WJBF has had maybe 2 different logos in the last 30 years. The previous logo they used in the 1990s was a variation of a logo they had used since the 1960s/1970s. When MG took over and gave them the new logo, it was met with backlash from longtime viewers but they grew to accept it. Now the current logo with the crescent is easily identifiable and they don’t want to mess with it, so they won’t. If it isn’t broken, they aren’t going to fix it. It’s part of their brand even if MG and their logo standardization doesn’t exist anymore. So WJBF isn’t just a 800 pound gorilla, it is THE 800 pound gorilla. It is the LAST of a dying breed of small market TV stations that have figured out a formula and a longtime team that works and stuck with it against consultants wishes. It truly is the last standing 20th century-esque news operation in 2019 and they won’t change for anything. Meanwhile, WFXG will keep expanding and trying to gain traction by copying the WJBF model, and WRDW/WAGT will continue to do the opposite, fall apart, and their news director will continue to slam the door to her office, lock it, cry, scream, and throw things when she loses another book against WJBF. And you don’t want to know what happens when WRDW/WAGT loses in a book, other than what I just told you. I still have nightmares.
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    I'm not gonna lie, it's pretty annoying that we've gotten to the point where our national anthem has become a hot-button political issue. If you like having it played on TV, you're a fascist, and if you don't, you're a communist. There's no pleasing anyone anymore, is there?
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    The San Francisco area stations are tag-teaming their choppers to have constant pooled aerials of the Coronavirus cruise ship docked in the harbor. Unfortunately, the CBSN Bay Area TD wasn't paying close attention and this was up for about 15 seconds.
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    Yep. As long as Scripps doesn't change it to Tomorrow's TMJ4
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    Do not hold out hope for Move Closer To Your World sticking around. Tegna (then Gannet) shattered my dreams when it ripped the Spirit Of Texas out from under WFAA for no good reason at all. This company’s main goal in life is to take away anything that made a station unique, watchable and likable and replace it with cheaply designed, grossly underpaid, non-focus grouped cow manure. Thus, they will take great pleasure in sending MCTYW down the Lougee Loo and replacing it with their new age scat-snap-and-clap-fest as the viewers of NE PA light their torches and call for some heads—that I can assure you. They will spit in the faces of their valued viewers and laugh as they smash WNEP under their boots. As an aside, can someone please bring back Belo? I will buy you lunch! (For context: I’m not some old fart reminiscing about the good old days. I’m in my early-mid twenties, you know, the demographic Tegna is trying to reach with their crap. Just sayin’.) Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk.
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    Some of you are getting way too emotionally involved in this.
  22. 11 points
    Not going to lie. I sat here waiting for images to load before I saw your note.
  23. 11 points
    Can we keep the childish bragging about "inside" info to a minimum? No one cares. You should also be careful not to burn your sources by running your mouth about this stuff. They trust you with this info, you should respect that.
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    This is what I mean when people on here get all excited about new graphics or whatever when a company takes over a TV station. Fixing this is way more important to a company than a graphics package or standardized set.
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    You're right. History will show WPIX was so much better under Tribune. PIX never looked better than when they were broadcasting their 10PM from this messy corner of the newsroom. That classic late 2010 set and graphics package from when Bill Carey blew up the 10pm news. Who can forget the giant green "iPad graphics", Mr. G's weather closet, and all the great commentary and round table discussions with Lionel and Larry Mendte. Hard-hitting news like this, And of course the seemingly daily "investigation" into the MTA. We're lucky to not have any good videos of the first weeks of this disaster. Even two years later, it was still a giant mess. About the only thing Scripps could possibly do to the station that Tribune didn't already try is to burn the place down for the insurance money, though with all those cheap extension cords in the lighting grid, it sure looks like they might have been trying.
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    Well, I found what the main non-newscast logo will look like. And here's more of the upcoming graphics in action.
  27. 11 points
    Dude. We get it. You don't like Tegna, or Scripps, or basically any other company. Drop. It. These companies weren't "better" back in the 80's and 90's. The whole industry was different in the 80's and 90's. It was the golden age of local TV news. Nobody had to compete against a rectangle in your pocket that gives you live news instantly from 300,000 sources. The golden age for local TV has come and gone. We're in a different world. The industry is struggling. These companies are doing what they can to keep afloat and profitable. Nobody is going to "go back" to producing local news the way it was in the 80's and 90's, and even if they did, it's not going to suddenly make their ratings spike back to the levels they saw back then. That was then, this is now, and the times are a changin'.
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  29. 11 points
    I don't see what the big deal is. I'm 99% sure this is supposed to be a modern take on their old slanted 11 logo. If they used this exact logo 40 years ago, I have a hunch that every one of you in here complaining would be commenting about how amazing and wonderful it is that Tegna was reviving a "classic" and how the logo they moved off of was the worst logo that ever existed in the history of TV station logos and should have never existed to begin with. It's an 11. It looks way better as a social media icon/app icon/etc than the old one did (which is probably the catalyst for the change.) It looks way better than any typeface would look.
  30. 11 points
    Maybe Amazon can fund a new set for WNYW and KDFW. /sarcasm
  31. 11 points
    You're not the only one who feels that way. The level of toxicity in our politics today is at a level that has not been seen in a very long time. Fox News, for its part, has been fanning the flames on this even before Trump came into power. It has now become the new normal.
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    If anyone ever thought combining that god-awful C-Clarity with the WNEP National Anthem was possible.... You're welcome. mctyw tegna_mixdown.mp4
  34. 10 points
    WJZ transitioned..... j/k it will be ages before they transition.
  35. 10 points
    Y'all want to know why the TV industry is in the shape it's in look no further than this. I can't explain how many people are in positions that they shouldn't be in and I've worked in 4 newsrooms in the span of 6 years. Sorry, didn't mean to go off topic here. To contribute: my thoughts on this logo is that it is indeed terrible.
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    I got some names: 5pm: "Watch Us After Ellen" 7pm: "At Least It's Leas Boring than Wheel of Fortune" 11pm: "At Least Fox 8 Isn't Here...Yet" Weekend Mornings: "Go...Back to Sleep!"
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    Try using Wikipedia as a source on a school/research paper, and tell us how that goes. Good luck.
  38. 10 points
    Everyone, I'm going to be on WFAA News 8 tomorrow night at 10pm. I've was interviewed by Kevin Reece all afternoon today about my autism, my love to local TV news, etc. So, if you're in the DFW area, please be sure to tune in tomorrow on The Update at 10pm.
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    It’s the toupee, it makes him 40 years younger. Oh wait.
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    A preview of the new set. Looks like they're keeping with the stone accents featured in the temporary/UpFront set.
  41. 10 points
    Is this the right time to do this? Thoughts and Prayers David Smith
  42. 10 points
    Will we still have to endure ceaseless promotion of Alabama’s prestigious Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail after the deal is done?
  43. 10 points
    WBBM, for instance. I don't know anyone who regularly watches CBS 2 in Chicago, but for a long time in the late 90s/early 00s you could hardly receive the station depending on what part of the city you were in. Their signal was absolutely terrible for years, and I hear that there are still problems even on digital. It wouldn't surprise me if this played a part in their lower viewership.
  44. 10 points
    So, I want to like this on them, I really do. I think they do have a few kinks to iron out (same as KENS). But my biggest gripe - why push WUPL if you’re not gonna simulcast on most of the newscasts?
  45. 10 points
    Well I'll be damn! WJZ has finally moved into the 21st century just to be petty. I think after the set debut we all should go on twitter and tweet at K.C. and tell him it took 20 years for this. Who would of thunk it? :smash:. Also will the newsroom also get a much needed makeover for good ole WJZ 13? I hope the folks at WBFF & WMAR send flowers to WJZ, and the folks at WBAL could go right next door and bring cake & ice cream saying " From your #1 news friends right next door congrats, on being #2 Cheers!"
  46. 10 points
    Sorry, Mr. Armstrong Williams, but your claim of buying it is purely fake news now!
  47. 10 points
    2 NewsTeam was never used outside of the promos as this was a transitional look for WMC-TV that lasted for a short time before Bert Ellis WSB-ified the station months later.
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    Having launched many graphics packages in the past, I would just like to throw into the conversation that it's not like there is some rule that we have to launch on the start of sweeps or a holiday - honestly, it just comes down to whenever it is convenient for everyone involved. Usually during a graphics launch, you want the art director and production manager present to make sure everything goes smoothly and I doubt they want to show up on New Year's Eve/Day to launch a graphics package.
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