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  1. 9 points
    Failed Marketing Idea??? Or Al Primo's guest bath?
  2. 8 points
    Scripps isn't paying money to go into New York just to run "2 1/2 Men" and "Friends" reruns ad nauseum and make it into WWOR2.
  3. 7 points
    Overnight, BBC News debuted new graphics using the network’s new custom font, Reith. It first appeared on air during the 9am (GMT) newscast on the BBC’s domestic news network. Local news has also received an upgrade, while the BBC’s morning show will debut its version of the graphics Tuesday morning.
  4. 7 points
    Of course it wasn’t necessary. It wasn’t necessary for them to change the lights to blue or for Norah to wear a pantsuit either. It was a choice. This is nothing new, by the way. When Charlie, Diane, and David each took over WNT, they all cited Peter Jennings in one way or another. For people who work in that business, it’s an act of respect. As I said, the 20 second nod to the show’s legacy was just as much for the CBS News staff as it was for the audience.
  5. 7 points
    She pulled off a rare feat in NY television: never got on the bad side of Suki.
  6. 7 points
    From 1995 to 2000 I ran the studio and production operations and facilities at Dry Creek (then known as TCI's National Digital Television Center or NDTC). I wrote the purchase orders for two of the studios and control rooms. In those days we ran master controls for as many as 38 national cable networks including BBC America and a number of the Discovery networks as well as Encore and Starz -- among others. From 2006 to 2012 I was the lead director for an NBC Universal Sports Group RSN that originated in three studios that I either had had built or re-built. Interesting that while I was there they moved the network's MCR from Dry Creek to New Jersey. Go figure. The building is over 300,000 square feet and includes several KU and C Band antennas there. The Titan uplink (located on Titan Road -- named for the Martin Marietta Titan missiles which are -- or perhaps were -- built at at the Martin Marietta plant which is a neighbor to the uplink facility. At one time (I'm not sure about now), Titan was the biggest earth station facility in the US, if not the world. My understanding is that along the I-25 corridor nearby is the only location in the US which can transmit to both Western Europe and the Pacific Rim on single satellite hops which can be done from Titan. By the way, I moved to NDTC from KCNC-TV in Denver which until 1995 was a NBC O&O. It is now a CBS O&O. I changed jobs just as the transition took place -- although that was not the reason for my decision. NBC has been gradually moving technical operations to the Dry Creek facility since the NBC acquisition by Comcast. I've been retired since 2012 so I'm certainly not up to date on all of the changes -- only what I know from my tenures in the Dry Creek facility. And since then some of the information may have changed. Back in the day TCi also had editing, studio or master control facilities in New York City, Los Angeles and Hong Kong. Tom Edwards
  7. 7 points
    Hallelujah! Praise be to God! (whoops....sorry.....wrong station!) But a long overdue move by Tribune. Hopefully it's a good one that's up and running before Nexstar takes over!
  8. 6 points
    This thread isn't even about Bill! For real, this thread is getting ridiculous. It's summertime, so if John isn't on, it doesn't mean he's unemployed. If they don't mention his absence, that would put them in practice with dozens/hundreds of other stations. They've rearranged assignments, stop mentally hiring people for a position that isn't currently open. John's demotion does not mean that they're trying to combat against Sam Champion. Related, Lonnie isn't going to move to mornings, and Al Roker isn't replacing Chris Cimino. I don't know if they're from the same people, but more than a dozen posts in this thread have been blocked because they're just repetitive complaints about John's demotion. To those newcomers, WE HAVE NO CONTROL OVER SUCH MATTERS. This isn't Facebook or Twitter, and we're not station management. I've been meaning to bring it up with the other moderators, but frankly, until something actually changes, this topic should be put to rest.
  9. 6 points
    Is this the new “Linda Church is moving to weekends” thread?
  10. 6 points
    Ah, yes. We all fondly remember when CBS rode the incredible ratings tidal wave to #1 on the backs of Harry Smith and Paula Zahn. Oh, wait.
  11. 5 points
    In the summer of 2009, CHEK-DT in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada was on the verge of shutting down. Parent company Canwest opted to close its over-the-air E! network, leaving its stations sold off (CHCH, CJNT, etc.,) repurposed (CHBC,) or shut down (CHCA and CHEK). CHEK's employees and local business owners teamed up to buy the station from Canwest and save it from shutting down on August 31, and after securing a "stay of execution" for the station to allow time for further negotiations, the employee-led consortium and Canwest reached an agreement on September 4, 2009. The consortium purchased the station for $2, and Canwest provided transitional support as CHEK began a new era as a locally-owned, independent station. (There was a TVNT thread about all this, and the saga was mentioned in the thread on the break up of ABC 33/40). This year, the station is celebrating 10 years of independence, and why not celebrate by debuting a new set and graphics package? The previous set dated to 2009, with the last graphics package dating to 2012. I think this is a nice refresh, and the set is quite good for a locally-owned independent station. (Videos courtesy of Emarsee)
  12. 5 points
    Strong debut. The blues give the show an evening feel, not too different from the blues of WNT and NN. Norah has a commanding presence and brings her own gravitas. This is a show I would watch. The nod to Murrow was just as much for the CBS staff as it was for the audience. She can give a 20 second nod to the show's history in the debut episode and still establish the show as her own. They aren't mutually exclusive.
  13. 5 points
    I thought Norah's debut was excellent. As an employee of various CBS affiliates since 1996, I think this is the best Evening News has looked and felt in quite a while.
  14. 5 points
    What a f4cking idiot. How do these anchors still not realize that they shouldn’t say things like this when they’re mic’d whether they think they’re live or not?
  15. 5 points
    Well, after nearly 20 years with the exact same set; KTVB finally has a new set. Plus, its a nice change from the Tegna Set-in-a-Box (which I personally don't mind). https://www.ktvb.com/gallery/news/tour-the-brand-new-ktvb-set/277-d03e1b38-20c4-4582-bc63-6a69f485aa06
  16. 5 points
    That show had a long run in syndication, I tell you what.
  17. 5 points
    People who thinks producers are making the decisions about whether or not to run talent opens, have no understanding of the hierarchy of a newsroom. Show opens are serious business, and their form, format and appearance are strictly the domain of the news director, creative services director and general manager. No producer in any station I’ve ever worked had unilateral power to drop, modify or replace an open. In the past, WABC has replaced the talent opens with generic stingers when: an anchor slot is open and a rotation of people are sitting in; an anchor is out on extended medical leave; a newscast is airing off the clock at an unusual time, such as after football; during continuous breaking news coverage, where a standard talent open might be inappropriate. Opens are not like teases or bumps where a producer or director can call an audible and elect to drop or change it. To station management, they are as important as the hood ornament is to a Rolls Royce owner. Whether an open is a short stinger or a fully produced talent showcase, it is the baby of those far above a producer pay grade.
  18. 5 points
    Some of my flea market finds from today... WTKR from March 1995! Probably the most that's been seen of the short-lived TV-3 News look.
  19. 5 points
    Good news! Most dead link videos in this thread should be working again, as the FuzzyMemories YouTube account has been reinstated, assuredly without the heavily-copyrighted material that got it removed, in the first place. One of their first posts upon return is ol' Skippy introducing a package on 4th of July safety.
  20. 5 points
    I’ll bet you $1,000,000,000,000,000 Scripps graphics and music remain unchanged throughout 2018. You on?
  21. 5 points
    ... Was that all the same person?
  22. 5 points
    Lots of KDKA promos (many new to YT, including the full Renaissance 2 promo!) dating back to the 1980's, beginning with a raw news open:
  23. 4 points
    Your one-time purchase or subscription for a newspaper basically paid the cost of printing it and delivering it. The content? That was funded by the ads inside. Back in the golden age of newspapers, those were expensive ads. Everyone read the newspaper so they could charge a lot of money for the ad space. Now, the same news is available online, in some cases for free. Advertisers don't want to pay to subsidize the cost of the newspaper anymore, because nobody's reading it. So in comes the paywall. Now the subscribers are actually paying for the content itself. The same goes for TV. TV ads are decreasing in price. Newspapers somewhat responded to this by cramming more ads into less space. Decrease the size of the paper, increase the number of ads. Costs go down, revenue goes up. Except it's much harder to cram more ads into TV. Local TV has never been "free", you paid for the content you received by suffering through commercials. Viewers tend to notice when video is sped up to fit more ad time in (and yes, this is a thing that has been tried). Newscasts are now littered with sponsorship logos in an attempt to cram as much ad real estate into the day as possible. TV viewership is falling. Advertisers know this. People have more things to distract themselves with during commercials. Advertisers know this too. They want to pay less for the ad time because of these things. So the stations need to make money from somewhere, and free on the internet doesn't always cut it, especially in small markets like Fargo. So, just like newspapers, it's time to make the people who want the content pay for it. I've long said the best indicators of where this industry is going will be from the small markets. They're the ones being hit hardest by the changing industry. If it works in Fargo, it's going to start creeping upwards. And if it doesn't work? Well, there are a lot of buildings out there that used to be newspaper offices... Remember, Scripps/WCPO started experimenting with something like this in 2013, and the service is still active.
  24. 4 points
    I’m fully expecting CBS to hold auditions for Norah’s replacement if they’re not somehow the #1 newscast starting today.
  25. 4 points
    How well is WRTV doing in the ratings? Because they might have something to say about it too. I fully expect that within the next year or two we will be discussing in future ratings sweeps threads about how both Indianapolis and Columbus have become very competitive. Because in my opinion stations like WISH, WXIN/WTTV, WCMH and WSYX/WTTE were just waiting for someone like a Tegna to purchase the 2 90 pound gorillas that is WTHR and WBNS. Well... They finally got their WISH.
  26. 4 points
    It wouldn't be as big of a deal. However, there would probably a lot of confused baby boomers. On the other hand, if you take The Office off of Netflix... oh wait...
  27. 4 points
    Am I the only one that thinks they missed a good opportunity to reintroduce the steamboat whistle? (And steamboat footage in the back of the 5 logo?)
  28. 4 points
    It’s a lot cleaner than previous package. However, I’m seeing a lack of creativity, I wonder what the open will look like to be honest. They shine there when it comes to new graphics.
  29. 4 points
    I know it's small market but that news writing is terrible! Almost as if the anchor is reading the press release itself. Doesn't help that she sounds robotic and bored.
  30. 4 points
    Let’s quit the discussions of where your local cable provider places HD channels and their nonsensical numbering schemes.
  31. 4 points
    Do the various enthusiastic John Elliot fans on this thread realize the rest of us don't work for WCBS general management?
  32. 4 points
    It's going to be a fine. There is a 0% chance that any political party, despite how loud they pander to their base, is going to force one of the largest owners of a dying medium to break up.
  33. 4 points
    Now we know why she left. However, I stand up with her because I think she's one of the best female anchors San Diego has ever had. She deserves her full reimbusement for her work. (Sorry if I sound like I'm on one side over the other, but its true and I would've said the same for others who were in this situation)
  34. 4 points
    Former KUSI anchor files lawsuit: https://www.10news.com/news/local-news/former-kusi-anchor-sues-for-10-million-claiming-pay-inequality
  35. 4 points
    All scared of being independents again. Be careful what you wish for because THEY ARE independents again. MyNet barely has a good enough website and promotions? Forget it. At this point, they're just independents.
  36. 4 points
    WTAE, too... and with a sequel.
  37. 4 points
    KPHO had an understaffed news organization during their pre-CBS independent years. Their studio was modular, meaning it was taken apart when the daily kids show "Wallace & Ladmo" used the room in the afternoon to tape their show between the 11:30am and 9:30pm news shows. Sports scores were almost always reversed on their Chyron. I don't think they had a live truck back then either. KNXV was about to come in with a 9pm show as a Fox station so they got a little more serious about their product in '93.
  38. 4 points
    Let's all understand something about TV... When you go on the air and trash your employer, it's policies or practices ...EXPECT a bad outcome. You may not agree, but they sign your paycheck. If viewers want to revolt that's fine. But, don't expect some judge to entertain a wrongful termination suit based on publicly trashing your employer, while on their dime, and using their toys. And you wonder why stations won't let most on-air employees say "good bye" when the contract ends? I wish him luck...but if you come on my TV station and trash my station or programs you can expect to see the door...and maybe a boot up your ass. ...and once you pull some stunt like that , the station management of other stations won't trust you on-air...no matter how popular you were at you last gig.
  39. 3 points
    For the 50th anniversary of the launch (July 16, 1969), CBSN streamed the coverage in real time, later posting the entire thing to YouTube. Included is the CBS Morning News, a WCBS bottom of the hour local update(!!!) as well as the commercials, and of course Uncle Walter anchoring from Cape Kennedy. https://youtu.be/zYnF31el-ik
  40. 3 points
    That open looks like a small market tried to rip off a station with an actual decent graphics package. The field of view on the logo shots just looks odd. The motion just stops abruptly and out of sync with other movements... Looks rushed and cheap (like the rest of CBS' graphics) Don't even get me started on those lower thirds. Looks like a template they bought off one of the many stock graphics sites out there.
  41. 3 points
    To bump this thread I think WSB is about to roll out some new graphics very soon possibly a slight change to the logo this is from tonight’s 11pm newscast
  42. 3 points
    Ok this thread is getting rreeeaallllyyyy creepy.. I think it’s time to shut it down.
  43. 3 points
    Looks like WABC brought back the 5pm talent open. For years now, it has just been the short intro to quickly transition between the 4pm and 5pm newscasts. I wonder if they are doing this as a nod to Diana Williams. She returned from vacation today for her final 10 weeks before she retires.
  44. 3 points
    A new compilation of WMAQ news intros from the 1940s (!) to the present:
  45. 3 points
    Please no Scripps chow. KMGH is a mess and I can't imagine KWGN wouldn't also become a mess. Also can't imagine why Fox wouldn't want KWGN. I thought they were all about duopolies? KWGN is based in the same building as KDVR and they share one news operation. Unwinding that, if Fox and Nexstar so chose, would be a pain.
  46. 3 points
    The fine will be in the millions of dollars. No one's losing any licenses.
  47. 3 points
    Let's hope they get some better graphics too...
  48. 3 points
    KDKA 1997 Death of Bill Burns. 1950s Footage from WSJS, WTOB and WFMY. 50 years of Pittsburgh radio and tv.
  49. 3 points
    A wonderful tribute by Jamie Apody remembering Gary Papa's 10th death anniversary yesterday. https://6abc.com/sports/10-years-since-i-said-goodbye-jamie-apody-remembers-gary-papa/5353144/ John Clark, along with Cecily, and Jim Gardner (I'm sure there's more but I follow them on Twitter) had Twitter posts too remembering Gary. https://twitter.com/JClarkNBCS/status/1141377244260130824?s=20
  50. 3 points
    Highly doubtful it was per his request. Now with this current schedule he works 7 days a week as opposed to 5. He’s still on 101.1 WCBS FM from 6a-10a then does CBSN and on top of that does Saturday and Sunday mornings. There was also no diversity on the morning show so that might be what happened because John was definitely not the weakest link on that team. I like Elise but I liked the way the teams were in place before this all happened. John was perfect for the weekday morning show.
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