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    Wanted to share this promo which started running last night on air and in digital spaces in the DC market https://www.facebook.com/WUSA9/posts/10159684883884778
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    Let me keep it real: Some of y'all upset WCBS's newscasts was handled by KCBS/KPIX for three days? "Woe is me I didn't see Maurice for a few days, I can't go face the world if Mary ain't on, why does Lonnie have them fancy graphics behind him?" Give me a break! Be lucky you got several newscasts, you could had none at all for a few days! Moving on, don't forget the entire CBS Broadcast operations in New York was affected meaning DC, Boston, LA & SF was handling everything for a few days including Inside Edition, Last Week Tonight, CBS News and if March Madness was still going on, they would've relocated elsewhere.
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    The San Francisco area stations are tag-teaming their choppers to have constant pooled aerials of the Coronavirus cruise ship docked in the harbor. Unfortunately, the CBSN Bay Area TD wasn't paying close attention and this was up for about 15 seconds.
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    It boggles my mind that some of you are sitting here complaining. Who cares if anchors in LA or SF are anchoring the news. You’re getting the news, aren’t you. It seems petty with everything else going on that people are finding the need to nitpick about every little thing. I’m sure they’re not purposely skipping the noon news. They’re at this age just not able to do it. Change over to channel 7! Some of you are saying that it is irresponsible that they are skipping it, well it’s irresponsible that you guys are sitting here complaining about instead of just changing the channel! End rant.
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    Lots of "if only's" which won't help the current situation.. I also suspect the issue may be more than studio space since the building itself is closed down. The question is what are the current options CBS has, and what they will do short term, and perhaps long term. At the end of the day, does the typical viewer get the local information they need, including local weather and what little sports news there is? That is CBS's primary objective.
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    Every other news op in the country is busy with their own stuff going on. And just anchoring outside just throws people out into public areas in an unneeded manner, putting people at risk for absolutely no gain. We're in an uncertain time where the entire 'virtual set' model is showing so many cracks in the social distancing situation it may have been killed, we're seriously going to have to see so many on-air personalities in different shifts to keep everyone sane, and station groups may even have to en masse regional newscasts together. ESPNU literally showed a still screen for three hours because it's too dangerous for the Dan Le Batard Show to air as normal with everyone massed in a studio (everyone called in via Skype and such), and the CBS Morning News went without graphics. As long as information is being presented, that is priority #1 over not seeing your 'news family' in that close around the big desk for the next few weeks.
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    No need for this to become a "What does your station's mic flag look like" thread. Lots of stations use that KTTV flag. It's because it's cheap. Doesn't mean that FOX is standardizing something so trivial.
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    There is no deal to acquire TEGNA yet. Not by Gray, or Apollo, or anybody.
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    Also my source at NBC Arthouse just told me about the new graphics "NECN Was just the start, the NECN package won't be the new look coming this Summer. But , we have a huge surprise. The recent font refresh was just a tease. Also the new animated real weather icons was just a refresh. There will be new weather icons and new flatter graphics coming soon for the NBC O&O's" And then he told me to look at this website https://thisiselevation.com/necn And told to note " With only about a month and a half to do this, we began by examining a look started by Arthouse, the "NBC owned stations graphics hub" located in Dallas, borrowing their notes on tone and color. "
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    You act like they currently don't have a choice, which they do. Every Tegna format that everyone on this site despises was developed at the local level, using other stations in the group as examples. Gray coming in and forcing them to adapt the dead-in-the-water "traditional news format" that everyone on here longs for would be Gray interfering at the local level more than Tegna currently does.
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    It'll be a three hour special in prime time two weeks from now and cause all life in SWB and the Lehigh Valley to come to a halt.
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    I'm not going to lie, part of me was hoping they'd adopt the Sixeme Son "oohs and ahhhs" just to watch the world burn.
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    Looks like CBS2 just got a new temporary studio, thanks to YES Network In Stamford, CT.
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    I can see it now....taking the C-Clarity and adding some tambourines, a church organ and a gospel choir.... Ok...I'll shut up now.
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    They handled everything pretty well. All in all WCBS was able to do newscasts (even if they originated from California), and give their audience information. They average viewer most definately couldn't tell the difference (and couldn't care less) if they were watching news with anchors from CBS 2 or CBS 5. If there's a silver lining to this, it was cool to see how WCBS improvised given the situation and even more interesting to see O&O anchor talent from elsewhere in the country. It could have been worse and a break from the ususal routine now and then is always intresting to see.
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    Thanks to Mr. Sloan, Christmas came early for me in terms of late 80s Houston content... Some observations follow as well. A weekend newscast & a midday newscast from KHOU in April 1989 - featuring a young Arthel Neville in the first weekend story. At about 15:11 (and again at 26:00), is the longest I've ever heard of the sports cut of their 1989 package. Most times during the weekday newscasts they'd cut the first five seconds with the "Spirit of Texas" signature off or opt for a version minus the horns. At 39:40 - the "Job Search" segment has a piece of music which I had previously assumed was either library or from CBS' network-to-affiliate reels from the period - the last 5 seconds play under many psa/station IDs from that time from what I've seen on my tapes. A KHOU 6PM Newscast from October 1989, focusing much of the coverage on the San Francisco earthquake. KPRC's 10 PM newscast from April 1989: The music tracks are somewhat out of sequence for the different blocks to my ear. The cut coming out of the first block and the one teasing the sports segment are swapped. The one teasing the last segment generally would be in between. AND SOMEONE FINALLY LET THE CLOSE PLAY AT THE END. I haven't actually heard it that clear in about 30 years and genuinely liked to hear the music as a young kid - what a trip back! KTRK's Live at Five from May 1989, with part of the 6 PM newscast at the end. Both have opens where Ed Brandon has been excised from the sequence due to his stint in rehab, but prior to the hiring of Joe Diaz. It works better on Live at Five than the 6 PM or the 10 PM, which leads us to... a KTRK 10 PM newscast from April 1989. Good quality audio on the close at the end featuring the "Turn To / News Series 2000" version of their theme. This was a Friday, since it was the only time during the week they'd play this version. Couple of good SLIME IN THE ICE MACHINE! moments from Marvin Zindler in his "Rat and Roach Report".
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    The Chris Sloan archive gravy train keeps giving. There's even some rare KHJ from 1988! The 9:00 VO at the time would later do a lot of ABC Sports work in the late 80s and 90s. The 1:00 one was a longtime station staff announcer. Also some Louisville, including a variant of the Copeland/Symphony opens and a longer TVbD open with the "neo Home Country" theme: And there's a cool Easter egg in this KCBS noon open from 1988:
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    Here's a better shot of the "ABCNEWS NEW YORK" part of the room behind Jennings. The window to the downstairs control room now can be seen. The monitors behind were visible behind Jennings on WNT in the 80's.
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    Maybe their agreement with YES includes that YES needs their studio and control room during the midday. Maybe WCBS doesn't want to add additional stress to an already stressful situation for their staff. There are stations out there who strategically do NOT cover things, to provide a place for people to go who don't want to be bombarded with news. For a long time, WDJT wouldn't do breaking news or severe weather coverage unless it was an extraordinary situation. Why? Not only because they knew that three other stations would do it better, but also because they knew that some people might not care and just want to watch something on TV. By NOT covering the situation, they were providing something for people to watch that wasn't the news. They very well may be doing this on purpose, because they're in a situation where they might not be able to offer any decent coverage at noon, and also know that there are, what, five other OTA stations on at the same time that can do better? They're working out of a borrowed studio, homes, and news cars. Give them a break.
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    Here's what KCBS's control room saw from their view doing WCBS's 5pm news yesterday (Courtesy of Tara Finestone, KCBS's news director).
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    The KCBS anchor who was there this morning is Hermela Aregawi. This isn't normal times, we're in a state of emergency. May I remind you the entire CBS Broadcast Center is closed meaning the CBS network is controlled by LA, CBS News is controlled by DC & LA, and all shows productions (local, network, and syndicated) is stalled in that building. "In times like these, we need each other. We must bond together in spirit and in service."
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    Chances of KCPQ retiring the "Q13" branding is about as good of a chance as KCRA reverting back to "Reports" in their branding It. Ain't. Happening.
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    Yes. Let me clarify something... when I said day one KCPQ became Q13 was the day it relaunched in November of 1980 after being silent for a few months. But I really honestly don't see them transitioning to FOX 13 because Q13 has been their life-blood branding for a very long time.
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    In the latest series of AirchiveSloan's collection... Did anyone ask for a nice, clean, clear, long cut of Gari's On Your Side from KTTV in 1988?? Here you go!!
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    I see Springer's commentary, and raise you Carol Marin's final 10p.
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  29. 6 points
    Philadelphia as a market is very geOgraphicaLly dIverse and vasT--not partIcularly easy to get to the Coverage area they serve--so you have to consider thAt they're in a Location two hours out from the big city as well as the state cApitol to the west, and serving an auDience that may be commuting to and fro each Spot throughout the morning.
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    I'm starting a new TV3 thread here since all the posts about the new set are getting stacked on the WNT thread. So far, we've seen election coverage and the 20/20 Coronavirus broadcast from the rebuilt studio. Tomorrow morning we are expecting weekend GMA to return from TSS. Testing is going on today.
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    This kinda got lost in the shuffle, but it appears WBOC has debuted a new graphics package that appears to be from Linear Drift. The package incorporates elements from the current WFLA and KOIN packages. The station has also dropped the serif “16” from its logo, replacing it with the CBS eye. The weather graphics have not been updated, however.
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    Must be the bedlam from "working from home" But I made a tongue-in-cheek promo for WNEP, much like all of the other stations have been cranking out the past few days. WNEP SPEC.mp4
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    Correctamundo, good sir. If you've been staying home, getting groceries, etc., nothing really changes. The shelter in place just cements the closure of department stores, bowling alleys, and whatever other random places are still open. Heck, even restaurants can still do carry out and all that, which kinda surprised me. Meanwhile, Chicago stations have seemingly decided that the female anchors get to keep their usual chairs, while the men move away. So courteous.
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    heres a clip of the open for the 11 o’clock broadcast.
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    AirchiveSloan is a legend! So is the KNBC jazzy close. Those bumper cuts are legendary as well. Awesome work here! This made my day. The 4pm and 5pm news is also on his site as well. Love how "anchor heavy" LA was at the time. Different teams for all shows....John/Linda 4pm, Colleen (still there at 5pm) and Jess at 5, Keith/Kelly at 6pm and Keith/Kelly at 11pm. The good ol days.
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    here's a retrospective narrated by Pat Harvey aired at last night's 8pm news. Are you ready for this though, a real treat: CBS LA uploaded thru YT the last ever signoff of KHJ at 12am Dec 2 1989, transition to KCAL with the much clearer, ever catchy 'california 9' jingle promo. It starts at :38 tho (lord, could they have edited out cleanly at start, please) but enjoy... BTW, here's a report from Dec '89 when KHJ became KCAL after Disney's purchase. And a pre-launch of Prime 9 News in 1990. Apparently, music is based off 615 music's production library entitled 'reaching the dream' which you can search thru Warner Chappelle Prod Music's site. My question tho is what happened between Dec '89 + Mar '90, was there news still at 9 or was it temporary suspended after acquisition was completed?
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    IT BEGINS https://wnep.com/embeds/video/523-229b9351-5471-4210-b44f-592905575f85/iframe?jwsource=cl
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    Motion for a Cliff Schwarz / Sixeme Son West Side Story style musical duel. Marching band vs. Glee club! Pre-empt the Wednesday comedy lineup. Bet it would get better ratings. #danceparty
  40. 5 points
    I'm thinking the same thing. If and/or when that starts, then those Talkback 16 segments will be must watch lol...
  41. 5 points
    Even as a local it makes me wonder how Scranton, of all markets, gets to keep its signature sound, but all the others stations needed to toe the corporate line. Is WNEP that special?
  42. 5 points
    Right now, this guy is probably sitting in his chair singing to it.
  43. 5 points
    Interesting that vestiges of the Peter Jennings era dating back to 1986 were still in TV3. Would have loved to have seen some of those set pieces, technology, etc.
  44. 5 points
    I don’t know where else to put this, but News Music Now just put up most of the Beyond music package for your delectation.
  45. 5 points
    NewscastStudio is also out with an article! https://www.newscaststudio.com/2020/03/03/abc-news-new-studio/ __ I'll be super interested to see how this grand studio comes to life on the simple 30 minute World News Tonight vs This Week vs Nightline
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    We'll have to grab some popcorn for the "Talkback 16" that happens as a result of this....
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    New Station. WSFA is broadcasting from its new downtown facility tonight. They're using the WMC package. Vid courtesy of "KLMO"'s YT page
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  49. 4 points
    The separate 10 p.m. set was eventually dropped, but Newswire survived the logo change:
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    And on top of that (as mentioned in speculatron) Sinclair has severe problems with it's debt (in fact they're about $14 Billion in debt or something like that) I'll also go ahead and put this to rest right here, right now. I don't think Sinclair will ever be a buyer of television stations again given the troubles they've caused in the Tribune debacle along with everything else.
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