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  1. 13 points
    Here's the song -- "Chicago" by Tary Rebenar -- that inspired Dick Marx's legendary WBBM theme. Note that the nine-note signature is based on the lyrics "This is my city, Chicago's my town," not "I love Chicago, Chicago my home" as often supposed:
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    Your experience at any station, whether it's WLS-TV or somewhere in Montana or Maine, is partly what you make of it too. Attitude always travels.
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    As others mentioned in this thread, I can vouch that I learned the reason for this from my former news director. By starting the newscast 2 minutes early, you save time and can win the quarter hour on more hard hitting top stories or breaking news coverage. It’s definitely a consultant move and it’s one that all stations across the country follow. For example, a sample newscast starts with a 15-30 second pre-show topical tease, then you have a 10-15 second open, then you have an extra 5-10 seconds for the anchors to introduce themselves, then you toss in a minute for first weather, etc. By the time the hour starts, you’re already in to your first lead story. Your lead story is what will help you win the quarter hour. In markets like Nashville, ratings are done on the quarter hour and every minute counts. Wasting precious time on the intro pleasantries wastes time, but it’s unfortunately necessary. By doing it this way, you can ensure your station wins the lead-in and viewers won’t turn it off which is important if you want to win the quarter hour. A compelling lead-in that starts right at the top of the hour or half hour can make or break a newscast. If you started the top or bottom of the hour with all the wasted time at the beginning of the newscast, then you’ll basically be telling viewers to turn you off because you have no reason for them to watch. People don’t want you to waste their time, they want to know what’s going on the moment they tune in, which most of the time is right on the hour or half hour. Also, you mad bro? If this is what makes you want to metaphorically or even literally kill yourself, then I suggest some serious professional help. Stations have been starting before the half hour or hour for years, your screaming in all caps and angry aggression on this will only fall on deaf ears. It’s not going to change, this is a consultant driven business and consultants say start early.
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    Here at KBEX-TV our 5pm newscast starts at 12:00...because we forgot how to re-set the VCR master clock after the last state mandated power outage.
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    I think some of you are missing the point. It’s top ten stations to work for. Not top ten in terms of news product or people watching. Big difference.
  6. 7 points
    Come on, folks. Let's not start this. FOX isn't going to throw out a perfectly good set (that doesn't even look much different than most of their O&O sets) just because. The graphics will probably get replaced in a year or two.
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    Here at the KBEX-TV Museum of News History ..we have an active display of vintage "Lawn Darts". Wayyyyyyy more fun! But one day the adults ruined it... I miss lawn darts.
  8. 6 points
    “As we come on the air tonight...”
  9. 6 points
    I surely do miss the Jennings era when they actually had WORLD NEWS for the majority of the newscast. Unfortunately overall news distribution has degraded to viral video analysis, online shopping discount notifications, and too much fluff pieces. At this point, they might as well call it GMA: After Dark.
  10. 6 points
    Not sure how Weigel comes back from this. The story/alleged allegations are very troubling. Side Note: I went to a taping of ‘Later with Leon’ last Thursday. Very intimate setting (maybe about 12 seats total for audience members). And yes that’s Robin Robinson (former Fox 32 News Anchor) with CPD Chief Johnson. She works for the CPD these days.
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    KGUN STILL has the Journal graphics, and that sale closed years ago. They don't rush like some of the other companies.
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    They would have to pry it from Tegna's cold, dead hands. No way are they giving up their largest station.
  13. 5 points
    Who cares what he thinks? Scott hasn't been in the business for years. And as mentioned, these are all top 25 markets many. So your station is trash if it's not top 25, amirite?
  14. 5 points
    I just came across this video and I figured you guys would be interested in this. So when Dayton's WKEF and WRGT moved into their then-new building some time ago, they left their old facilities just standing there. Someone managed to gain access and took a look around... The building may have been torn down since then.
  15. 5 points
    And the theme during the mid-2000s was so good. The show was a part of my childhood, even though I haven't watched it in years. Sad to see it go, but it had a great run.
  16. 5 points
    Ehhhhhh I wouldn't say that. Have you noticed FOX O&Os are using paired down horizontal logos as bugs and even in some of the opens? NY, LA, and Chicago have all largely phased out significant use of the kitebox on-air. Adding KTVU into the fold really helped with that. Really, between the Disney sale and the pickup of more stations, it should really be a moment for the FTS hub to consider a new package across the board that severs the ties of old and affords some more distance from Ailes-era FNC.
  17. 5 points
    For the first time ever we are able to screen one of the most scary documentary's ever...maybe even TOO SCARY for TVNT and it's younger visitors. It's the story of a TV logo that terrified at least 10 or more children and other assorted bedwetters in the golden days of television. https://horrorfreaknews.com/s-hell-bizarre-doc-explains-tv-logo-traumatized-generation It even scares me. Happy Halloween my little TVNT goblins.
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    Interesting idea to move the Evening News to a different time slot, but I'm not sure if it would be better. I imagine most people have heard the news of the day by that point, and are more interested in relaxing with entertainment content before bed, rather than news. I wonder what it would be like if primetime across the country moved from 7pm-10pm, local news 10-11pm, then network news at 11pm, with the late shows at 11:30pm? Anyways, despite whatever reason people may claim is the problem with CBS in the short term, I think it's really much simpler. Do you really think people are not tuning in to CBS because 20 years ago something happened that most people aren't even aware of? I don't think so. While there may be a few specific reasons CBS Evening News is struggling against its competitors, I think it just comes down to the fact that TV news is slowly dying. Yeah, that sucks for "us" as fans or myself personally, it being my career. But society and culture is changing, and TV news is losing out to other methods to get news and to other ways people want to spend their free time. Some organizations are experimenting (Tegna) to see if there is something they can produce that consumers want....maybe they'll strike gold, but currently I don't see that happening. Ultimately, I view TV news like a landline phone. Slowly dying. Some people still have one and enjoy it, but others have dropped it and moved on to other options. Then there's others that will never use one because there are better, more attractive, more convenient options (cell phones, internet), so they will never want a landline. Which means there is almost nothing landline providers can do to attract people unless society/culture shifts in some way to prefer landlines again, which doesn't seem likely.
  19. 5 points
    They've originated the majority of TV technology through the years as a testing ground...and they also have WRAL-EX, a separate station broadcasting 4k content and 1080p NBC. So yes, it is an investment that will show on the air and not just bragging rights.
  20. 5 points
    A clean version of WMAQ's 1981 theme, posted by the man who composed it, Paul David Wilson: Some WPTZ IDs from 1979 & 1980:
  21. 5 points
    If Norah gets the boot, who do you think should anchor the CBS Evening News? IMO, I would pick... Shepard Smith.
  22. 5 points
    She has only been in this position for four months now. Substantial change doesn't happen overnight.
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    And one of the top considerations... "Do I gotta pee in the cup?"
  24. 4 points
    Not to digress even further on the movie end of things, but the sex/violence issue is precisely why Disney started Touchstone Pictures in the 80's. They're just using Fox (a bigger, more well-known name) for that now.
  25. 4 points
    Disney doesn't own the searchlights anyway! Fox Media owns the 20th Century Fox trademarks, and Disney is licensing them on a perpetual, royalty-free basis.
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    Thinking of the sign-off quip of great Nighly Business Report co-anchor Paul Kangas: “Wishing all of you the best of good buys"
  27. 4 points
    Surely posted earlier in this thread, but howzabout 90 minutes of the WLS afternoon newscasts from exactly 30 years ago tonight?
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    I will up that $100, and say that Nexstar and Hollywood are about to hit 'head -on" in the middle of Sunset Boulevard... "Oh The Humanity!"
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    I think that's accurate. Tribune had a build it/break it attitude. Nexstar strikes me so far as much more like a corporation, conservative but strategic, placing value in documentation and accounting for every penny. I also suspect Nexstar and Los Angeles will clash more often in the future.
  30. 4 points
    WTTG news with... Paul Udell?!!
  31. 4 points
    Is....is that SCOTT CHAPIN???
  32. 4 points
    WLS in Chicago and WSBT, a CBS affiliate in the neighboring South Bend market:
  33. 4 points
    Will be interesting to see what they do there. The WakeUp set is pretty old at this point, but has really stood the test of time and still looks fairly modern. Basically the only reason to update it is because of its age. All of this makes WTMJ's recent low-budget set "updates" look super cheap. Being outdone by Tribune/Nexstar... Ouch!
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    For those that wanted to see the news open of WGBO Noticias 66 with the original 1996-2001 look instead of the secondary one, then here ya go! WCIU Informacion 26 news clip from the 1990s
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    There's some weirdness with the graphics. It's nice but there's a few little odds and ends that, if they cleaned them up, would make the package great. The combination of set and graphics is probably their best cohesive look since the 1998 graphics and set debut.
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    They must be going back to the drawing board to rethink the show formats. Traditionally for them, the noon news was predominately a hard news show and when they expanded it to an hour, they had the lighter stuff towards the back end of the second half hour. When the 4PM launched, it was faster paced with the news and features were dispersed through out. The 5PM has always been longer form hard news. With Alicia possibly joining the noon (perhaps only for the 2nd half hour) maybe they want the noon show to become like (or replace) the 4PM and have the 4PM become a harder news show to compete with 10 at 4. As of right now, 10's the only station in that timeslot doing a full hard news hour. 3's doing a complete fluff show (hell they sit on damn couch) and 6 is trying to do both and perhaps they want to get away from that.
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    You've just rebranded your station. It's an expensive rebrand, too: new logo, new set, new anchors, new call letters. But your "Recorded Earlier" late news repeat open...hasn't changed in about two years. With that important comment, I present to you...KNSD in October 1988:
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    As Weeters would say: "It's a perfect logo for an app."
  39. 4 points
    Who would be acceptable to be seen "hanging out" with? Milo probably takes 500 selfies a day, with all types of people. Would you approve if it was Rachael Maddow? Most tv types who spend all day in the field are gonna have photos and selfies from all kinds of newsworthy folks. I'm gonna side with Ellen on this one. https://www.usatoday.com/story/entertainment/celebrities/2019/10/08/ellen-degeneres-george-bush-times-shes-addressed-critics/3906283002/ ...and just "who" determines credibility of a news organization? Some group of pointy bearded types? Or does the viewer decide?
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    It's weird because the previous FTN studio was perfectly serviceable for the Evening News and was only a year or so old - and IIRC Norah anchored EN from there a couple times and it looked really good. An 11PM or otherwise late national news won't work - too many are in bed by that hour and it would probably need to be "edgy" to have a snowball's chance. What I do think would work is someone expanding their evening newscast to an hour each night, so there's more opportunity to produce and air stories with depth and not try to jam everything most of the public already knows into 90 second packages--basically put on a watered down 60 Minutes, but every night. That's basically what Scott Pelley's Evening News was, and even in a 30 minute slot it was excellent. As the syndication market falters and more programming's coming in-house, I wonder what network would have the guts to try it. CBS, honestly, is a prime candidate. Their syndie arm just dropped the Insider and while Inside Edition filled the hole in a lot of markets, that time could absolutely be spent putting better content on the air. I bet plenty of station groups would love to not have to pay for another half-hour of programming for their stations.
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    At least WFAA was on the ball Sunday night as they were quick to get on the air and stay on it (along with KDFW). KTVT was late and less active, which was problematic for a situation with a confirmed large tornado on the ground (would be okay if it was radar indicated), but KXAS definitely took a huge reputation hit there. My letter grades of the coverage: KDFW: A KTVT: C- KXAS: F WFAA: A-
  42. 4 points
    You guys are mentioning ratings from 10/15+ years ago. It's a different time now. Numbers are going to keep going down in this day and age. People don't watch Evening News broadcasts. Period.
  43. 4 points
    Our big art museum has giant birdies on the front lawn.
  44. 4 points
    We had a whimsical marble cake to celebrate.
  45. 4 points
    — James O'Keefe (@JamesOKeefeIII) October 14, 2019 Ahhh... Project Veritas... they of editing videos together out of context and calling it legitimate journalism? James O'Keefe is a con artist political activist with an axe to grind... If you are gonna quote things... use some actual sources and not some guy with a website and a desire to see an agenda fulfilled... thanks.
  46. 3 points
    Looks like they are essentially using WTVQ's package but with a different color scheme.
  47. 3 points
  48. 3 points
    There just goes any credibility the network had with one of their anchors(?) hanging out with that guy.
  49. 3 points
    Rick Mitchell was the chief at KOCO when I was in OKC and breaking into programming when needed was without question...so the smell here's coming from up on high, I have a feeling.
  50. 3 points
    To show how long it took for KXAS to even provide coverage of the tornado, the YT channel Random News Footage composed a six-minute timelapse of the programming on KDFW, KXAS, WFAA and KTVT during the period between the issuance of the tornado warning at 9:00pm until KXAS began their third cut-in of the warning timeframe at 9:24: Also of note, as basically referenced by KTVT meteorologist Jeff Ray in footage of their storm coverage on StormSpotterMike's channel, KTVT took quite a bit of time to provide tornado coverage over its airwaves. As Ray mentions, they continued offering only a Facebook Live stream of the storm coverage for about 8-10 minutes after the warning was issued (with KTVT airing the first act of that night's episode of Madam Secretary for about thirteen minutes after the first reports of the tornado having touched down near Love Field were made), and elected to commence television coverage on KTXA first, before throwing coverage onto KTVT, instead of starting a simulcast of coverage on KTVT and KTXA at the same time.
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