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    Follow up question: How do you define a particular market when posting in the appropriate region? For instance, the Springfield, Missouri Market does spill into Arkansas (which is considered to be part of the South) but Missouri is considered to be part of the Midwest? How would that be handled? Would that be handled on a case by case basis or no?
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    So this turned up on YouTube and the uploader wasn't sure what it was: A radio program? Part of a special? No, it's a 30-minute vinyl record! It's not from 1988 but rather 1991 (though it appears the idea originated around 1989). The Taking Pride In...series was actually something sold to a whole bunch of TV and radio stations. (A list is at the end of this) It was produced by Impact Broadcast Marketing, a Nashville shop. According to this 2014 article on the KREM version (which already was online), apparently the lyrics were nearly the same for each market (with two songs being altered) — just the narration changed. Found a mention of it on this site: The article mentions some of the more than 25 (!) versions that were made, and there have to be some more: Inland Northwest (KREM) Nashville (WSMV) Topeka (KSNT) Dayton (WHIO) Portland (KOIN) Peoria (WMBD radio and TV) Maine Wichita (KSNW and KFDI radio) Cedar Rapids (KGAN) Nevada (KOLO) San Antonio (KENS) Rochester (WOKR) Omaha (WOW radio) Georgialina (WRDW) East Tennessee Central Florida Four States (KSNF, I'm sure) Eastern Carolina (WITN) West Michigan (WZZM and WMUS radio) Spartanburg; Asheville (WSPA, two separate from the same station) Amarillo (KAMR) Mid-Missouri (KOMU) Austin (KTBC) Macon (WMAZ) as "Straight from the Heart of Central Georgia" Springfield [IL] (WICS) Texoma (KFDX) El Paso (KTSM radio and TV) Buffalo (WIVB) the Tri-State (WOWK) South Bend (WNDU) as "Celebrate Michiana"
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    Earlier today, CMG reported Daniel York had been appointed President & CEO, replacing Kim Guthrie (& Steve Pruett who was interim during the transition period). York was Sr. EVP & Chief Content Officer of DirecTV/AT&T. He left AT&T on March 1, having been DirecTV's programming exec since 2012.
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    Boooo! The Dispatch website is superior.
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    I'm surprised they went in this direction... The last package they had refreshed had elements of the Nexstar package (mainly the Lato font)... But nonetheless I do like they are able to still customize it and I like what they did.
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    Whenever I watch cbs46 (which isn't that often) I have to ask myself: "who are these people"? The turnover at the station is ridiculous. Meredith never gives the station management or talent time to implement a new strategy and let it grow. It's a constant cycle of rebrands and talent/management turnover. After years of Gannett/Tegna mismanaging WXIA, WGCL should be in a place to compete. But instead Meredith's impatience has led to no real significant gains in the ratings.
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    Brenda Waters announced her retirement yesterday from KDKA. I wonder if she was given the option or if the timing was a coincidence.
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    You are in for a special treat, because YouTube user 'VPR2B' has uploaded the KTXL NewsPlus music package from 1981.
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    WBNS is launching TEGNA website/mobile app next week... No mention on WTHR's site that I saw.. Here is the link
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