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  1. Hello everyone! Looks like I’m gonna be doing another update regarding not only my compilations, but my online activity. If you haven’t seen my Twitter thread sharing my story for Autism Acceptance Month, I suggest you do so. It’ll clear some things up and give more context about my experience. If you already have, thank you. So far, I’ve been gathering clips for future compilations and ones I’m working on updating and it’s been doing fairly well and I’m trying to get back into things day by day when it comes to my compilations. I am STILL planning on doing my compilations for NW A
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  2. So you're the one that bought the WXFL SoTB Plate! I was going to buy it to put it on the front of my Orange Ford Escape with a Bucco Bruce era Tampa Bay Bucs license plate frame! Haha! Good find! Lucky you!
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