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  1. And in case anyone asks, the chances of NBCU pulling a WBTS on KASA and swiping their affiliation from KOB to start an NBC New Mexico are very small to zero. So get it out of your heads now!
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  2. I found a Sizzle Reel of the new graphics on Vimeo.
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  3. CBS News has failed to run the House Select Committee hearing of the Jan 6 Capitol Riot. ABC News has it on. CBS News has turned into the rah rah network for happy people attempting to be anchors. Norah is terrible and Susan Zirinsky has turned it into a circus. CBS reporters create great stories but the network is held together by cheap glue. Shame on you CBS News for not running the hearing. I guess the Price is Right is what the country needs right now.
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  4. I think this is equivalent to the situation they have in Denver, where their networks got booted thanks to Scripps, Nexstar and Tegna, so they bought KREG to make sure their networks had a place in the market, while keeping MeTV on KCNC. Hearst (and ViacomCBS) is a big Weigel advocate and outside the ShopLC, Estrella, Cozi and True Crime Network deals sprinkled throughout the chain, isn't going into the subchannel business themselves and are happy to take the DRTV split. Likely this is more about getting H&I, Start and Movies! a constant home in the market, since outside Hearst
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  5. WIS is not on the Peters client list.
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  6. That said, KRTN-LD and KUPT-LD don’t necessarily fit in to NBCU’s portfolio since it’d be difficult to integrate them as repeaters of KASA, since it has enough repeater coverage already. KRTN-TV and (the full-power) KUPT likely would be converted into KASA satellites (or a standard satellite in KUPT’s case, since it already simulcasts KASA on a sub), though KRTN-LD (a MeTV affiliate) and KUPT-LD (a Movies! affiliate) seem like they could be candidates for being spun-off to Weigel.
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  7. And here's WSMV's modified opens.
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  8. CBS News did a Special Report with full coverage of the hearing. It was an "optional" special report for local affiliates. Some stations aired the coverage, some stuck with regular programming. If your local CBS station did not run the special report, I'd suggest your gripe is with them, not the network.
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  9. Per this RadioInsight article, Bill Fielder's Coastal Television is acquiring the broadcast assets of Waypoint Media. This includes the hub in Little Rock.
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