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    It's already been at WVIT for a couple of weeks. KNBC also introduced the new changes today this morning. The font changes are so subtle, and they align more closely with the previously discussed/announced (Aug 2019) font changes. Changes in weather graphics are definitely a harbinger for something to come, but like mentioned before, they'll eventually be rolled out across the group and I don't think there's a need to list every switch until a more noticeable makeover of the overall graphics appears.
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    New station: KFVS is using the WVLT package. Here's their "Breakfast Show" open from this morning. Vid courtesy of "DADOSUPERMARIO 2" from YT. Here's the 5pm open. Vid courtesy of "DADOSUPERMARIO 2" from YT.
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    I wonder if we could see the likes of:
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    The Cosby Show is still on TV One as of 2020; I believe that is the only network that still airs the show today. TV Passport has it listed from 8-9 AM EST on weekdays.
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    I was watching KNSD this morning and they started using these updated weather graphics. Here are some images
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    So Meredith isn't even a factor in this at least from the NBCO perspective then, got it,
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    It seemed to arrive on the platform before Viacom bought Pluto TV out, so it might be an issue where they have to wait out the contract because Langley Productions hasn't breached the agreement and VCBS isn't willing to breach it on their end. And I pretty much assume that there will eventually be a low-tier broadcaster or subchannel network who will pick up the new episodes because 'any publicity is good publicity'.
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    I was hoping they would get Catt Sadler (formerly of E! News, which ended its 30-year run a few months ago).
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    New station: WIBW is using the WMC package. They've also switched the music to CBS Enforcer V.2.
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    Did Perry Sook run over your dog?
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    I guess that explains why we were locked out of the CNN Newsroom yesterday. Terrible, horrible, no good, really really bad move that disproportionately affects non-affiliates imo. CNN was a godsend when we were in the first few weeks of covering protests. I can't imagine this policy holds up for long, but time will tell. Exclusives don't matter if you don't have the viewership. They'd be better off funneling all of their VO through NewsNation and making CNN run that as the courtesy.
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    I saw that coming a mile away. Earlier this summer the company surveyed all the stations for how much feed video they were using. A station like KTLA doesn't use as much as people realize, in proportion to the amount of news they do. It's the mid-large stations that do gobs of news, like my station or WJW-TV or KDVR, that are much more reliant on feeds to fill the time. I figured the survey was the first step toward cutting CNN altogether.
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    This is just me, but I know what I like and I know what I don't and I like NewsNation and I will keep watching it and I know in time people may possibly see the benefit from it and realize on those other cable shows in primetime that the news matters first not for their name to be in the title. And personally I don't care about the ratings as should a lot of people. News matters first.
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    There are a few things that everyone needs to keep in mind. 1. NewsNation does not have the benefit of "star power", a big-time name personality with automatic recognition a la Shepard Smith. Really, Dean Reynolds (CBS) and Rob Nelson (World News Now) are the only air talent with previous name recognition. It's both a good thing (less salary and less worry about ratings right away to justify the salary) and bad (the lack of a big draw that results in people tuning in out of curiosity). But sometimes... generic is good? Look at “no-frills” supermarkets like Aldi and compare them to Kroger. 2. WGNA is a network that is now in a transition mode. The west coast feed only came about when the channel finally rid itself of the last few vestiges of anything Chicago beside the name. But what has been the purpose for WGNA since 2013? They had something going with original scripted programming until the Sinclair takeover attempt killed those plans, since then it had been programmed with blocks of procedural reruns and a few sitcoms. I'm not sure NewsNation benefits from having Last Man Standing as a lead-in, nor is it really necessary to run Blue Bloods episodes on a loop during the daytime. (That’s what Ion is for lmao.) The intent is clear that WGNA will shed the remainder of their rerun inventory and replace it with more news and information programming, thus making the west coast feed unnecessary. As to when that happens? Well, it should have been this past Tuesday, but I have no idea if contractural agreements with satellite distributors are causing or resulting in a hold-up. 3. Perry’s stance on “news, not bias” sounds somewhat kitschy (if it’s repeated endlessly for brand reinforcement), but it’s clearly with purpose and with merit. He’s basically going the total opposite direction that Sinclair had gone with their “must runs” and overt focusing on news from a partisan lens, and is doing it on purpose. Case in point, a memo he sent to his stations in early June during the initial protests over George Floyd’s murder that called for them to not go down the path of “endless adrenaline shots of conflict.” It’s more than being fair, it’s about de-escalating alongside objectiveness. And I’m gonna be blunt, the cable nets did a ton to escalate that unrest because they had no reason to be dispassionate. They were playing to their audience. 4. It’s about the advertising. Nexstar is able to get blue-chip advertisers for NewsNation that are not going to buy with Fox News primetime (for obvious reasons) and/or MSNBC. In that sense, they’re already better off than they had been with previous entertainment fare, plus they can keep the money outright instead of paying the entertainment programming distributors. Shedding that inventory has helped allay the cost of building out the operation, and they’ve been very forthright about that. Ratings may initially be down now but it’s making more money with a totally different audience to boot. 5. One thing that is kind of striking is how Nexstar hasn’t slacked off on the presentation of NewsNation one bit. There would have been so many ways this could have gone sideways—either from a reporting/anchoring perspective or from a visual perspective—and they didn’t. Perry Sook and Jen Lyons’ commitment to this is deeply visible as it wasn’t pushed back drastically or abandoned due to covid, and it’s obvious he sees something good in this for the industry, not just his conglomerate. I kinda joked that Perry’s running this effort as if Nexstar is the successor to Tribune, not a company that merely acquired Tribune. 6. The biggest flaws are totally out of the hands of anyone in Chicago, the technical aspects, the online distribution of the program post-September, and the overall state of WGNA. Nexstar’s gonna have to learn the hard way about the benefits of OTT streaming for all of their stations and for NewsNation. Expansion of the news production is inevitable as syndication contracts run out. That west coast feed is problematic. And then there’s the channel name itself and how that factors into this overall evolution. All that being said, this program wasn’t built for ratings right off the bat. And that’s the point. Ted Turner wanted to think big with CNN and Headline News because news gathering meant and means a lot. This program does think big and should be allowed to do so. I hope it succeeds, even if their definition of “success” is much different from other applications of the word.
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    A Twitter exchange I had at 1am that turned bizarre led me to think a lot tonight about NewsNation and how it's playing to potential viewers. So far, most Twitter conversation about NN has been from the right-of-center to right. This is a consistent theme I have noticed monitoring social media in recent days, and I have identified several reasons this might be the case: Slogan promotion turns off potential viewers on the left. Looking at you, "balance, not bias". In trumpeting their adherence to this principle, they may be actually causing their viewership to become even more imbalanced. Casual left viewers might be hearing that slogan and feeling like this is a competitor to Fox News. In this moment, conservatives might be more inclined to sample a new news product they haven't heard of. It feels like people on the left and center-left want to stick to names they know (e.g. CNN, MSNBC), whereas people on the right are actively looking for new voices—particularly if they are disaffected viewers of Fox News Channel. If you're not familiar with Nexstar, as is the case for the average TV viewer, NewsNation looks like TV news startup #47. Nothing about it provides the cues that say "mainstream media" on a national level—even though, ironically this operation is as "legacy" as new news operations get, given its reliance on decades-old local TV newsrooms and people that once worked in them! This is one factor that might boost interest on the right but dampen it on the left. Is Antenna TV promotion hurting? The thread that got weird on me fast actually was about someone on the left who was skeptical about NN merely because it was being heavily advertised on Antenna TV alongside other "conservative grifters" and MyPillow. Is "both sides" a structural fallacy? From the bracket logo on down, Nexstar's "both sides" positioning might be flawed, and this is a macro problem well beyond Bradley Place. I think this is growing ever more common as a theme on the left, where most people and actors expect the two-party system of American politics to display some symmetry whereas it's actually becoming increasingly lopsided. The entire concept of NN as it is positioned might actually be playing into a structural fallacy. And it's one that generally doesn't bother local TV stations, from which NewsNation borrows so, so much in terms of content and presentation. Potential gatekeepers: It's so weird to think this, but in 2020, Nexstar has built a new news product that will in about a month go behind a TV Everywhere paywall. That will remove a lot of cord cutters—and young, left-skewing people—from the audience. (It also appears WGN America has lost some distribution here and there in its years of general irrelevance, and it doesn't seem to be on many vMVPDs.) Oh, and Nexstar REALLY needs to get WGN America's West Coast feed sorted out so this program airs live nationwide. The wind on this archery target might already have been pushing the audience to the right of the dead-center bullseye given the middle America focus. I was asked why I was even looking at tweets about NN. I know the #KHive people won't see this message, but I might as well say it. I've been interested in the local TV business since I was little, and I was practically raised on cable news. This is the most ambitious project related to local TV news in years. It's the biggest gamble of Perry Sook's career, and there is intense scrutiny on whether this will be a winner or a failure we file alongside News Out of the Box or This Day. When Sook bought Tribune, he bought WGN—which included a lot of extra studio and building space, people with expertise in national television production, and a directionless cable channel already in millions of homes that was an effective blank slate. All three are part of the NewsNation recipe, as are (of course) all the Nexstar newsrooms. And a personal note. I'm a news junkie! Of course NewsNation is not my only source of news. Certainly I consume content that would be recognized as further toward the left, whether that be CNN or The Intercept. But I also have found it useful enough as a complement to those other sources to follow and watch regularly.
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    Brooke Baldwin says she's taking a hiatus until after the election.
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