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    I think NewsNation probably should've stayed on past 11pm ET tonight, with all of the protests happening around the country.
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    WBRC 6 News 1988. WLUK Newscenter 11 Promos 1986. KING 5 News 1989. KOVR 1973 Action News intro. KOOL (KSAZ) 10 News 1981. KTRK Commercials 1985.
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    KMOX (KMOV) 1985 News KTVI 1987 Newscast.
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    I think they were in a bit of a no-win situation w/ the interview. If Joe went in guns a blazing; they risk the chance of Trump never appearing on NN again. If they played it safe; people will knock them for not being tough enough. Joe unsuccessfully tried to play it down middle and they end up with nothing substantial (i.e... a good soundbite or two). Nevertheless, they walked away with the chance of Trump making another appearance (or two) in the future. We have to remind ourselves that it's going to take some time for NN to find its way. There are going to be things they get both right and wrong. That's just part of the process.
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    It's now "Boston 25 Tonight" in which they "dig deeper" into top stores. New graphics and music accompany the newscast. Here's a sampler of the graphics
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    As many as 40 local television outlets and 200 Canadian radio stations could be forced to close in the next three years as the financial pressures faced by media companies intensify under the COVID-19 pandemic, suggests a new study from an industry advocacy group. The Canadian Association of Broadcasters issued a report on Wednesday warning of potential closures and widespread job cuts as private TV and radio broadcasters face a cumulative projected revenue shortfall of up to $1.06 billion by the end of 2022. Most vulnerable are the country's AM radio stations, the report said, as well as other independent private radio and TV operations in smaller markets across the country. Full story: http://www.kelownadailycourier.ca/business_news/national_business/article_e0b04c82-f2db-5bd2-adac-2d2dc44f57c4.html The full study from the Canadian Association of Broadcasters: https://www.cab-acr.ca/english/media/news/20/cmi_report_aug24.pdf From my view, there are a few things working against local Canadian TV stations: Obviously, the rise of online news VOD services such as Netflix and Disney+ The lack of market exclusivity in Canada. Unlike US markets where local stations are protected from out-of-town broadcast stations, viewers easily have access to almost every local Canadian TV station from outside markets on cable/satellite via "timeshift" packages. The wide availability of local US TV stations on BASIC cable/satellite packages, in addition to timeshift packages. Strict rules regarding prescription drug ads on television. For a country our size (33 million, 6 TV markets of 1 million+ people), our local news schedules mostly resemble ones from the US, as opposed to the UK or Australia. I would really hate to see a reduction in local news programming but things are looking bleak for local TV here.
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    . .and WPXI replacing the '11 at 11' branding which they've had since '98. COX rolling out nee branding/graphics specifically for the late news.
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    ABC WNT, Thurs. June 14, 1979, w/Max Robinson in Washington, and Peter Jennings, Barbara Walters and Frank Reynolds in Vienna (Frank is in a studio in Vienna that I don't think we've ever seen before)...
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    Rich Lieberman has twice commented about the set this week but not seeing on the newscast. That said, if you watch the KRON ON digital stream, where the anchor sits in front of the control room, sometimes a monitor from the studio is live and you can see rehearsals. Looks like it's the WFLA set adapted for SF https://www.newscaststudio.com/2020/08/13/wfla-studio-tampa/ In the pic below there are two screens to the left of the anchor that look like they're from the studio Once again, another anchor desk dropped in front of a corner. I'ts an improvement from the prior but to me, the only station group that still knows how to do great television design with depth that feels like a cohesive set, rather than a studio with elements dropped in it, is the ABC O&Os...with the KGO set being the most recent.
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    Yeah, no argument that she's talented. Just disappointed in what I am hearing from friends at Meredith on how poorly they are being treated by corporate, especially the ones who are now left behind. That said, I can't really think of any station group who has a ton of respect for their creative / marketing side... I can't imagine Meredith is going to pump a ton of money into this creative hub, it feels like it's set up to fail much like any of the graphics hubs out there.
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    COVID-19 schedule disruptions are out of hand. (Olathe Northwest Ravens are a local high school football team)
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    She was our creative services director, and her husband was one of our photogs. When she quit last month, the rumor was that she was going to KCTV for the same job, and we were curious why she would make a sideways move like that. But this makes more sense. She was a major factor in the look of our new set and implementing the new graphics before the sale.
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    https://blog.welldunnetalent.com/september-20-2020/ Here's something... Meredith fires a lot of their creative services people and chooses to bring in someone from Nexstar for a corporate role. There wasn't one creative person amongst their ranks they could have kept and bumped up the chain?
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    Mary Jo West! Newsnight!! That KOOL clip is excellent stuff.
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    Congratulations to Sandra, I always remembered her to have a strong presence on the San Diego airwaves. This is a huge victory towards equal pay for women and minorities. I am glad she spoke up and fought the fight, this is a common struggle for many and the dialogue should be out in the open for those in the industry. Would love to see her back if she's given a chance elsewhere.
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    Politically unbiased shouldn't equal softball questions or not searching for truth, holding people accountable etc... As much as I like the attempt by WGN, national news coverage is so saturated, so how will they stand out. Outside of WGN, I hope some international news devoted outlet gains traction in the US.
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    'Balanced, Not Biased', eh? More like Bland, not Biased. Such softballs. Honestly, this isn't exactly hard hitting stuff.
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    This package is a knock-off, albeit, a slight improvement of the KABC package.
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    It's a shame lawsuits like this become a long, drawn out ordeal. Based solely on the info in this article, I'd say she has a more or less open-shut case against KUSI. Just because age and gender aren't discussed doesn't mean they weren't a factor, and to be paid that much less than those who are younger, less experienced, and male is quite the slap in the face. Asking to be treated equally (i.e, pay) and being let go is pretty blatant, unless they have hard and fast proof of the things they claim.
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    I’m sure the new name and graphics will send ratings through the roof!
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    Yeah I agree. It's a problem replicated nationwide due to NBC's weak primetime programming.
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    I feel like I’ve caught enough of NewsNation to form an opinion. It’s not that it’s necessarily bad, but it’s just a really puzzling concept and execution. Nexstar could have had a much bigger (but less sexy) impact had they pumped $20 million into their existing stations instead of trying to make something up from scratch. I still think the overall positioning is setup for failure. WGN is a brand that is somewhat known nationally, yet they barely use it anywhere other than in some of the set pieces. NewsNation is otherwise how everything is branded, and it’s such a generic sounding and unknown name. It’s going to be hard to overcome that anonymity. Then there’s the distribution problem. It’s tape-delayed by three hours for the west coast. And what happens if there’s news outside of the three hour broadcast? They can’t promise that they’ll cover it, and they can’t really push viewers for more coverage on their local stations. Viewers can’t be expected to know if they have a Nexstar-owned station in their market, and if so, which station that may be. As far as content, we now know what the local news format looks like when scaled up to a national level. It’s perfectly fine, and I guess I’d rather watch it over any domestic cable news channel. But much of the show is full of what feel like very local stories plucked from the stations without being recontextualized for a national audience. I don’t walk away from it feeling like I’ve gotten a comprehensive national news summary after watching network evening newscasts, which almost never take a story as-is from an affiliate. It’s less than the sum of its parts. I would rather see more correspondents given more time to do their own stories. I also know that they’re trying to avoid punditry, but bringing on more experts and doing live interviews is definitely worthwhile. I hope it doesn’t fail unlike what some people online wish, but I can’t help but think that it’s repeating a lot of the same mistakes that AJAM made, though on a less grand scale. Both projects produced a fairly bland national newscast wrapped around a brand with poor recognition on a high-numbered cable channel. Both of them also ignored their core product (AJE in Al Jazeera’s case, and the local stations in Nexstar’s situation). I can’t see how it’ll last for very long without some major changes.
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    WCSH/WLBZ have changed out the generic TEGNA ident at the end of the newscasts to an Election 2020 themed one with the identity of the local station. Are other Tegna stations doing this? Default_20200917_17001830.avi
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    I think we're getting more and more proof that as of right now, no matter what happens in the news, this will always be a precisely a 3-hour show that automatically reruns exactly as-is from 11pm-2am ET no matter what. Maybe this changes someday, but this is how it is for now.
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    Not until ratings tank... don’t hold your breath. “Breaking As We Come On The Air Tonight!! That girl, dunking her chicken nuggets in what she thought was ketchup, that moment she realized it was blood, horrified onlookers calling the police. And later that moment that everyone realized that I learned to talk like this from William Shatner, the story, that Will warm. your heart.” Whatever happened to anchoring like they used to do? It’s not like talking conversationally is THAT hard. I don’t know a single person that speaks like David Muir. Nobody. It can be distracting.
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    They went the same route that KTVI/KPLR went (Using the same graphics package). No surprise they went with this package. I don't think the actual package is bad. It's just we're used to seeing it on small market Fox affiliate and not markets the size of Denver or St. Louis. And I disagree, this isn't close to the rock bottom days of "The Deuce".
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    Oh my God. Get on a plane right now, come to Illinois, and clean up the vomit I just spewed because I saw this. Please & thank you.
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    Remember the seemingly never ending fight between AT&T and the Sinclair sidecars last year? Well, the FCC has upheld that the parties failed to negotiate in good faith, and each station could be on the hook for an almost $500k fine. https://www.nexttv.com/news/fcc-proposes-dollar10m-in-first-ever-retrans-negotiation-fines
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    WKYC should of revived the snake 3 logo from the 1980's and used it instead.
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    Going back in time, it seems that Fox News overtook them with their "news coverage" in the evening, and when MSNBC started countering them, they began to drive CNN down even further. The decline started in the late 90s as CNN kept up with the time and began shedding veteran talent (and got sold to Time Warner from Turner), and when Larry King Live morphed into Piers Morgan, and whatever replaced that.... On the HLN side, they began "jukeboxing" their wheeled content, then the quarter-screened mess of 2001, and slowly but surely began killing off their news coverage for prime time shows, and when that all went away, they're down to a morning newscast and the rest of the schedule filled with informative murder porn...
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    And I feel the same way about newspapers-- that industry would have been a lot better off if papers continued to be owned individually instead of being part of large conglomerates (Gannett/UTN owns practically every paper in Wisconsin, for instance; you can't go anywhere there where there isn't a Gannett/UTN paper); newspapers are supposed to be about the readers, and not the employees or owners.
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    The ratings are NOT okay, they continue to languish, fall. I am not suggesting, the actual ratings show this. PROVE otherwise. The third hour is a complete disaster. They might as well run a test pattern with how few viewers they have. Considering how well ION is doing, and now being sold for a record price, reruns work pretty well. I expect ION will add news, too, under Scripps undermining this falied NewsNation venture even more.
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    Worst graphic package out there currently from any station group. — Matt
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