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  1. KCTV5 has pulled the plug on BetterKC (KC no longer has a Pay-for-play Lifestyle show) and debuted a 9am hour of KCTV5 News today. I’ve been watching this and it is a nice alternative to not having to listen to Mark Alford on Fox4.
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  3. FYI, that anchorwoman is Susan Nicholas, now at WSAZ. But I agree, what the hell!
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  5. Some people swear by Mark, but I swear he's getting more...eccentric...as he ages. Maybe he's better to work with, but on air it seems like you'd need a lot of patience.
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  6. So it sounds like WTOL was another station that used the "WPXI 1981 News Theme" based on the ID at the beginning of this clip: I also found a print ad that proves without a doubt that WTOL used "News People" in the late '70s. The print ad matches word for word the lyrics of that package.
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  7. They used the WPXI theme! Makes sense. They’re both Channel 11.
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  8. WTVD should allow the inflammatory president to be outted as such especially when using his very own words. Not sure why you felt the need to identify yourself as a Trump supporter at all to provide an opinion on this either... oh wait, yes I do.
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  9. You would also be out of business.
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  10. WYMT Close 1993. This is what happened at the end of the newscast on WYMT's second set. Getting ready for a new set. The female anchor was carried off the set and staff started to cut the background out.
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