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    Fedadi is gone for sure. I think it’s just the matter of ABC doing it’s due diligence. I would probably fire Goldston, Menton and anyone else who may have been complicit given these incidents have reportedly been going on for years. I will never understand why any network would stand by these types of awful people in the first place.
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    I recently got to see a WLKY newscast clip from April 1984 and if I am not mistaken, the WLKY news theme they used may have been done by the same composer who did the "9 Country/11 Country" package for WTCN/KBTV. You can go to 2:14 to hear the opening theme they used.
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    Combing TV Groups is Against The Law. The exact opposite should be done. The TV Industry would be better off if TV Stations were owned Individually, Hundreds of owners Rather than Several owners. TV is about the Viewers NOT the Employees or the Owners. If the many stations in each market were owned by Individuals - the Advertisers would also benefit for the competition of spot sales.
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    Some people swear by Mark, but I swear he's getting more...eccentric...as he ages. Maybe he's better to work with, but on air it seems like you'd need a lot of patience.
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    KCTV5 has pulled the plug on BetterKC (KC no longer has a Pay-for-play Lifestyle show) and debuted a 9am hour of KCTV5 News today. I’ve been watching this and it is a nice alternative to not having to listen to Mark Alford on Fox4.
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    WSIL is finally getting Quincified. They got a new set as well as the graphics the rest of the stations in the Quincy Media group have.
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    CNBC already runs the European version of Street Signs at 4 in the morning, so why not just run the international business shows from 7 or 8 at night to 4 in the morning?
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    Uhhhhh. A lot to unpack here. There is soooooo much inappropriate behavior to call out, but I'm not sure focusing on the overnight female anchor chair is it. World News Now anchors cycle in and out all the time, going back almost 30 years. Janai stopped appearing in-studio because SHE'S PREGNANT IN A PANDEMIC. Robin's medical history warranted a similar move. Janai was already barely appearing overnights, with her weekend duties. Also, if someone is in the business just to get awards, at the expense of tragic/catastrophic events, then they need to get their priorities straight. Some personal issues between some anchors and Barbara are very likely, but calling racism when an African American is replaced for a few days by "an Indian" (yikes), and then for the long haul by another black anchor feels a little like an overreaction. Barbara needs to go, like yesterday, and based on some stories in the article, Goldston should probably resign, as well.
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    I believe it was NBC Primary at that time, based on both the news theme (which included the NBC sonic logo in it), as well as NBC programming (Tonight Show) - but I think this timeframe was close to the network switch, as there weren’t any network identifying promotions, but just generic slides for the network programs, and the Open didn’t include the earlier video with the shots including the Proud N logo J
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    They used the WPXI theme! Makes sense. They’re both Channel 11.
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    Their theme music is pathetic. In-Sink was better...
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    Just as there is the same cookie-cutter news in multiple newspapers (The Greenville News and Anderson Independent-Mail of Gannett, and The State [Columbia] and The Sun News [Myrtle Beach]); I think Gannett and McClatchy have done the same ruin to newspapers as Sinclair has to television news (and Apollo is slated to do to Cox stations).
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    Being allowed to own multiple Big 4s in a market? Yeah, there is one glaring example of that already in the Greenville/Greenwood, MS market as Cox (through its merger with Brian Brady's Northwest Broadcasting via Apollo) practically owns all of the broadcast stations there (in part as a result of a series of moves made by the Harker Family over the years). I see Pruett's quote about deregulation as concerning, especially in sub-50/sub-100 markets and lower where ownership rules are more laxed. Side cars are one thing, but with the current corporate-friendly FCC we have in place, the odds are good that Pruett and people like him may actually get what they want in the end.
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    WOIO is not the only one that broadcasts from the basement. Wayne and Garth do it.
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    WYMT Close 1993. This is what happened at the end of the newscast on WYMT's second set. Getting ready for a new set. The female anchor was carried off the set and staff started to cut the background out.
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