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    Uhhhhh. A lot to unpack here. There is soooooo much inappropriate behavior to call out, but I'm not sure focusing on the overnight female anchor chair is it. World News Now anchors cycle in and out all the time, going back almost 30 years. Janai stopped appearing in-studio because SHE'S PREGNANT IN A PANDEMIC. Robin's medical history warranted a similar move. Janai was already barely appearing overnights, with her weekend duties. Also, if someone is in the business just to get awards, at the expense of tragic/catastrophic events, then they need to get their priorities straight. Some personal issues between some anchors and Barbara are very likely, but calling racism when an African American is replaced for a few days by "an Indian" (yikes), and then for the long haul by another black anchor feels a little like an overreaction. Barbara needs to go, like yesterday, and based on some stories in the article, Goldston should probably resign, as well.
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    Dave Lopez is retiring from the KCBS/KCAL duopoly in Los Angeles. His last day on air is June 30.
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    Bad idea. The last thing we need is another partisan soapbox taking up air time. While it may be an attempt to balance out MSNBC, it's way too late to try and rectify that. And if it means the end of American Greed, I'm really going to be pissed.
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    Yeah, I really wish MLB Network would consider adding back a few more nights of nonstop MLB Tonight. Back when I first discovered them in 2010, the norm was to have 6-7 nonstop hours of MLB Tonight every single night. I'm sure it must have been costly, as they started leaning heavily on airing the RSN-simulcast games replacing several hours of MLB Tonight starting in 2011 and 2012. I understand that they probably can't budget doing the 6-7 hours of MLB Tonight every single night anymore, but I just wish they would do it once or twice a week. It's also kinda crazy how often their daytime lineup gets replaced by live games. Many weeks, their daytime shows are only aired one or two days, with the rest of the week being all live games.
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    ESPN only airs games on Tuesday night if they are unable to air a game on Monday or Wednesday night due to a commitment to airing something else (typically NBA Playoffs). ESPN technically only has Sunday, Monday, and Wednesday nights. MLB Network tends to air games on any day that a national network doesn't air a game, so much like the first half of the season, MLB Network would most certainly air a game on Sunday afternoons, almost certainly just an RSN simulcast like they typically do.
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    Job posting is for a "live nightly national newscast". If WGN News and NewsNation production staff are both under the same union, then the staff could probably work on any show out of Bradley Place...
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    Turns out it's for good, as it's Major Garrett in the bureau newsroom again this weekend.
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    I wish that political ads didn't exist. But seriously, WTVD shouldn't be forced to air anything they don't want to. I'm a Trump supporter, and if I owned WTVD, I wouldn't air any political ads from either side. They cause too much drama and conflict. Inform yourself. Don't let politicians do it for you.
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    Romines came in during the reign of terror of René LaSpina when they tried to become a smaller version of WHDH with Scott Chapin and the dreadful opens of the period. When he got actual power, he took WTEN from a competitive #3 to being #1 in the market by investing in talent and newsgathering which Media General and Nexstar saw as worthy. He's a good add and I think he'll right the ship. Remember, late 2000s WTEN was a debacle a few rungs ahead of "Hey Hey Carolinas".
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