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  1. Just saw an ad during the newscast that there will be an Action News 50th anniversary TV special on Thursday, June 18 at 8PM. https://twitter.com/6abc/status/1270339959359262723?cxt=HHwWhsC-2czdk6EjAAAA
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  2. WBZ Eyewitness News cut in 1981 KNOE TV 8 News 1988 KLAX Cenla 31 News 1988
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  3. WHEC in 1989 touting the switch to NBC:
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  4. Back up the truck...it's clips of WJW 12/24/95 and late August '96! By the time of the stuff after a few minutes in, the station was starting to go verbally by "Fox 8" and "Fox 8 Is News"...and was on a temporary set... This might be the best of several late 90s WJW clips on the channel though: the first four minutes are the ultra-rare "Fox 8 Is News"!
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  5. You might have seen the FTV Live story about someone spamming the Nexstar breaking news email list with their side business. It came from a WXIN employee. Cheers to the weight loss, though.
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  6. In memory of Dick Johnson. This 1983 WLS Eyewitness News at 6pm was anchored by Joel Daly and Dick Johnson filling in for the ailing Fahey Flynn. RIP Dick and Godspeed.
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  7. 1992 Los angeles riots (some you have never seen before) The last clip appears to be glitchy.
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  8. Logo design aside (though I am a fan), props have to be given for any station willing to go with a color scheme that isn't the tired "dominant blue, red/yellow accents". WPSG had a fantastic set of green/blue graphics when they were producing their own morning show (separate from KYW). They also had a great red variant of the early CBS O&O graphics.
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  9. I haven't seen anything more, but this tweet appeared today.
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