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    Thanks... now I’ve got the image of the guy doing the news in the hallway literally outside your apartment...
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    Dick Johnson riding things out in Michigan
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    WKFT (Fayetteville, NC) commercials from 1992 including this WKFT Newsbrief anchored by Joyce Ohajah, who would end up as a presenter for ITV in the UK. WKFT ended its news department in 1989, but began hourly news updates like this one in 1991 using the same news theme from the former newscast.
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    Bits and pieces of Medford news (not sure if there are any opens):
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    Meanwhile at 7 Broadcast plaza.
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    They might have a record for set and look changes in the 90s - just a couple years later they switched to the antique logo
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    A 6PM newscast from KCMO-TV (Now KCTV-TV.), Ch. 5 in Kansas City, MO, from October 1959.
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    No. You can still be creative while expressing today's design languages. Having 3D elements doesn't make it a guarantee that it'll be "creative" if one doesn't understand how its supposed to work with the design.
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    WNGE 2 evening news/ ABC News 1977
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    WGNE Channel 2 [now WKRN Morning News open in 1977} KXTV 10 CBS at the time. Ahh the gold old days
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    WNJU Noticiero 47 from 1992
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    This might be a hard to swallow pill, but it's probably not going away, at least not completely. And I'm not some doom-and-gloom type that thinks we need to stay in our homes forever. TV has, at least over the past decade or so, been slow to adapt to the current trends. It took a long time for TV news to "learn" how to use social media, even though they're still not great at it. TV news is still pretty awful at streaming. Now, they were pushed in to current trends head first. They, almost overnight, had to adapt to a model that's already wildly common in the world of streaming and YouTube: the at-home studio. Yet, even without a sleek and shiny set, anchors are delivering the news every night and people are still watching. People are still watching late night, even though the hosts are at home and talking to their guests over their video conferencing system of choice. Ultimately, nobody cares where the content is coming from. The "at home studio" isn't innovative. This is what people on YouTube have been doing for years, with much success, especially among the demographics that TV desperately craves: millennials. One of my favorite YouTube channels is Technology Connections. The channel offers fairly long form content. It's very informative. It's also filmed in front of some IKEA shelves filled with junk in this guy's basement. That doesn't affect the quality of the content. You learn just as much in the video as you would if he were standing on a $3 million set surrounded by every visual gizmo known to mankind. You better believe that, by the end of this, TV stations are going to look long and hard at where they are spending their money. Do they really need a fancy news set and a big open newsroom, when their ideal demo is more than happy to watch someone talk about toasters from their basement? Or stream a video game from their bedroom? Is that expensive news set actually helping with "storytelling", or is that some buzzword that the set designers have been using to justify building bigger, more elaborate, more expensive sets? Do they need to pay for the space for every reporter to have their own desk, when they could just have the reporter go home and send in their story over the internet? I've said before that TV News will, eventually, probably become a couple of people sitting at their desks in some rented office space, streaming what's happening on Facebook and Twitter with slightly better production value than the average person could pull off. I think all of this may have finally started us down that road.
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    2008 WTAE 50th anniversary special. 1983 WPDS (WXIN) Ken Owen audition tape, when the station was about lauch within a few months 1994 Today at NIGHT, I believe this was the answer to good evening America a couple of years back. WVII Compilation of IDs and newsbreaks from 1987-onward
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