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  1. 2 points
    Actually, I still really enjoy PXI's package.
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    If TENGA and PBS had children ... it would be this package. And that's not a bad thing either! But ... Why only 11p? Send this to WPXI in Pittsburgh. Lord knows they need a REDESIGN. To the max. -- Matt
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    If you’ve followed me in our Discord the past several months you’ll have noticed that I have been compiling a list of current news helicopters. Well the list has reached 117 and there’s reportedly an estimated 100-120 helicopters in the US according to TVNewsCheck. I finally decided to share it here. I have it up as a Google Sheets right here and you can submit more through a Google Form. I’d like to thank the many users who have contributed but especially @blizzard59 who helped me finish it off and find ones that I have had trouble with. Edit: The Google Sheets is always up to date. The images above were from when this thread was posted. Since then many of you posted corrections and additions. Thank you!
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    Look what debuted today... not a “set in a box” as some of you like to say. Congrats, Shreveport.
  5. 1 point
    I completely agree. I still think both the graphic package and the music package that WPXI uses is really bland. But that's just me...
  6. 1 point
    I like the set and the wooden tones.
  7. 1 point
    No news but KXLY dumped a bunch of early 90s and later news specials onto its YT today. Here's one:
  8. 1 point
    Yep. As a matter of fact, as a public service to TVNT readers... Title 47 Code of Federal Regulations, Section 73.1201 of the FCC Rules say on station identification... There's more than this, but that's just the basics of the rule.
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  10. 1 point
    Not cookie cutter, but once again, what's with these sets that make the fact they're squeezed into a corner painfully obvious Gives the feel of being in someone's basement
  11. 1 point
    I mean, its only temporary. If they still call themselves Channel 9, its because they still do. They're just using the WSOC brand only for the 11:00 p.m. news, nothing more. Because even the station would hate to use their call sign all throughout the day. Channel 9 is just much easier to say and they know that.
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    I did notice that. What's interesting, is they still refer to everything as "Channel 9". I don't necessarily "Hate" using the call letters, but 9 is so much better, IMO
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    I can see KTTV keeping the 6 after the Coronavirus thread goes away. They might keep it thru the rest of the election cycle. I believe KTTV is the only FOX O&O without a 6pm newscast. There is a new ND at KTTV from Seattle that I'm sure would like to shake things up. I would like to see a different anchor team anchor the 6pm news, though. Elex and Christine are great, but a different team would be nice to break things up. I'd be ok with the noon team of Marla Tellez and Bob DeCastro. They could get in the building at 10:30am, anchor the noon and stick around for the 6 and be out of the building around 7. Will definitely be an uphill battle as the 6pm news market is already crowed in LA...KCBS, KNBC, KTLA, KABC, KMEX and KVEA all have news at 6pm with KTLA being #1 based off February 2020 sweeps.
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