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    Even if it was against his employer, Wright had every right to speak his mind on how news and synergy should be done these days. And his opinion is right on the money. ABC is always promoting their reality shows on GMA and the overnight shows to a near extreme and - to be honest in my opinion - annoying extent. Yes, GMA is a morning show but when people want the hard news straight for an hour - and not after a live tease of DWTS or The Bachelor/Bachelorette or five, I think they should tone it down a bit. I don't think Wright will be back on ABC soon after his suspension. If so, he deserves better elsewhere. If they take him back, that'll be a shock - but great all the same. I'm open to criticizing the other Big 3 networks for this too. They do this a lot too, but their cross-promoting is normal In comparison. ABC has lost its mind if they put their promotion practices over their journalists, and them giving Veritas a easy win is utterly embarrassing twofold. Project Veritas is a joke. Simply put. Everything they do ruins journalists at the wrong times with the hidden camera/gotcha crap, when they could've caught journalism at its worst and received genuine praise for their efforts if their political bias wasn't on their sleeves.
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    The logo, font, coloring, and entire branded look is too distinctly Cubs. Better chance that the Stadium brand rolls out to the FSNs.
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    Well, I'm "just saying" that "the world" is quite commonly mentioned in the radio sphere. 1010 WINS in NYC has been giving us "the world" in 22 minutes since the 60's. Which started while they were under ownership of.... gasp... TVNT fan favorite Westinghouse Broadcasting. Surely a Westinghouse-led marketing gimmick isn't TOO GIMMICKY for TVNT? What's next? The Westinghouse logos? Oh, the humanity!
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    From btm0815ma: an edition of the CBS News Morning show from 1979, not long after the flagship Sunday Morning debuted (this edition was Tuesday Morning, and was from Tuesday, April 17, 1979 [back in 1979, there wasn't just Sunday Morning w/Charles Kuralt, but also Monday Morning, Tuesday Morning, Wednesday Morning, et al. w/Bob Schieffer; all those were anchored far differently to the Kuralt Sunday show, in that they were more about the news of the day, and less features]). Also attached are some title shots from that broadcast, from different shots of the set.
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    WTMJ is now using a line in its opens that hasn't been used in decades... Milwaukee, Wisconsin and The World. If you remember Today's TMJ4 and the Impact days, then that's where you'll remember it from.
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    Here’s another sneak preview. Straight across the studio from the main desk on the left is the annex into the ABC Live set
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    Check the Speculatron thread on Nexstar-Tribune merger as I further elaborate there on what exactly I have heard being said about Fox involving the Charlotte stations along with others.
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    The Classic Video thread has to be one of my favorite parts of TVNT. I've enjoyed seeing how TV stations where I grew up and where I live now used to look and have evolved over the years. I get excited every time someone finds something new on Youtube, which got me thinking: What "undiscovered" vintage clips are you waiting to see? It can be eras, opens, promos that have yet to "resurface" after they originally aired. My "wish list": Hampton Roads Pretty much any daypart newscast other than 11pm up until the '90s. There are bits and pieces of morning and noon news clips, but I'd really love to see how the morning and noon newscasts looked at the time, especially WAVY's Wall to Wall/1st-gen Newswire opens. More WVEC during the Turn To 'update" era (1990-1992). This article from the Daily Press describes the new opens ("The station also added a flashier opening to its newscasts. Camera shots were taken of a river at daybreak for the morning newscast, of traffic at midday for the noon show, of a harbor for the 5:30 report, of an orange sky at dusk for 6 p.m. and of the nighttime harbor lights for the 11 p.m. report.") but all we've seen is . I also wonder if there was a talent open for the weekday newscasts. WVEC's full version of the "Spirit of Hampton Roads" Turn To song WTKR in very late 1991/very early 1992. They began using this and the "Hampton Roads' #1 News Source" slogan in late 1991 until they changed it again for February 1992 sweeps. Jim Hale also replaced Bob Rathbun as sports director in December of 1991, which makes me wonder if there could have been a different open used during this period. More WTKR during the TV-3 News (1994-95) and middle of the NewsChannel 3 (1998-2002) eras. There's another WTKR open from the beginning of the Ignitor era that needs to be found. Pretty much anything from WVEC and WTKR from before 1985/86 (WVEC Corinthian era, and WTAR/WTKR's muddy early 80s music and theme history) Elsewhere I'd be thankful to see anything from Wilmington because this is where I live now, especially any newscasts from WWAY before the mid 2000s. There's not a whole lot on Youtube. Anything from the Greenville/Washington/New Bern market. There's a huge dry spot of WITN from the early 80s up until 1998, save for early into the long-running "Eastern Carolina's News Channel" logo.
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    Yikes, I can't see David Wright returning to ABC. Those were damaging comments, you don't bite from the hand that feeds you, even if it's coming from a Mouse feeding you cheese. Sorry, but if you want to stick with hardcore citizen journalism and truly make a difference, make your own YouTube channel and podcast. The current media landscape is all about synergy, you drink the Kool-Ade that they give you, if you don't like it and don't want to share airtime with The Bachelor and shopping deals and steals, it's time to move on. At the same time, off the record comments from those in the journalism community should be kept to a minimum in this day and age, you will be recorded for juicy soundbites. You're a journalist, don't talk about your personal life and ideologies.
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    Wasn't sure whether to put this here or in Out & About, but ABC has suspended another correspondent, in another incident where Disney effectively cowed to bad actors on the right. David Wright has been suspended for comments he made criticizing ABC's incorporation of promotions for Disney's movies and TV shows in some of its news programs (notably citing Good Morning America, though this is also used to a point on World News Now, America This Morning, Nightline and occasionally on WNT) as well as how ABC covers politics in a superficial way. Project Veritas, a right-wing group known for "undercover" videos trying to expose alleged liberal bias in media, filmed Wright making these comments, in which he also identified as a socialist. There are two issues: one, Veritas has been discredited for use of unsubstantiated claims, "gotcha" journalism and selective editing, therefore, suspending Wright effectively gives them legitimacy; two, it appears this was a case of Disney not respecting Wright's opinions of how news should be done. And, he has a point about the promotion blending thing. NBC and CBS don't do that to the level ABC does, and both those networks are also owned by major media conglomerates (NBCUniversal/Comcast and ViacomCBS). I've been an ABC News viewer for years, but they clearly blundered here.
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    A full-hour report of KPIX's Eyewitness News in December 1984, with Kate Kelly and David Jackson, both filling in for Mac and Wendy.
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    The announcer who did the CBS Evening News open was none other than Dave Campbell who also did work for WCBS-FM as a news anchor. Before Dave Campbell became the announcer, Harry Kramer and Bob Hite were the announcers for the CBS Evening News.
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    The transitions are the worst. Going from a supertease into in the open is just terrible. TERRIBLE
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    Still more from btm0815ma, including some 1981 newscasts that introduced a few variations of intros from the early Dan Rather era and the entire 1988 CBS Evening News that included the Dan Rather vs. George H W Bush showdown
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    Surprised that WGNO didn't opt for "Mardi Gras with a Twist".... Meanwhile over in Mobile, the "real" home of Mardi Gras, WPMI and WALA went with 4 hours of coverage from 10 to 2, and WKRG did their annual 9 to 5 coverage.
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    Speaking of WTMJ here's the open:
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    Just noticed that KTLA is now using the Nexstar layout.
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    They aren't breaking up Joe & Sandra. Works perfectly for me.
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    At this point until we can figure out who's getting exempt from getting the Scripps package and who's not getting that exemption to me this is all hearsay that I'm seeing on this thread.
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    Here ya go: a demo reel of 90s TVBD featuring some WAGT, WNWO and even some of their work at WBAL:
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    From Boston: the intro and segment of WCVB's NewsCenter 5 on February 7th, 1983 with Natalie Jacobson and Chet Curtis.
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    BTM0815MA has been on a tear when it comes to rare news uploads. This leads me to most of a **RARE** WITN newscast from December 31st, 1980. And if you are a Weather Channel viewer, you may recognize this former OCM (on-camera meteorologist).
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    Here's something interesting and fun to watch. The full-length episode of CBS News Up to the Minute. No, not the overnight newscast that came (a) after CBS News Nightwatch and (b) before CBS Overnight News. Not the Up to the Minute you're thinking of. This was the 1981 SHOW, Monday thru Friday afternoons, where it was hosted by the same men who brought us 60 Minutes (Mike Wallace, Ed Bradley, Morley Safer and Harry Reasoner). It was a weekday afternoon news program - an early fringe deal - that came on after the CBS soaps and before the early news at like 5:00pm. PLUS, there's theme music to the show. Seeing that Up to the Minute was hosted by the 60 Minutes anchormen, the music was MUCH different from the stopwatch sound effect we're used to hearing on 60 Minutes every Sunday.
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    The whole entire KTUL News 8 1985 theme!!!! You won't hear bits of it, like you do on SouthernMedia NMSA Cue to the 4:02 mark to hear the FULL-LENGTH version. THE WHOLE ENCHILADA!
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    I'm a little surprised ABC isn't putting World News up in the Times Square studio for time being. They own that studio space. They're not afraid to use it for a ton of other productions. Phbbbbbt. I want a FIVE STORY ITN-style atrium set for ABC News. One for WNT! One for Nightline! One for This Week! One more on top of This Week for WNT! I dunno what they'd make the 5th story for, but they have that Disney MCU money now! Do it!
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    All I can say in this conversation, what the musical chairs on station ownership in the future. Fox has a lot vested in Charlotte right across town: https://goo.gl/maps/hMEg4xQ1GngSs6e59 and the property is owned by Fox Corporation d/b/a "Fox Sports Media Group/Fox Sports 1, LLC" per the Mecklenburg County, NC Tax Assessors. There have been numerous publications and insiders that confirmed Fox is swapping out things to get what they want ultimately. A strategically situated clearly-developing major market like Charlotte will likely be back in the Fox O&O column sooner than later.
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    Never did I think I would read on here on a hope for a toned down set. Lol. I am hoping for a very sleek and modern set. — Matt
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    A lot of these mergers face bigger issues, like employee insurance and payroll troubles...something like a website probably has a long grace period.
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    My ideal wishlist is.... * Anything WFMY 2, WGHP 8, WXII 12 and WXLV 45 in the Triad from the mid-90s to 2004, they are so hard to find, especially when you want more of WXII in the era of Hearst's camera graphics package (2000-04) * WLFL 22 in the Triangle from the mid-90s to the mid-2000s, when they were a Fox affiliate then became a WB affiliate in 1998. * WCHS 8 in the early-mid 2000s Eyewitness News era, using Peters' WBTW "Best of Two Worlds" theme * WSPA 7 in the 1990s when they used 615 Music's Pinnacle, and sister station WNEG 32 in Toccoa from the 1990s to the 2000s * WBTV 3, WSOC 9, WCCB 18 and WCNC 6 in Charlotte from the early-mid 2000s, that is what I desperately want alongside the Triad!
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    Let's see-- there's a lot of stuff I'd love to see: Local More of KRON from their "24 Hour News Service" era More of pre-2002 WNYW (especially Fox 5 Live and its' convoluted history) More of KCOP's Real News (which is pretty scarce) NECN/UPN38 Prime News (both of which there aren't much of) KSTP (from the mid 90s, and anything of their overnight/ANC combo newscasts) More of CIVT when it was "VTV"/Vancouver Live (their theme was pretty awesome) National More of Headline News from June 1999 to August 2001 (when they had the color-coded Watches, which was a pretty cool look and gimmick), it's pretty rare.
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