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  1. 6 points
    Things like this are what make the KTLA Morning News so popular. They keep it real. I may have an issue if it was on the 6pm or 10pm news, but I see no problem here. Southern California baseball fans are upset. Today, GMA, CBSTM...would this be OK? No. We are going to be bitter about this for quite sometime...
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    I'd say that the seals are not being shown either because the meteorologist (or forecaster...) ISN'T certified to begin with, or has let their certification lapse. And given the state of the industry, the less-experienced and less in it for the long haul will not even bother to become certified. There are two types of AMS seals, the traditional kind (with the ams in the tv-shaped box) and the CBM kind (where it says AMS CERTIFIED in a square box). AMS no longer offers the old AMS seal, but lets sealholders keep them if they don't lapse on their dues. They only offer the CBM seal, which is more stringent and requires more professional developement. Those who have them deserve to show them and it's often in their contract that their seal be shown on-air. As for the NWA, I'm not too familiar with them, but they seem to have a less-stringent membership policy. Having a seal is more credible than your station being "chosen" by WeatherRate for having the most accurate forecast! Now that's a scam if there ever was one....
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    I am bumping this thread to share with everyone that I have identified a theme for KHJ-TV that was used for its newscasts in 1983. They used TM Productions' "The Production Source" package which contains a number of production music beds. You can go to http://www.jinglesamplers.com/audio/TMProductionSourceDemo1977.mp3 and listen at :25 for the KHJ news theme they used.
  4. 3 points
    I mean, if the glove fits...
  5. 3 points
    KTLA Dodger fans have some long memories.
  6. 2 points
    Those mugs were sent in years ago and sit in a cabinet in 30 Rock. They probably just have someone go grab one every night, and WKYC never sent in a new one or told them to remove the old one.
  7. 2 points
    That's Evolution, one of a few packages SAM made with the Spirit signature.
  8. 2 points
    This times 1000. Shout it from the rooftops.
  9. 2 points
    I get it. It is morning TV, and it is supposed to be lighthearted and funny at times. The KDKA Tom Brady incident did happen on an evening newscast, after all.
  10. 2 points
    Back to the Raycom rollout. KPLC has the WMC package. Vid courtesy of "Santa Fee" from YT.
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    WBTS is a class A low-power digital television station (which means it can't be bumped off the air if another full-power station claims its current frequency), and identifies with the calls "WBTS-CD" to identify as such. Nashua is the city of license for the station as before the transmitter was moved to Boston, it was a small-scale local community station serving Nashua proper; their former owner cashed out during the spectrum auction to turn in their former channel space and with NBC's help, made a channel share agreement with WGBH to share WGBX, pocketed the profits, and NBC now owns the station. Under the FCC's current rules, it really doesn't have to do much to 'serve' Nashua outside the FCC's staining legal fictions of having their job openings in the newspaper occasionally to claim 'community service/EEO matters' to the city of license (even though 99% of the time it's all 'who you know/industry ads' that gets you a TV industry job rather than a random schmoe off the street). As long as the signal reaches a city of license, that's what covers 'service' to the FCC in 2020.
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    This was on Seth Myers' desk last night on Late Night With Seth Myers.
  13. 1 point
    If they’re doing a video wall type set with certain hard elements such as a desk, it could be built quickly. The video walls probably could be installed in a day or two (like they were in MSNBC 3A).
  14. 1 point
    Looks like Ansin won't be getting the Fox affiliation in Boston. Apollo's Cox Media Group have renew its affiliation agreement for WFXT, WHBQ, KOKI & WFOX.
  15. 1 point
    I’m assuming this is the space they’ll use for World News Tonight and Election coverage? Also I would bet it would be ready by Super Tuesday
  16. 1 point
    It's actually in a different area now. Just the desk and a single videowall behind, not on the side. Work on building structure mainly complete. Set has been going up for about a week.
  17. 1 point
    In fact, the KTLA Morning News us repeating the graphic today and boasting about how viral it went lol.
  18. 1 point
    Maybe, but the current logo was in dire need of some kind of update.
  19. 1 point
    It wouldn't surprise me one bit if they do use that logo full time
  20. 1 point
    The next chapter in the Ernest Angley saga is due to unfold in a Common Pleas Court-run mediation session. https://www.beaconjournal.com/news/20200213/grace-cathedral-former-minister-face-off-over-sordid-accusations?fbclid=IwAR37R35Gvm_GSy02J15ZyH8uQ5YKUpl-CUAbfc0hkUq67dteIlLXORzs580 Disturbing and sickening details aside, the accuser wanted to oust Angley or be compensated for his damages. And of course, the cult...i mean Church is standing behind Rev. Angley and his flock. He is now almost 98, and will not take part in any depositions due to "age-related maladies". In fact, the church has been run by a board of church-members since last year due to Rev. Angley's deteriorating health. Now let us pray that this situation comes to an end and someone other than a ministry or infomercial purveyor ends up with WBNX.......
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    I’ll say...from fall 2016 https://localtvkwgn.wordpress.com/2016/10/02/broncos-thump-buccaneers-27-7-after-long-weather-delay-improve-to-4-0/ If you keep clicking on “Load More Stories” I’m sure you’ll come across the article about the Broncos opening day win over the Panthers ...no thanks...and I’ll especially pass on the article about Super Bowl 50
  22. 1 point
    Someone's getting ready to get some Clapping & Chanting with CClarity!! (Look at the Weather Graphic in the middle!)
  23. 1 point
    There getting sold anyway. This is the last gift for them at least for now.
  24. 1 point
    From WVEC's channel, a 1981 report by late longtime reporter and later Virginia State Senator John Miller marking the 10th anniversary of the opening of the Norfolk Scope (which has been the subject of ample talk of being replaced of late)
  25. 1 point
    That would be up to GM Joan Barrett. She was the one who consolidated everything under one website. It's unlikely that KWGN will receive it's own website unless Joan leaves (which we can only hope) and a new GM decides to move the stations in a different direction, or KDVR and KWGN are decoupled which could be more beneficial for the growing Denver market. A few things about this change to point out: KWGN.com doesn't redirect to the new KDVR.com. Before the Nexstar hosted website, there was a DNS record to redirect KWGN traffic to KDVR.com. Now, KWGN.com redirects to the former Word Press subdomain (Alias KDVR.com): localtvkdvr.wordpress.com If you want to see the former KWGN website, the 'people' in the Denver Duop IT department didn't restrict the KWGN website when they created the DNS CName record redirecting the URL to KDVR.com. KWGN is still live, though in a hibernated state here: localtvkwgn.wordpress.com
  26. 1 point
    WBBM, Chicago; 10 p.m., 2001: No opens in this 1999 video, but various bits and pieces from WMAQ, WLS, WBBM, and WGN:
  27. 1 point
    Those will be renamed in the short term - nobody knows to what - because, per the purchase agreement, Fox Corp. is licensing the trademarks to Disney on a temporary basis for those entities, unlike a perpetual basis for the film entities (which is still relevant, considering the vast back catalog both Twentieth and Searchlight have combined).
  28. 1 point
    I don't think the name change is petty; in fact, it feels like a straightforward and sensible change. Now, if it had been renamed to "Disney Searchlight Pictures", that would be petty.
  29. 1 point
    A lot of these mergers face bigger issues, like employee insurance and payroll troubles...something like a website probably has a long grace period.
  30. 1 point
    That might be the "safe" thing to do, but I don't think they were going for safe. I think they wanted to be bold and take a risk. There are still plenty of "traditional" newscasts at 4pm, 5pm, 6:30pm, and 11pm on KGW....
  31. 1 point
    My question is how WoF and J! are doing on their new stations (WOIO, KDVR, WBFF, etc.).
  32. 1 point
    The league is off to a great start.
  33. 1 point
    Not necessarily. World News Now will be coming from the ABC News LIVE set for the next few weeks, and the anchors were ready with jokes.
  34. 1 point
    Calling it now, Tegna will buy Cox in a 3 way merger between those 2 and Standard Media at some point either this year, next year or later on in the 2020s.
  35. 1 point
    And here is a full history on the network:
  36. 1 point
    Has WBTS 15.1 actually replaced WYCN 8.1 as the primary NBC affiliate? For all intents and purposes, it has.
  37. 1 point
  38. 1 point
    I consider this one of the all-time greats, but it's CRIMINALLY overlooked--this gem from WBAL in the late 60s: This one's also in my top 10 if for no other reason than how it predated WSVN and the slick production values of tabloid local news by about 10-15 years:
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    As posted on Discord by @Morphtato Longtime WKY/KTVY Chief Meteorologist Jim Williams passed away last night at the Age of 91. https://kfor.com/news/kfor-legend-former-chief-meteorologist-jim-williams-dies/ When I think of Broadcast Meteorology in Oklahoma I think of people like Jim Williams, Gary England, Mike Morgan and Rick Mitchell (when Mitchell was at KOCO) Our thoughts and prayers go out to Jim's family and may he rest in peace.
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    New website and, apparently, a new logo for WQAD. See for yourself.
  41. 0 points
    i am going to share something with you... some FACTS... you might want to sit down... are you sitting down??? many of the people making decisions inside tegna came from belo... i know... how could this be?? tegna stations are basically autonomous... but everyone is trying to outdo everyone else... what you are seeing are "belo people"... unleashed and encouraged to try something new... very few things have come down from the top... almost all decisions are made LOCALLY!!! sometimes by former "belo people"... no one is holding a gun to their head... they want to try new stuff... they know it is time to adapt or die... tegna didn't come in and "destroy" WFAA... the people who already worked there wanted to try a different style of news... just saying...
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