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    And WCNC Charlotte's new set and logo made its debut as of tonight right after the NHL All-Star Game.
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    WCNC's new set debuted tonight at 6 p.m. The newscast was shot relatively tight and they did not do any wide shots showing off the studio. They did make a brief mention of the new set that included a very quick time-lapse of set construction. Overall it is a clean look. Their lighting is much improved. It will be interesting to see more of it in the coming days. The animation on the new logo does emphasize the first C in WCNC. That letter animates first and is bold while the others animate. I believe - as someone previously mentioned - that it stands out for Charlotte.
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    So I saw this on KFSM's Facebook page. Looks like they could be getting TEGNA-fied just a little.
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    WTSP 1987 news close and station sign off:
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    From ntropolis' channel; WVEC's special tribute to anchor Terry Zahn (who passed away 20 years ago today) https://youtu.be/yj7QbkXCm5Y
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    ABC News and many of its affiliates have attracted the wrath of Twitter users, due to posting that Kobe’s daughters were in the helicopter at the time of the crash before there was confirmation. This included Local 10 - and their attempted defence of the post just made matters even worse... https://twitter.com/wplglocal10/status/1221533112162758657?s=21
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    You are correct....my bad. NBC was in the toilet at the time hence why WSOC (and many others including WSB) deserted NBC for ABC which was riding high at the time. Unfortunately for Raleigh/Durham and Charlotte, UHF was their only option. I don't know if NBC had advance wisdom over what Ted was about to do with CNN, but his dedication (and likely $$$) was a better lure than Bahakel and WCCB. That would bode well for them in the future as they became a FOX affiliate, and even still hold their own when FOX pulled away for "The WJZY Experiment". An ironic victory was when WCNC was producing WCCB's newscasts at the time, prior to their own news department, and was out-ranking themselves with the 10pm show on WCCB!
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    From BTQ7 in Brisbane, Australia, the last edition of Seven News with legendary anchor Kay McGrath -- the tribute, with plenty of historical footage, starts just after the 33-minute mark:
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    Group W made bad decision after bad decision with Charlotte 36. It took Renaissance (which improved the subpar transmitter facilities and relaunched a steady news department) and ProJo (with the WCNC call change) years to make the station not a laughingstock, though as usually is the case it takes time for viewer sentiments to catch up. Everything looks good. It's not eye-popping, but it doesn't need to be.
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    Props to Tegna on this refresh. This is the kind of station that could benefit from from TLC from a company like Tegna. Now if only they hadn't done it to some of their better performing stations. Westinghouse's neglect of this station was exasperated by the fact that numerous VHF NBC stations put in halfway decent signals to the Charlotte area at the time. These included, WIS, WXII, WFBD (now WYFF) and even WCYB in the far western part of the market. Their lack of care was surprising for a company like them, whose stations have often been held in high regard. You would think they would have at least been able to run Channel 36 decently after what they paid Ted Turner for it.
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    Another view of the new set.
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    Don't forget... black-ish and grown-ish on The ABC Television Network.
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    Actually there is two of them that use Image News not only was that used for the Noon newscast but it was also used for their morning newscast as seen here
  14. 1 point
    To answer your questions: 1) WCVB added the hashtag in front of the call letters in 2014. 2) I think it was the middle of 2003 when WCVB slightly modified its "Coverage You Can Count On" slogan by adding "Local Live" before CYCCO; it was months before the station switched from Image News to the NewsMusic Central package. 3) There was one KCCI newscast from 2002 where Image News was used in the open, but the rest of the broadcast (commercial outros, talent opens, and the close) used the B Package. 4) And yes, KOAT did use talent opens between 1999 and 2004. In fact there's an excerpt of an early 2001 newscast, and it starts at the end of the talent rejoin. And there's also a video of a KOAT newscast from 2003 when they were using their unusual variation of the camera graphics, before they switched to the NMC package.
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    Don’t know if this scrapes by this thread’s guidelines or not, but posting anyway: https://www.wfla.com/news/national/report-kobe-bryant-among-5-dead-in-la-helicopter-crash/
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