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    One: Cut a hole in a box Two: Put your set in that box (And maybe an ugly logo redesign) Three: Make them open the box And that's the way you doooo it
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    Actually I beg to differ at the 28:02 mark https://tcmedianow.com/wusa-kare-july-16-1985-6pm-star-game-coverage/ Although I remember this theme very well. It was first used on channel 9 in Denver (KBTV/KUSA) during its ABC affiliate days. Mike Landess and Ed Sardella delivered the news, Stormy Rottman and Bill Kuster did weather, and Mike Nolan did sports. I especially love the KUSA 9 Country News Opens, which featured the golden pipes of Mr. ABC himself Ernie Anderson.
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    If anyone ever thought combining that god-awful C-Clarity with the WNEP National Anthem was possible.... You're welcome. mctyw tegna_mixdown.mp4
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    I think you'd be very surprised how much people--from all walks of life--enjoy an affirming echo chamber every now and then.
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    That's just a report originally packaged for GMA.
  8. 1 point
    Trump Allies Explore Buyout of Conservative Channel Seeking to Compete With Fox News https://www.wsj.com/articles/trump-allies-explore-buyout-of-conservative-news-channel-one-america-news-network-11578696767 My understanding is that OANN is farther to the right of Fox News, so I'm not entirely sure what they're looking to accomplish here. I also don't think people who are politically in the center and right-of-center are desperate for programming that aligns with their views. In fact, I bet most people in those parts of the political spectrum aren't looking to watch news and political coverage religiously, and they certainly don't feel like the entire media and entertainment industries are against them.
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    A never-before-seen WBBM promo from the late '70s:
  10. 1 point
    Swing...and a miss. Oh well, some things were better left undone. Audition may be a good tool, but it can do it's evil too. I wonder how Northeastern & Central Pennsylvanians will react to this....would this be much worse than losing the theme entirely? Let's go to Talkback 16...
  11. 1 point
    Is anyone still hoping that WSB-TV will revive that closing graphic that involves NewsChopper 2 flying around Atlanta, GA just like in the old days?
  12. 1 point
    You were so preoccupied with whether or not you could, you didn't stop to think if you actually should.
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    There really aren’t must runs like Sinclair or Nexstar. They just have the DC reports, National Investigations (which isn’t often) and now Rossen Reports (which appear to be really short <1 minute).
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    Replace the font in that logo with Proxima Nova, and that would look exactly like something from a Tegna station. (Ironically, Scripps did say they wanted a "Tegna Lite" look)
  15. 1 point
    Watching these debut on the larger markets, I think I know what the problem is with the new look: It clashes with all the other production elements inside the newscast. On WFTS and KNXV the big problem is seeing the flat look against very complex set elements, physical AND virtual. It doesn't match. In the case of WFTS, it doesn't even match the station brand. They've built up ABC Action News now for almost 20 years, this feels completely antithetical to the brand, and in that particular station's case, they know it because they're trying to use more complex animations and somewhat harder cuts of music on air. Really, there needed to be set changes across the board to something that matched the look--something that complements the clean message the look's trying to convey. Video walls alone can't do that. Meanwhile, at WTXL or KXXV, it feels a bit more in line, because the newscast pacing is a bit slower, sleepier, and not over the top. That's where this look is going to work best: In the smaller and more traditional news focused markets. But Detroit? Nashville? Cleveland? Denver? Vegas? Maybe even home base in Cincy? Look out!
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    So they can put the logo in a box during the tease... this is the payoff for all the small ball executive hires to oversee their news operations as a group...
  17. 1 point
    Digging around online, it looks like the two story building the fire happened in was originally built in the 50's for KCRA radio. It's so disconnected from the "new" part of the building I can see why it's been abandoned. https://www.valcomnews.com/kcra-channel-3-first-aired-nearly-six-decades-ago/ The biggest loss here is a place I'm sure the engineers and IT people loved to hide.
  18. 1 point
    Bumping this because there are a few things I'd like to see pop up on the webs that hasn't been mentioned. Fort Myers WZVN: Practically any time period during the WEVU era plus their use of Total News and Primetime News WBBH: More 70s- early 90s stuff. WINK: Same as WBBH. Especially their use of the CBS Affiliate Package Indianapolis WISH-TV: Anything from the 70s WTHR: Some footage during the WLWI days especially their usage of MCTYW and Cool Hand. WRTV: Some footage during the WFBM days and their usage of Catch 5 WTTV: Their use of Spirit (of Texas). Fort Wayne WANE: Mid 90s stuff when they used Gari's Where it All Happens as a theme seems to be missing plus any pre-1985 stuff. WISE: Surprisingly, 1999-2004 is a missing era for them. WPTA: Anything pre-Image IV. I also wouldn't mind seeing earlier usage of Image IV too.
  19. 1 point
    My wish list of markets that I did compilations for. Terre Haute WAWV - Any news material from the early 80s when WBAK had a newscast, as well as mid-2000s videos when WTWO took over and made their "Prime Edition" newscasts on WBAK/WFXW. This is pretty much the only videos that are needed as there is plenty of WTWO and WTHI material on NA3 & WTWO's original compilation. Tampa Bay WTOG - Anything from the late-1980s and early-90s, as well as a "Newswire" open from 1995-1996 with Scott Chapin as VO. WWSB - Plenty of holes for them here and there. Any news material from the WXLT days (the one in my compilation was spliced to make it seem complete) and news opens when they used "All The News". There is a "Counterpoint" open from the mid-90s and while there is audio in the NMSA, I remember watching the video a few years ago, so the video has likely been taken down and nobody has uploaded it back. Birmingham WBMA/WCFT/WJSU - I don't think any material for WCFT would be necessary as given the release of a 1991 open, that part is already satisfied. What is needed, is mid-80s-1988 material from WJSU, especially news opens as there are images of them on Logopedia, but I assume they've been taken down. Same goes for early ABC 33/40 material from 1996-1997. WBRC - More late 1980s opens are needed (first few years of "Palmer News Package"), as well as mid-2000s opens when WBRC had opens with the Fox O&O graphics. WVTM - Opens with Mason Williams' "Classical Gas", the KDFW 1979 theme, and any material from 1995-1995 when they used "One and Only", all of which are in audio form in the NMSA, but their respective videos have likely been taken down. WIAT - More videos when they used the WSLS 1988 theme and any 1996 material, especially news opens, when they were WBMG. As for WIAT, the current morning open. Providence WJAR - News opens from 1994-1996, when they used the general "Advantage" theme. WLNE - Any material when the station was WTEV, any news open material between 1983-1985, more opens from 1985-1999, especially opens when they started becoming an ABC affiliate (again). WPRI/WNAC - Any pre-2000s news opens (from around when they began their newscasts) (in regards to WNAC). As for WPRI, any news-related material from the late 70s-1980, more opens with "Hello News", more 2000s opens (Eyewitness News & first years of Newsforce, their current theme). Puerto Rico WAPA - Any opens using the WNDU 1986 theme, Newswatch 24, News One, Impact, and News Authority. WKAQ - Any opens with the Telemundo 1999 theme, Raw Power, WKAQ 2007 theme, and KBLR 2007 theme, although audio versions are in the NMSA. Hawaii KHON - News opens from the mid 1980s (with 1979-1986 NBC logo) and 1989-1991 open, along with opens from 1994-1996 before they switched to Fox. KGMB - Any news-related material from the 1980s when they used "The Team To Watch" graphics. KITV - There's a lot of time periods with not a lot of content, so there needs to be more news items from the 1980s, especially opens with the original ABC World News Tonight theme, the Tar Sequence theme, and Spirit of Texas. Along with that, opens from around 2000. KHNL - Nothing much that is needed other than opens of their newscast before the switch to NBC (1995).
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    KNIN is owned by Raycom but managed by Scripps’ KIVI.
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    Some sad news on this Saturday. Heidi McGuire former reporter for KUSA in Denver has passed away yesterday after battling brain cancer. Heidi left KUSA in 2012.
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    NBC (10) Boston is a pure f#*kin' joke! NBCUni better start talking to WFXT or better yet I mat doubt it'll never happen re-talk with 'HDH.
  23. 0 points
    Stephanie Burgmann signed off from KSN 3 in Wichita today after 30 years she didn't say if she was retiring or going somewhere else.
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