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    I ain't celebrating until I actually see the changes for myself.
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    `Tis the time for Holiday and Christmas cheer here at KBEX-TV This year we took a survey of TVNT members and asked "what should KBEX broadcast on Christmas day?" Well this year it won't just be another Yule Log (tm)...or a piece of flaming poop. This year KBEX-TV Presents... Yule Boris- 2019 Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from all of us at KBEX-TV Surfridge/Socal And from the KBEX-Interns...
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    KTVK material from the Eyewitness News era is rare, so this is truly fantastic! Here's another brand-new Phoenix clip: KPNX's weekend 10 p.m. news from 1979:
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    If WAVY got to keep Newswire I'd imagine WOOD gets to keep Primetime (I hope). If they switch it to Aerial or This is the Place...yuck.
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    And hopefully Primetime News will still be in use 25 years from now. In my book, that music ranks on the same level of value as MCTYW. It's a shame more stations aren't still using Primetime News.
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    Is WOOD potentially doing a graphics refresh? There's some hints of it as seen here with the Weather Open I see some hints of the WISH package in the Weather open.
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    Some early Xmas gifts for @Samantha:
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    Maybe it was because Tegna entered into a market that clearly is not going to put up with their Millennial ideas (which is the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton DMA). For stations like KFSM, WTHR, WBNS and WNEP they may have been saved. For stations like KING, KXTV, WFAA, KHOU, WXIA and WTSP among others it's gonna take a lot of work to reverse the damage that has been done to those stations for the last several years
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    90%... probably around 99%... almost everything... even sports... is taken word for word from newsource... not just packages... VOs... VOSOTS... it's all newsource... with maybe a few words changed... not saying filling your show with wire packages is bad... lots of stations do that.... just not to this degree.... they must be pretty confident nobody will ever contest their inability to follow embargoes... just saying...
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    Yes, with the important caveat that WHDH's transformation was very watered-down compared to WSVN's and tailored to the sensibilities of the market.
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    Absolutely. I think Primetime News will remain on WOOD even though they may update the graphics which that makes sense considering next year will be 25 years of Primetime News at WOOD, I see WOOD perhaps get some fresher cuts of the package (which that would make sense as well)
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    The transitions are almost a dead giveaway that it includes elements of the WISH gfx, but the font is especially similar in the weather graphics. I just hope they don't dump Primetime News, under any circumstances.
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    IF (and a big IF might I add) Tegna does anything that resembles half of what groups like Hearst and even Meredith are in terms of doing real, serious news, then that'll do some good for a bunch of the Tegna stations. I'm still holding out hope that Tegna will make changes that'll be for the good of their stations but I'll believe it when I see it
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    I agree that it will take a good while to rebuild trust. First, Tegna needs to assume the posture of doing serious news. If they even halfway resemble newscasts by Hearst, for example, they will be in a very good place 5 years from now. Do I think that will actually happen? I'm not yet convinced more so than not, but I have the smallest glimmer of hope for Tegna with this change.
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    1000% agreed. Cheatwood may no longer work for Tegna but there are more problems within Tegna beyond just a Cheatwood problem, although Cheatwood himself was the root cause of the problems at Tegna's stations. It's gonna take Tegna rebuilding that trust and respect the stations once had with viewers before they even think about returning to the dominance the stations once had and it all starts at the top at Tegna's corporate offices, and certainly with the General Managers that are forcing this garbage on the stations.
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    If true change is going to take place it first needs to happen at the top...which is what appears to have just happened. This is a good change for Tegna, in my opinion. But they need to clean out the rot underneath the top job at Tegna's corporate offices. I want to see qualified and experienced journalists take the helm and steer the ship back on course. And I agree with FTVlive in this matter that Tegna has become something more of a punchline. Any honest person with a brain understands that Tegna's idea of a millennial-style newscast only make people like me (a 20-something guy) want to reach for the remote because it looks low quality and ridiculous. It's not just C Clarity that needs to be shown the trash can--the stupid newscast titles and their overly silly presentation style must go. It really makes stations like those owned by Nexstar, Hearst, Gray, and Sinclair look like world-class quality because at the least they strive to put on an intelligent newscast. And is it any wonder that people like me prefers the newscasts from those station groups instead? If I want silly, I'll go to Facebook. If I want serious, I'll watch a newscast. It's that simple.
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    We can maybe hope that Tegna is at least considering going to go back to actual news, but like @TheRolyPoly said I'll reserve celebrating until we see changes towards actual news coverage. And given the fact that ridiculous rebrand at WKYC took effect just this year and they just doubled down on it, I'm not yet convinced Tegna is going to be smart going forward. Time will tell what direction Tegna heads. But in whatever case, please dump C Clarity.
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    Steve left some gifts for WABC since he helps design some of the weather graphics the O&O's use. Here's a preview of those graphics. (Hint: look at the train on the left.)
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    This is the BEST Christmas present we ever gotten! Time for Tegna to start fresh in '20!
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    Cheatwood's time came and went with Sunbeam. I feel badly for all the Tegna stations that lost all that institutional knowledge through early retirements in pursuit of that elusive millennial audience (to say nothing of the veteran talent who were traded out for cheap, fresh out of J-School MMJs.)
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    Joel Cheatwood out at Tegna! The reserve course may have started to begun... https://www.ftvlive.com/sqsp-test/2019/12/23/breaking-look-whos-leaving-tegna (via ftv) This come months after Tegna was looking to dump the millennial experiment and get back to news.... https://www.ftvlive.com/sqsp-test/2019/10/6/is-tegna-ending-the-experiment https://www.ftvlive.com/sqsp-test/2019/10/8/at-east-tegna-tried
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    Except for WMDN, all the rest of the stations will be under one corporate parent, once the transaction is completed, yes.
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    Surprised it took her this long to step down. She's becoming much more of a presence on weekday TODAY, not just in the 3rd hour, so she's on her way up!
  28. 1 point
    Sheinelle Jones is leaving Saturday Today, but will still host the 3rd hour M-F. A rotating list of anchors will sit with Peter Alexander over the next several weeks.
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    These things take a while. It's not simply flipping a switch. There's a lot of planning involved in getting new graphics on the air. These graphics in particular are also being rolled out alongside an update to Chyron, which I've heard is turning out to be more complicated than most stations originally expected.
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    Actually, next year will be the 40th anniversary of many stations swapping NBC for ABC in 1980 due to ABC's massive ratings at that time and the network seeking stronger affiliates. Atlanta-ABC swapped from WXIA to WSB losing NBC Dayton-ABC swapped from WKEF to WDTN losing NBC (reversed August 2004) Jacksonville-ABC swapped from WJKS (now WCWJ) to WTLV losing NBC (reversed April 1988) Not 1980 but 1979 for the same reason Indianapolis-ABC swapped from WTHR to WRTV losing NBC
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    They could expand but as their lot is decent sized and they aren’t restricted much by the tower and it’s guy wires like WBAL. However their transmitter (or is it WMAR’s - I think they swapped during the DTV switch) has its transmission line running overtop of the building. That being said they do have a large second studio that’s used for It’s Academic one or two weekends a month and they just removed their master control. So WJZ has plenty of space in their building to build a CBSN Baltimore. Here’s a map of the property lines, you can see that WJZ has a decent amount of space but it’s hilly. While WBAL doesn’t have as much space (but they own the skinny parcel of land - Hooper Avenue). The parcel below the tower is owned by WMAR.
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    Isn't this every major industry, though? Everyone tries to appeal to the younger crowd, and they always have. That's been the target demographic for everything since the beginning of time. How many faces can you find in the Coca-Cola Hilltop ad that don't appear to be under 35? That wasn't a coincidence. There are quite a few retail chain CEOs out there that now regret "appealing to the people you know". Didn't work out too well for Sears, K-Mart, or about a dozen other large retail establishments in just the past couple years. Times changed, they did not, and instead of being a leader, they trailed behind, struggling to catch up until they couldn't go on any more. Nothing was stopping Sears from being the first to offer online ordering. In fact, they dismantled their catalog operation the year before Amazon was founded, in the process destroying the infrastructure that could have easily ported over to online orders. They could have cornered the market in online retail if some people in their corporate office just went "What about the internet? What if we let people submit orders through the internet? What if we put the entire catalog on the internet and made it searchable?" Would it have been a crazy idea at the time? Yes. Would it have cost a fortune at the time? Yes. But today, we'd be saying "I just ordered new shoes off Sears, my groceries are being delivered by Sears Fresh, and tonight I'm going to sit down and watch some stuff on Sears Prime." "Amazon" would just be a rainforest in South America. TV executives are well aware that people of all ages are turning from linear TV. Many TV companies are starting to admit this with the "Digital First" concept. They are creating content with the express purpose of said content being posted online. The TV product is NOT their primary focus. The TV product essentially serves as a compilation of the things that have been posted online. This is the transitional period. This is where Sears should have been in 1994: Grandma could still get the Catalog (the TV broadcast), but Junior has the power of the Internet (the Internet) to find exactly what they want, without wasting time thumbing through the entire damn catalog (a traditional linear TV news broadcast). What is yet to be seen is whether or not it will work. If it does? Good. If the only way to keep people informed about the happenings in their world is through clips that last less than a minute, at least they're staying informed. If it doesn't? Well, some of the most recent TV facility builds already look enough like a tech startup office that selling them shouldn't be too hard.
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    So, according to this article (about a month old), Nexstar is looking to sell KSWB and KTXL to Fox as well: Exclusive: Nexstar looks to sell Sacramento, San Diego stations to Fox
  34. 1 point
    That would be Standard General, this current Standard Media has no connections to Standard General (which that company has the biggest stake in Tegna) Although I would say maybe perhaps Deb should rename Standard Media to something else?
  35. 0 points
    And then given the same boot along with Ernie Bjorkman at KWGN. This was really disappointing. Innovation is great, but long-term guiding experience is critical too (especially when it comes to anchors). Unfortunately, I can't say the same thing for GMs.
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    Isn’t WCPO supposed to be a major station? Happened to run into this video and I don’t have words to describe how bad this live shot went... https://www.wcpo.com/news/local-news/hamilton-county/cincinnati/riverside/pd-train-derailment-closes-river-road Im not sure if I should feel sorry for the reporter or what... but what she’s saying is unintelligible...
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