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    That's the big problem with the show moving to Washington, though--does the American public really want even the perception of another newscast focused on politics when there are so many dedicated to the cause, and so many speaking to any number of different politically-minded choirs? I'm not saying leading with weather every night is the way forward, either. There's room for one of the national newscasts to do in-depth reporting every night, CBS would fit the bill like a glove, and they used to do it during the Pelley era. Even something akin to CBC's current format of The National where it's not a clean introduction of the news of the day, but rather an analytical approach to the news with investigative reporting sprinkled in, would work. Instead, they're trying to copy ABC and it shows.
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    I like Jeff but felt he was a bit weak and bland as a lead network anchor. I preferred Scott Pelley. His writing was solid and I felt the broadcast chose the right stories to lead with. Once Pelley left, it felt like the broadcast became less serious and it stopped becoming required viewing for me.
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    Scripps' hub was stronger when it was just the original stations. They've spread themselves too thin with all the acquisitions, and it shows. I'm sure one reason they chose to go with a basic design was the long render times they had with the Renderon package. It would take them hours to render one 5 second animation. That might work when you have 12 stations, but when you have 60 of them, that doesn't scale well. If they were sticking with the Renderon package, it might literally take weeks of nonstop rendering to do all the station-specific graphics (opens, weather opens, etc) for the 8 Tribune stations they just picked up. This package was designed to scale quickly. It wouldn't surprise me if a lot of this package (such as the interstitial graphics) is built in Viz (and/or Chyron because apparently that's sticking around now) and deploying it only involves swapping out a few layers in After Effects for opens. These opens would take a few minutes to render on a low-end PC. That's really another reason 3D is falling out of favor. It's tens of thousands of dollars of additional expenses when you factor in the need for expensive software licenses and render clusters, for what? Some shiny graphics that have fallen out of favor?
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    Word is that the rollout is a mess. A graphics change was supposed to happen by late summer and there is only one small market going into December. Look for the next targets to either be more small markets so they can say they have launched on a higher number of stations or a launch of Florida markets. They seem to like to work the florida stations together. I wonder if there will be fallout at the graphics hub after this? I’m still not warming up to it. Going flat and simple was the trend 3-4 years ago. They are late to that party. Just putting a station logo in background is amateur. Someone else on here summed it up best, it looks like a PowerPoint presentation page was put on TV. I was really hoping Scripps would come out of the gate with a look that would set them apart and have some artistic elements to make you notice. This is so bland. Maybe at least some texture or shades of blue so something stands out. An accent color? But not gold lol
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    She’s more like heading home. Her husband has moderately high end restaurants (which are great) around DC and Maryland along with two restaurants at Regan National and Dulles. She was based there before she got the CTM job and she was flying herself & and kids back to DC on one of the shuttles every weekend.
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    Dude, this is in-house. As I know, and maybe we all should, Scripps has a weak internal design hub. They built this themselves and spent very little money on it. I'm not surprised that it's so basic because the concept is basic. As Scott Jones posted, Scripps is hit or miss with employment. I would imagine that large components of that are with regard to station and infrastructure investment and brand development. Scripps is way too focused on acquisition and aligning infrastructure at this time then anything else.
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    They should've stayed with Jeff Glor. In fact, I would put him back as evening news anchor, in about 2 seconds, if I was in charge. He at least tried to appear impartial while having genuine care for those he reported about. He was a refreshing throwback to Peter Jennings and it's a shame they dumped him. The network should consider itself fortunate he didn't go to a different news organization. It was a class act the way he signed off...not about him, but those who's faces rarely make it to TV.
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    From the B&C article: I think that's a mistake. I wish CBS would use the Washington location as a reason to focus on politics. It could be the political broadcast as a way to differentiate itself from the others. While ABC and NBC lead with the latest weather event, CBS could focus on what's happening in politics. There sure won't be a shortage of political drama anytime soon. But that's not going to happen. Apparently it'll be the same broadcast in a different studio. I'm sure that'll work.
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    I highly doubt Evening News moving to D.C. will help the show in any way. The whole 'closer to our nation's power source' angle IMO isn't special. IDK what they can do to stand out at this point. Perhaps a focus on international hard news might be unique in comparison to the U.S .focus on the other networks. In the extreme case, if the network were to replace Norah, what standout talent really exists at the network right now? Lol, if they gave it to Ted Kopel I'd definately tune in.
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    Oh how could I forget that Tony Reali experiment that lasted all of 2 days? It’s crazy to think about what’s changed in the last 5 years. I would really like to see TJ Holmes step into a much larger role with the show. He’s got much more of the gravitas and charisma that Michael just doesn’t have. He also plays really well off of whoever he’s on set no matter who they are.
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    I'm gonna say the template KFOR had in the old building for their set may have lasted for nearly THREE decades AND it survived 4 different ownerships (Palmer, New York Times, Local TV, Tribune) among other things. Oh and it survived through 2 tornadoes (June 1998, May 2003)
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    From my understanding, Linear Drift is Nexstar's graphics hub and a standalone motion design agency. Some of their work is created exclusively for Nexstar stations (the WISH/WTNH and CBS/ABC/FOX/NBC looks for example) while others were commissioned by non-Nexstar outlets (such as the WLEX and CBS O&O looks). I believe that only their non-Nexstar looks can be syndicated to anyone.
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    Can we cut out the overtly political conversations. Save it for a different board. One or two sentences maybe okay but not what’s going on here.
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    Right, but other U.S.-based designers are doing some stellar work, just not in TV news (for the most part). What has made Apple such a successful brand over the years? For the most part, it wasn't (just) the technology, but rather the company's commitment to elegant, graceful design -- from the products themselves and the packaging to the stores where they are sold. That approach has helped Apple to thrive even though its products are (arguably) overpriced. Likewise, many American websites are global trend-setters in terms of design. There is no reason why we should not expect equally good design on television. The U.S. certainly has the talent to lead the world, but it's not doing that.
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    Can we keep the childish bragging about "inside" info to a minimum? No one cares. You should also be careful not to burn your sources by running your mouth about this stuff. They trust you with this info, you should respect that.
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    I hope Robin Baumgarten gets invited to the grand opening.
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    Even considering its small market size, this doesn't feel like a newscast from 1990:
  18. 1 point
    Lmao! There's some irony here that I literally can't say anything about!
  19. 1 point
    If you think the old Ed Dague clips were tearjerkers, WRGB has a retrospective of when he anchored there before his days at 13. Includes a tail end of the “And You” NewsCenter 6 open! https://cbs6albany.com/news/local/former-wrgb-znchor-capital-region-journalist-dies
  20. 1 point
    This video is stretching the bounds of this sub, but I think given the circumstances this applies. Never mind that a video from 2007 from this station would look near identical to one from when this was made but I digress. For the 10th Anniversary of 9/11, Ed Dague did an interview recalling what went down that day. This was one of his last television appearances, prior to the WNYT tribute last night I thought it was his last but there was at least one more interview he did a couple years back.
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    Agreed. The best parts of Good Morning America these days are when George has a political interview or discussion with a political or legal analyst. The rest of the content is either not news and, when it is, it’s so poorly produced and rushed that the package leaves you asking more questions than you had before the report started. Plus, Robin is off every Friday now and, some weeks, off other days as well. Michael Strahan — who does not belong as a co-anchor — is off Mondays during the NFL season. Except for George, there’s barely any consistency in the hosts. And, good lord, the set....
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    That is a lot for a 1080i primary channel. Now bitrates aren’t everything but according to RabbitEars.info they are fixed currently at 12Mbps which is around the average bitrate for a 1080i channel at 12.34Mbps. Now keep in mind it’s possible there are several NBC/TELEMUNDO stations with dual 1080i channels and two SDs (soon to be three) that manage to look good. Maybe they need to update their encoder? However I’m not sure how good a 2Mbps 1080i picture is.
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    As mentioned elsewhere, there are some stations that still have the look of their previous ownership and have been owned by a new company for over 1 or 2 years. I don't know what KFMB's situation was, but it's possible they already had infrastructure in place to handle the Tegna look. If WTHR and WBNS don't, that will take time. As also mentioned, changing the artistic on air look isn't always the highest priority when a new owner takes over. There's an even smaller chance that 'THR and 'BNS somehow convinced Tegna to keep their look.
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    Other stations do this in other states where they don’t actually serve the entire state. It’s no big deal.
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    As far as videos in general, I'd like to see more moment-of-switch videos from the stations affected by the New World/Fox deal of '94 and CBS/Westinghouse the following year, whether they be boring and uneventful or noticeable and acknowledged. Now for the stations in particular that I look forward to (subject to change...of coarse): Baltimore WBFF: News opens from the 80s when they featured the classic "Turn to News" WBAL: If I recall correctly, there's a newscast from 2001 or 2002 (at the very least, prior to switching to the LLE Hearst music package) that features footage of...ME as a kid at a visit to the doctor. Would love to share that in the Breakroom someday if I come across it WMAR: More videos from the 2 News Now era, easily my favorite of their history. WJZ: Coverage of the first Ravens Super Bowl victory parade in 2001
  26. -1 points
    How she manages to land jobs is beyond me. One of the worst anchors I've seen in a big market.
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