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    I recently came across a rare newscast from KXII-TV 12 featuring anchorman John Hurt, dated 1980. Here is another rare news clip from Texas. This time, we take you to KGBT-TV for a news open from 1983-84. And here is a weekend news open from KGBT from 1984. And another KGBT open from the early 1980s using the WAVY news theme from Tuesday. And...a news open using the NBC TV-Radio Telepulse theme.
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    Here at KBEX-TV our 5pm newscast starts at 12:00...because we forgot how to re-set the VCR master clock after the last state mandated power outage.
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    I think it may have been more of a Panthers for Seahawks and Packers trade. The Seahawks and Packers, honestly, move the needle more than we do.
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    Surely posted earlier in this thread, but howzabout 90 minutes of the WLS afternoon newscasts from exactly 30 years ago tonight?
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    I found this while watching some street films shot in San Diego during the 1970's. In the videos we see old billboards and bus ads for various TV and radio stations. This grab is from the 5200 block of University Ave around 1975. It's the Ch-8 bus ad , there is also an ad for the KFMB-8 morning show "Sun Up, With Mel Knoepp"" which ran after Captain Kangaroo. For the bus people...it's a 200 series (numbering) San Diego Transit Corporation GMC...the one with no air conditioning. I think it was route 9.
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    1. Google it. KHOU and KPRC are not O&O's. 2. KABC, KGO, and KFSN have differently-colored versions of the same graphics. KTRK's is a different package, period. More 3D effects, different opens, different lower thirds.
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    That bumper at :57 on the KGBT "NBC Newspulse" open sounds awfully like "Home Country"
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    We have a WMDN open from... 1998. Looks like 1988 in every aspect.
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    Boy does this 1995 KABC morning news promo seem familiar: Here's the WLS version from two years later (go to the 1:47 mark
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    I wouldn't neccesate that WJZY is a failure. It's very difficult to construct a news operation from the ground up in this social media-dominant era. The fact that WJZY has a decent share of viewers for their newscasts is miraculous at best. However, I can bet Fox will regret divesting from the one of top 3 fastest growing metro (and market) areas in the nation. Charlotte with its explosive growth is likely to be a top 15 market area in the next decade or so. That's very bad for future growth of a company that wants to thrive not survive.
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    Here's the song -- "Chicago" by Tary Rebenar -- that inspired Dick Marx's legendary WBBM theme. Note that the nine-note signature is based on the lyrics "This is my city, Chicago's my town," not "I love Chicago, Chicago my home" as often supposed:
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    Kudos to whoever posted the song on YT. Great song!
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    WFAA starts their 6pm news at 5:58pm after WNT and KTVT starts their 10pm news a minute late at 10:01pm.
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    Another new reporter, Anjali Hemphill. From what I could see she came from WTTG (Fox) in DC.
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    Yes, I know critics have referred to it as "News at When?". And while this is partially related, don't forget about movie theaters/theatres. The movie doesn't begin at the advertised start time. Instead, the pre-show (NCM First Look/Noovie or Screenvision Limelight/Front & Center) ends and the trailers begin at that time. After the trailers, you of course have the movie.
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    The worst offender of this is not here in the US, but over in the UK. ITV News at Ten in 2001-2004 had starting times ranging from FAR too early to FAR too late. People in the UK still want a newscast that starts exactly at 10pm and the BBC's competing offering does just that. (Oh, and no commercials with the BBC!) ITN/ITV's 2001 revival was a failure compared to pre-1999 News at Ten. News at Ten was revived again in 2008 and it succeeded.
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    As others mentioned in this thread, I can vouch that I learned the reason for this from my former news director. By starting the newscast 2 minutes early, you save time and can win the quarter hour on more hard hitting top stories or breaking news coverage. It’s definitely a consultant move and it’s one that all stations across the country follow. For example, a sample newscast starts with a 15-30 second pre-show topical tease, then you have a 10-15 second open, then you have an extra 5-10 seconds for the anchors to introduce themselves, then you toss in a minute for first weather, etc. By the time the hour starts, you’re already in to your first lead story. Your lead story is what will help you win the quarter hour. In markets like Nashville, ratings are done on the quarter hour and every minute counts. Wasting precious time on the intro pleasantries wastes time, but it’s unfortunately necessary. By doing it this way, you can ensure your station wins the lead-in and viewers won’t turn it off which is important if you want to win the quarter hour. A compelling lead-in that starts right at the top of the hour or half hour can make or break a newscast. If you started the top or bottom of the hour with all the wasted time at the beginning of the newscast, then you’ll basically be telling viewers to turn you off because you have no reason for them to watch. People don’t want you to waste their time, they want to know what’s going on the moment they tune in, which most of the time is right on the hour or half hour. Also, you mad bro? If this is what makes you want to metaphorically or even literally kill yourself, then I suggest some serious professional help. Stations have been starting before the half hour or hour for years, your screaming in all caps and angry aggression on this will only fall on deaf ears. It’s not going to change, this is a consultant driven business and consultants say start early.
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    It's a common occurrence on CTV and Global stations up here. Even before the format change CityNews at 6 in Toronto would begin 30 seconds early (keeping in mind they had a full one hour 5pm newscast). The rest of the City stations start right at 6, no earlier - haven't turned to a Toronto newscast in a while to see if they take advantage of the start time or not. CBC as far as I can recall doesn't do an early start but don't quote me on that. Guess the idea is audience retention - plus the idea that if you start your show early you wouldn't feel the need to turn to a competitor.
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    Charleston stations have done this at least for the last 20 years. Maybe longer. Dates back to when Oprah was a lead-in to local news at 5 on our NBC (WCBD). The news would always start at 4:58 or 4:59 to retain the Oprah viewers. Even a :30 commercial would mean hundreds, probably thousands of sets flipping to another channel.
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    You should be able to adjust your DVR recording to start a few minutes early!
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    Correct me if I am wrong, but I believe it has something to do with ratings. If they start a few mins earlier, they can maximize their ratings for that hour or something similar to that.
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    Milo Yiannopoulos is kind of a token queer on the right. He used to be with Breitbart until he made made some off-color comments about sex under-age. Then everybody cut him loose. With Shepard Smith being your avatar, there's got to be a joke in there somewhere. From what I've seen of their product, it's not really far right. Of course, I can't get the TV station there on anymore because they have such a crappy signal. Milo was kind of like the Richard Simmons of Breitbart. Just enough of a flamer to be entertaining but not so much to turn people off. Kind of like Elton John in a way, without the talent.
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    https://www.instagram.com/p/B3ndcoSHWjW/?igshid=1erl54lj7pyw9 KFMB LITERALLY steps on the logo of the station they stole the CW affiliation from and put out of business.
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    "Chopper-8" was up during the 11am show. Nothing shows on flightradar24 so still no clue on what they are flying. But I have a sinking feeling it's an R-44, and they are too embarrassed to squawk on flightradar24.com UPDATE: It's N661TV... It's an R-44 from Sky helicopters of Garland ,Texas Don't know if Welk bought it, or is just borrowing it from the Dallas area Sky Helicopters. I call it... Chopper 4+4=8 I'm told it's all white in color with no markings.
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    You don't have to get used to TEGNA's style of news when there are better options. For example, in the Phoenix area why would you watch KPNX when KTVK, KNXV, and KSAZ have a better product these days? Frankly, in San Diego I would rather take the chance watching KNSD than KFMB or KGTV (Scripps' style of news these days is similar to, but not as bad as, TEGNA's). KNSD has been weak historically, but I expect them to benefit from the downfalls of KFMB and KGTV and stronger NBC ratings than a decade ago. KFMB (and WUSA, WWL, in the case of Scripps WTVF, etc.)'s current situation isn't helped by weaker CBS ratings than a decade ago. How are KSWB and KUSI these days? They were weak stations; is that still the case?
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    Don't be surprised if they bring that news title back to revamp their morning show as "Sun Up San Diego on News 8".
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    Why does this thread even exist? I created another "slow death" thread that was going to have to do with WTOL, WUPW and KWES, but it got closed. San Diego is not as large of a market as New York, LA, Chicago, or Philly. Is there something special with this station that other TEGNA stations don't have, or what? TEGNA is ruining the station the way they ruined the other stations.
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    I would hope that chopper would remain out of service... "Nah... throw some duct tape on it and it'll be good as new..."
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    I like to watch the local news at 6 PM, because that half hour also includes sports. Frequently, I don't get home from work early enough to watch it live, so I will set my DVR. Only problem is, the "6 o'clock news" never starts at 6:00 PM, but rather at 5:58 PM. ON ALL FIVE STATIONS IN MY TELEVISION MARKET (Boston). So if I DVR the news at this time, it "misses" the start of the broadcast, sometimes the ENTIRE lead story! Today, WCVB went a step further and started their "6 o'clock news" at 5:57 PM (see the attached image). 180 seconds ahead of schedule. WHY DO MY LOCAL TV STATIONS DO THIS????? WHAT'S SO FREAKING SPECIAL ABOUT FIVE FIFTY-EIGHT PM????? IT REALLY IRKS ME AND MAKES ME WANT TO JUMP OFF A BRIDGE!!!!!
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