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    They've originated the majority of TV technology through the years as a testing ground...and they also have WRAL-EX, a separate station broadcasting 4k content and 1080p NBC. So yes, it is an investment that will show on the air and not just bragging rights.
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    A clean version of WMAQ's 1981 theme, posted by the man who composed it, Paul David Wilson: Some WPTZ IDs from 1979 & 1980:
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    If they're futureproofing for 4K, I'm cautiously excited to see how this set's going to turn out - really hoping it's something that can take advantage of the resolution and technology and pop... and that it's not just another video wall.
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    At least WFAA was on the ball Sunday night as they were quick to get on the air and stay on it (along with KDFW). KTVT was late and less active, which was problematic for a situation with a confirmed large tornado on the ground (would be okay if it was radar indicated), but KXAS definitely took a huge reputation hit there. My letter grades of the coverage: KDFW: A KTVT: C- KXAS: F WFAA: A-
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    To show how long it took for KXAS to even provide coverage of the tornado, the YT channel Random News Footage composed a six-minute timelapse of the programming on KDFW, KXAS, WFAA and KTVT during the period between the issuance of the tornado warning at 9:00pm until KXAS began their third cut-in of the warning timeframe at 9:24: Also of note, as basically referenced by KTVT meteorologist Jeff Ray in footage of their storm coverage on StormSpotterMike's channel, KTVT took quite a bit of time to provide tornado coverage over its airwaves. As Ray mentions, they continued offering only a Facebook Live stream of the storm coverage for about 8-10 minutes after the warning was issued (with KTVT airing the first act of that night's episode of Madam Secretary for about thirteen minutes after the first reports of the tornado having touched down near Love Field were made), and elected to commence television coverage on KTXA first, before throwing coverage onto KTVT, instead of starting a simulcast of coverage on KTVT and KTXA at the same time.
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    Feel like I’ve heard this theme before:
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    Rick Mitchell was the chief at KOCO when I was in OKC and breaking into programming when needed was without question...so the smell here's coming from up on high, I have a feeling.
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    Interesting idea to move the Evening News to a different time slot, but I'm not sure if it would be better. I imagine most people have heard the news of the day by that point, and are more interested in relaxing with entertainment content before bed, rather than news. I wonder what it would be like if primetime across the country moved from 7pm-10pm, local news 10-11pm, then network news at 11pm, with the late shows at 11:30pm? Anyways, despite whatever reason people may claim is the problem with CBS in the short term, I think it's really much simpler. Do you really think people are not tuning in to CBS because 20 years ago something happened that most people aren't even aware of? I don't think so. While there may be a few specific reasons CBS Evening News is struggling against its competitors, I think it just comes down to the fact that TV news is slowly dying. Yeah, that sucks for "us" as fans or myself personally, it being my career. But society and culture is changing, and TV news is losing out to other methods to get news and to other ways people want to spend their free time. Some organizations are experimenting (Tegna) to see if there is something they can produce that consumers want....maybe they'll strike gold, but currently I don't see that happening. Ultimately, I view TV news like a landline phone. Slowly dying. Some people still have one and enjoy it, but others have dropped it and moved on to other options. Then there's others that will never use one because there are better, more attractive, more convenient options (cell phones, internet), so they will never want a landline. Which means there is almost nothing landline providers can do to attract people unless society/culture shifts in some way to prefer landlines again, which doesn't seem likely.
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    The question I have is if what the score was for the Cowboys-Eagles game around 9pm. If it was looking like a blowout (which it was), KXAS should've went to weather fully or at least attempted a split-screen on 5.1.
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    I look at this situation this way .. Madam Secretary is in its last season and under an aggravating situation where any NFL thing earlier in the day throws off its entire schedule for the night, whether it be a bump of a new episode to next week or to a 9:48pm start. It was airing on time for once at 9pm, and KTVT wanted to see if the tornado developed before going forward because the viewers of that show already get enough aggravation from CBS's scheduling as it is. They went forward when it was clear it was time to jump to live coverage and could argue to viewers 'we tried to air it but it just wasn't going to work out'. They made up for it by staying on late into the night, at least. Meanwhile, KDFW's 9pm news was only delayed by one minute and they rightfully bumped right into weather at 9:01...while The Rookie is a dog on ABC's schedule, and WFAA probably felt 100% confident 'it'll be on Hulu the next day' would work on that show's viewers (Madam doesn't really have that choice due to CBS All Access). KXAS of course was 100% dumb, and even dumber when you see their only acknowledgement was a 'go to our website/Facebook' message...nobody was going to be pissed because their show on Cozi was being pre-empted by football! Redirect people to 5.2/whatever cable positions it's on instead of the clumsy NBC local streaming player.
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    IF they were to ever move 'Evening News,' there's no way in hell an hour (or even 30 minutes) of primetime gets dumped. COULD they consider shifting it to 7 ET/6 CT? Sure, but I believe a station or two out east just ended longtime 6:30 local newscasts so they could carry 'EN' at it's normal airtime, likely at the network's recommendation. CBS isn't moving it anywhere. They'll cancel it altogether, before they reschedule.
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    I heard the open of the broadcasts, and it honestly sounds like a 21st century knockoff of 'Roundball Rock.' That doesn't mean I dislike it, but it's definitely got that vibe.
  13. 1 point
    It may be that they weren't as bad in relative comparison, but yeah they should be getting criticism too. For all our anger at Tegna, at least they were on top of things here.
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    WRAL debuted that graphics on the air in 2008, a couple of months before WABC. Video courtesy of VHSgoodiesWA3's YT page. Video Courtesy of @Vlad's YT page.
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  16. 1 point
    That's definitely a standalone studio.
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    I know this is about the set, but I have it on good authority Morris *is* standardizing and the WTVQ look is going to the rest of their stations, starting with WWAY.
  18. 1 point
    IMO, Marty Haag and Chip Moody would both be rolling over in their graves right now seeing what Tegna has done to WFAA. It's not surprising to see WFAA's Breaking News coverage being as undelwhelmed as it was
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    https://www.wral.com/sneak-peek-wral-s-new-set-to-be-unveiled-next-week/18716075/ Monday at Noon. And a sneak peak at the set. 4K cameras! — Matt
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    I would too. Shep would be perfect for any high-power gig, but a CBS gig like Evening News would be his best career move, period.
  21. 1 point
    She has only been in this position for four months now. Substantial change doesn't happen overnight.
  22. 1 point
    — James O'Keefe (@JamesOKeefeIII) October 14, 2019 Ahhh... Project Veritas... they of editing videos together out of context and calling it legitimate journalism? James O'Keefe is a con artist political activist with an axe to grind... If you are gonna quote things... use some actual sources and not some guy with a website and a desire to see an agenda fulfilled... thanks.
  23. 1 point
    I got one to beat that one ... KTWO-TV … Wyoming's News Leader ... Sloan Dickey. LOL -- Matt
  24. 1 point
    Well isn't she being heralded by CBS' new leader to be the show's saving grace? It doesn't seem like it. Doesn't seem like the changes made at CTM are proving to be successful either. It's what the entire leadership of CBS deserves because for years they've made talent the scapegoat for lackluster viewership figures instead of addressing format, content and structure of their programs. The one time they took a risk with their programming (in recent memory for me) resulted in a string of the most successful years their morning show has ever had. Barring any odd changes at ABC or NBC, Norah's entire CBSEN tenure will see the show parked firmly in 3rd place.
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