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    Agreed. About the only way I could see this interview tarnishing Tamron Hall is if she tosses a series of softball questions to Lauer and ignores asking any tough questions.
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    Why would it tarnish her at all? Is she only supposed to have well-liked people on her show to talk about cooking and flowers? 60 Minutes correspondents interview unpopular people accused of crimes all the time, and press them on the details of the crimes they are accused of. Why shouldn't she be able to do the same?
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    That's weird. NBCS Chicago has used theirs occasionally for breaking news and programming announcements, even after dumping it for scores and headlines. No reason why it should be completely scrubbed from the system, with THAT being the alternative.
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    If it's not a card table and a shower curtain, it's an upgrade.
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    Based on the reactions to this-- I cannot wait for the shitstorm to ensue when WNEP picks up the Tegna theme.
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    No. They did it on weeknights too, as late as 1986 before the logo change: That being said, they might’ve been the only Gannett outlet to use the ID as the open. Indeed, by this point (December 1983) many Gannett stations were phasing in the CGI Deathstar IDs (WTCN I believe was the first).
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    From Phoenix, a Sunday 10 p.m. edition of KPNX's Action News from 1983: Tease: The newscast itself (incomplete): By the way, was KPNX the only station to use the Gannett sounder as the sole music in the open? And was this done only on the weekends?
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    Hate to bump an old thread — but indictments were handed down today. Davis is looking at 25 years in prison. https://www.dispatch.com/news/20191009/former-10tv-meteorologist-mike-davis-indicted-on-four-felonies-related-to-child-pornography
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    Apparently this interview may happen: Tamron Hall to talk with Matt Lauer in regards to NBC Firing According to Celebrity Insider Honestly, if she does this interview this will tarnish everything she's done good. The show is doing well on ABC O&O's Article: https://celebrityinsider.org/matt-lauer-is-reportedly-gearing-up-for-an-interview-with-former-today-show-colleague-tamron-hall-to-talk-about-his-firing-from-nbc-divorce-from-annette-roque-and-more-will-megyn-kelly-come-up-327094/ Source: Celebrity Insider
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    I'm somewhat suspicious about what people who worked with Lauer "knew" about him. I feel like a lot of them are not saying what they actually knew and are hiding under this blanket of cluelessness in the public eye in order to keep their career and reputation. There's been open jokes and roasts touting Lauer's womanizing ways before the #MeToo movement when this behavior was sectioned off as okay for white men with power.
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    The WTVT/WJBK opening version could work for KTVU since it uses circles in the animations. Just slap the Laser 2 circle and you’re good. I noticed they have been saying “KTVU Channel 2 News.” in their teases and bumps a lot more than “KTVU FOX 2 News.” They’re going back to their original non O&O days again.
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    A WTEN news report from 1986 on Albany’s Tri-Centennial, complete with a music number:
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    The NMSA in general has trouble telling the 'CCO themes of this era apart. (It doesn't help when WCCO's own sister station matched the 85 "Best News of All" imaging with the 83 theme.) Particularly 1978 -> 1983 is an evolution and their similar beds make it worse. The 1983 theme, which had an accompanying On the Move image, debuted when the station moved into the then-new WCCO Communications Center on September 13.
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    I'll just say this: remember that the changes at WKYC are more WKYC's doing than Tegna. Just like how Raycom/Gray allowed WOIO to have autonomy from the other Graycom stations. Worst case scenario, WKYC can go back to Troika/C Clarity when the refresh package comes out.
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    WPVI is selling a book commemorating 50 years of Action News. Info on book.
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  19. 1 point
    Gray is treating their much larger stations to better packages, while the smaller ones seem to be getting the "leftovers"...i.e. more dated and recycled graphic packages. I like WBTV's new look....it's clean, simple, and serves as a nice evolution from the prior Raycom look.
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    As much as I Hate Sinclair Media and their right wing bias, I like the Curves and Glass theme. Just wished it was use for Non-Sinclair stations.
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    Veteran KOTV anchor Terry Hood is retiring after 32 years at the station. Her final newscast will be the 6pm show on Oct. 24th. https://www.newson6.com/story/41160502/terry-hood-to-retire-from-news-on-6-after-32-years
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    Wendy Chioji died this week. https://www.orlandosentinel.com/entertainment/tv-guy/os-et-wendy-chioji-dies-20191008-xl7cigregzavlgbf4tqdnbyw2a-story.html?fbclid=IwAR0DfZqDVR1VfLUMyiQ64dLETnCGE61sxSmoyx8vnqP-hckolQzIDtYFhks
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