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    A historical compilation of BBC2's Newsnight opens from 1980 to the present:
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    Sister station WPXI 11 in Pittsburgh needs to do the same. They are still airing Right This Minute at 1:00pm while Kelly's show is on at 3:00am...I don't know why these stations kept Right This Minute in daytime anyway.
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    Yeah, this isn't gonna fly in Boston.
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    *drinks water* *clears throat* *taps microphone* *breathes deeply* ... No.
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    Well, uhh, wow, that's is a major departure from the ticket. It's all up to the execution of their visual identity to convince the masses that this look is worthwhile. By judging their Twitter header, I'll give 'em a bit of hope.
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    Maybe because it's a pretty popular show...?
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    Probably because Cox and Scripps help produce the show.
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    As much as I Hate Sinclair Media and their right wing bias, I like the Curves and Glass theme. Just wished it was use for Non-Sinclair stations.
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    Almost nothing is working as planned in Boston. The new master antenna installed on the Cabot St tower for WBZ, WCVB, and WGBX to use temporarily during the repack, and WFXT to use permanently, suffers from a failed transmission line that cannot be fully fixed. WCVB therefore moved to a backup antenna on the CBS tower and is running only 1/3 of it's 900 KW licensed power. WGBX with its 7 subchannels (the primary is WBTS 15.1) has a badly limited signal, which resulted in NBC Boston duplicating 15.1 (WBTS) as 15.3, plus 15.2 (Cozi) as 15.4 on WNEU. WNEU is running under an STA on a side mount antenna 200 feet below the top of the CBS tower, but currently still has a better signal than WGBX . WUTF which moved to the CBS tower where they are licensed to use 970 KW, is actually running only 50 KW on another STA 200 feet from the top of the CBS tower. WCVB, WNEU, and WUTF are running at 200 feet below the top, because crews are still working on the new master on the top of the tower and can't be near the RF. Then there is WGBH, that took the cash, and moved from UHF to low VHF and put both the primary WGBH and WGBX HD signals on it - while putting most of their subchannels, like Create, on the UHF WGBX signal and throwing in SD duplicate versions of the WGBH and WGBX HD channels there also - for those that cannot receive the low VHF WGBH signal. WGBH has requested a power increase for that VHF signal, implying to the public that they are a victim of FCC rules. Half of the bandwidth of WGBX is leased to NBC Boston for WBTS and Cozi, so the other 5 subchannels are squeezed into only half the bandwidth. WGBX's eventual projected fringe coverage is slightly greater than that for WNEU, so NBC Boston considers that worth paying for. Typical of their track record - NBC 10 Boston is unaware of the virtual channels they actually use. On their main web site they have a link "Find NBC Boston" and on that page they list 8.1, 15.1, and 60.2. Since the repack, 8.1 is gone (to return in Providence as WYCN, and 60.2 is now TeleXitos on WNEU. Only 15.1 is correct and is the only number they will use eventually, though 15.3 is in use temporarily on WNEU. .
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    The initial plan from Landmark was to sell WTVF to Bonten. Needless to say, it's good thing they went with Journal instead.
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    This one has talent bumps! Also that female VO in those bumps is BAAAAAD.
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    Meanwhile in Orlando, after 40 years, it's Martie Salt's time to go gently.
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    WTVF NewsChannel5 would like a word...
  14. 1 point
    Good - Because Ch9 EWN hasn't been the same since she left. (I still watch it over everything else though.)
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    WSYX meteorologist Rachael Penton is leaving the station, as she announced tonight. She said she and her husband are "going back home" to central Louisiana. She's been with WSYX since 2017. She was a standout. Good luck to her.
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    I sincerely Doubt Sunbeam will sell their stations after Ansin. I’m sure that the estate will own them. Sunbeam Will Live On.
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    Intro and closer of France 2's main evening newscast, anchored by Anne-Sophie Lapix. The program got a slight graphic relaunch in late August. Intro and top story of Reporter Africa, RTP Africa's daily news service, presented by João do Rosario from RTP's main studios in Lisbon. Intro and headlines of STV's Scotland Today in December 1994, with Viv Lumsden and Shereen Nanjiani.
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    Wow what a moving video, an incredible send off that I quite frankly never seen any station do. WABC did it right. This send off made me tear up a bit. I try not to cry when I see these things, but I honestly did because it was so moving to see how much she was so caring to others and how connected her colleagues, and viewers are with her. I will always remember her. Seeing all of these kind words from her colleagues, friends and family is a testament and a reflection of how she shared her heart and grace with those she touched. Wow, what incredible human. It is not too often we come across incredible people like her, and I am so proud that I have been able to watch her for all of these years. She will be missed and I love you Diana Williams and keep sharing your heart and spreading your kindness forever.
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    Gotta share this sweet story to this beautiful era ending. Back in 2013, I went to the station's town hall meeting. It was at the Brooklyn museum in the auditorium. After the event, the participants took time to take photos with the audience. I was courageous enough to approach Diana for the photo + she was accommodating enough to do so. Afterwards, she said to effect of 'it's so nice to see Someone as handsome as you are'. I said 'Oh thank you'. Off I go, shell shocked a bit. You're talking about someone who you've watched for years + complimenting you as such. I'm not the one fishing for complements mind you. In the blurry photo below from my fb, my hair looked like wooly mammoth in a big explorer coat (it was February + I was bigger then) Now one may have said it just to butter up someone, coming from tv, but knowing her demeanor + class, it matched with her coming from a good place. It leaves a mark on my mind forever. That in part is how I'll remember Diana + I wish her nothing but the best. WABC has raised the standard of personnel farewells like the late great WPLJ raised the standard of signoffs this past may. Side note: one other photo I tried to take was investigative reporter Jim hoffer. As I was setting up my cheap ass Kodak vid shaped 'hd' camera to shoot, battery ran out + I told him as such + he said, 'ah shit, man'. Nonetheless meeting him briefly was a pleasure. Such a good night.
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    Well the time has come and we are nearing the end of our friend, the great Diana Williams' tenure at WABC. Tomorrow is her final day as an anchor at WABC. I wonder what special coverage they will have for her to honor her. And what a true class act she was. Diana delivered the news to us with such poise and grace . Really her motherly qualities and her innate kindness cultivated in her delivery of the news and she did not let her troubles and problems get to her when she was tested emotionallywith her husband and her son's health struggles. It will be fitting to see her final moments on WABC anchor with Bill as they were the model team in the late 90s and early 2000s in the wake of Bill Beutel. They followed some big shoes to fill and they did it with such grace. When I think of WABC I always think of Diana Williams and Bill Ritter especially after 9/11 when I was in the 8th grade watching that broadcast, and one can't forget how she covered Hurricane Sandy in Road Cam 7. I think that was one of the highlights of her career because when I watched her report she had an effect of making me feel calm like everything is going to be okay. What an incredible woman she is and the reason why her family is doing so well is because they are survived by her grace. I will miss her dearly.
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    oh... to be one of you that hasn’t experienced a change in ownership... it might take YEARS for the ex-Trib stations to be fully homogenized by their new owners... there is a lot more important gear that needs to be swapped out first... master control automation and newsroom systems come to mind... a lot of tribune’s in-house systems will need to go... to say nothing of networking/IT infra... graphics are going to be low priority... Trib is on Viz, and viz hardware can last a while...Scripps still hasn’t replaced the Journal gfx on KGUN... it’s closing in on five years... i predict these graphics will be around until late 2021 at the earliest...
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    I wish NFL Network and NBC would have agreed to a deal to permanently give 2016-2017 TNF graphics to NFLN for live game coverage. Those graphics were too good to get used for what, like 15 games ever?
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    It's official....GateHouse is buying Gannett and will assume the Gannett name and HQ in McLean, VA. https://www.usatoday.com/story/money/2019/08/05/gannett-gatehouse-media-new-media-investment-group/1902550001/ So Tegna lives on. Yay.
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