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    Why do I have a sudden urge to watch Supermarket Sweep?
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    There's more... (Cross-posted from the TEGNA thread) According to Zap2It, the 7pm and 11pm newscasts are also getting new titles. Here is the full lineup: 4-7am Go! 12-12:30pm Lunch Break with Jay Crawford 6-6:30pm What Matters Most 7-7:30pm Front Row 11-11:30pm What's Next "Live on Lakeside" will shorten to an hour, and it looks like "Donovan Live" is history. I don't know if they will implement "3 News" in front of the titles on-air, but we shall see. People will like them, people won't. We shall see.
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    Oh no, how will everyone complain about whatever company they don't like "destroying" a station once everyone moves away from outdated Nielsen ratings? Another step towards digital first. OTA TV viewers aren't who smart stations are making programming for anymore.
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    oh... to be one of you that hasn’t experienced a change in ownership... it might take YEARS for the ex-Trib stations to be fully homogenized by their new owners... there is a lot more important gear that needs to be swapped out first... master control automation and newsroom systems come to mind... a lot of tribune’s in-house systems will need to go... to say nothing of networking/IT infra... graphics are going to be low priority... Trib is on Viz, and viz hardware can last a while...Scripps still hasn’t replaced the Journal gfx on KGUN... it’s closing in on five years... i predict these graphics will be around until late 2021 at the earliest...
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    I tend to agree with this. Everybody has the four anchors with no personality, they all sit behind a desk in a studio that looks like the bridge of the USS Enterprise. Something different is long overdue.
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    This is really interesting. I don't mind the name changes (I like "Go!" a lot.) It'll be neat to see how the relaunch goes. They are trying something SO radically different. And I give them props for having the balls to do it. Studies show younger audiences think local news is formulaic and boring. So this, in my opinion, is a good way to shake it up. I hope the newscasts are interesting to watch and they have good content. I'm hoping (and I won't be surprised) if they start doing stories in the style of Vice News and KXTV. I think viewers would like that.
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    Diana was a true professional in this game.. 29 years in New York City television is not an easy fate. However, she gets to go out in style. When I think of Eyewitness News. it's Diana and Bill. Their reporting styles are similarly alike, but the way Diana reports the news is different. For a lot of those anchors that came in during the 80's and early 90's under the leadership of Bill Beutel (RIP).. She definitely represented and filled in good shoes. Congratulations and enjoy retirement.
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    Well, that didn't take long to find a new anchor. https://www.cbs46.com/news/cbs-names-rick-folbaum-new-anchor/article_ef9fc2ca-d40a-11e9-8c42-93821de148cf.html
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    There is a special "Celebrating Diana" at 5 pm on Thursday (9/12), the last of her time. They also posted her first report on Twitter, back when she was reporting and anchoring weekends. https://abc7ny.com/society/diana-williams-first-wabc-report-on-1991-at-t-phone-fiasco/5525995/
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    Amen to that. I'm glad you're all for younger hipper and experimental newscasts like me. But the majority of this forum (along with longtime station viewers) will probably hate it from day one, cause they all think local newscasts are like the formula for Coca-Cola, in that changing it would be sacriligous and lead to tons of hatetred.
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    Those names are so bad, I couldn't express my thoughts in words, so I give you this....
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    It's gotten so bad that DirecTV is now censoring the Bottomline on their feed.
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    According to Zap2It, the 7pm and 11pm newscasts are also getting new titles. Here is the full lineup: 4-7am Go 12-12:30pm Lunch Break with Jay Crawford 6-6:30pm What Matters Most 7-7:30pm Front Row 11-11:30pm What's Next "Live on Lakeside" will shorten to an hour, and it looks like "Donovan Live" is history. I don't know if they will implement "3 News" in front of the titles on-air, but we shall see. People will like them, people won't. We shall see.
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    Personally, "Go on 3" would be a better name for that because it's a known term.
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    Some of you are haters. I don't think "Go" is such a bad name as it is being used alongside "3 News." It's different and it doesn't sound dated like calling it Eyewitness Action News or something like that. The way you guys were talking, I thought they were going to call it simply "Go," which is a little more awkward. I don't mind the name Go, but I don't think it conveys that it is a newscast. (It sounds like another "Extra" wannabe.) But "3 News: Go" is just fine depending on how they use it during the program.
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    Well the time has come and we are nearing the end of our friend, the great Diana Williams' tenure at WABC. Tomorrow is her final day as an anchor at WABC. I wonder what special coverage they will have for her to honor her. And what a true class act she was. Diana delivered the news to us with such poise and grace . Really her motherly qualities and her innate kindness cultivated in her delivery of the news and she did not let her troubles and problems get to her when she was tested emotionallywith her husband and her son's health struggles. It will be fitting to see her final moments on WABC anchor with Bill as they were the model team in the late 90s and early 2000s in the wake of Bill Beutel. They followed some big shoes to fill and they did it with such grace. When I think of WABC I always think of Diana Williams and Bill Ritter especially after 9/11 when I was in the 8th grade watching that broadcast, and one can't forget how she covered Hurricane Sandy in Road Cam 7. I think that was one of the highlights of her career because when I watched her report she had an effect of making me feel calm like everything is going to be okay. What an incredible woman she is and the reason why her family is doing so well is because they are survived by her grace. I will miss her dearly.
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    I perhaps may be the only person on this forum that loves the Rockwall font. LOL. I hope FOX43 gets this package here. -- Matt
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    WBNS coverage from 9/11 — anchors: Andrea Cambern, Angela Pace and Helen Neill.
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    The new graphics have debuted... and KTXL has adopted the WDAF package:
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    Here is a snapshot of the breaks during when watching live on the internet. The rainbow circles animate.
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    Imma just leave this here:
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    The walls of the interview area got a remodel.
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    Yes... Too many things going on. It's a Morris station. Not surprised.
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    It's not yellow, it's VENOM.
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    WTVF 1986 We Share the Spiiiiirit, promo.
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    They go by ABC 7. As for here in Chicago, at least when talking in the office about whatever may be on TV on any given day, I never hear them refer to it as ABC 7 - always as "Channel 7". Just as WGN is always, well, WGN and not "Channel 9" but I digress.
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    While we have this speculation game, I want to go back to something else for a few minutes. Diana WIlliams is leaving after 29 years at WABC. When she took over the job working with Bill Beutel in 1992, she replaced the maligned tenure of Susan Roesgen, who was hired after they decided to not renew Kaity Tong's contract in 1990. (Diana was working at WABC at the time, but in a different role.) During Roesgen's tenure Eyewitness News gained a stronger audience, but Diana WIlliams took over and has been a steadying presence at the anchor desk, which saw so many changes. Old names like Roz Abrams, John Johnson, (the late) Bill Beutel and all retired or left for other stations. She has seen new names come in, including her partner at 5 PM, Sade Baderinwa. She and Bill Ritter really are the faces of the station at the anchor desk and while they hadn't been an official team in several years, when Diana would sit in with Bill or vice versa, they still fit incredibly well. They guided us through 9-11, and it takes a lot for adults to handle this. It takes a lot to make it in the NY market. Diana came in during a tenuous time at Channel 7 and succeeded. Unlike Susan and Kaity, she gets to go out on her own terms. Diana is a true professional and while I am only 28, I grew up with her and Bill Beutel (and later Bill Ritter) on my TV screen. I was watching Channel 7 on 9-11 after I was yanked from school like many people my age. Diana Williams has been that fixture at Channel 7 and now losing her is going to make it incredibly hard to replace her. No matter who does it, Diana Williams is etched in Channel 7 forever, probably right behind Roger and Bill Beutel. Thanks to 29 years and I will be watching in September.
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    Eyewitness News during the early hours of 9/11/2001 with Diana Williams and Bill Ritter:
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