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    from what i've read in chris' blog, it appeared 'the incident' was the beginning of the end for cimino. Granted, he was only reprimanded, but in a brewing situation, that moment was probably used as leverage under disguised of firing for younger/inexpensive talent under disguised of VP of News announcing Cimino leaves for 'new adventures in life' to start the process. Barring any other incidents involved him that are unearthed yet, not only is it usually shady, but perhaps petty. It may not be far off.
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    So transparent with his blog post. I'm glad that the truth is coming out.
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    That's Len Rome. He's been at WYTV for decades.
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    I look forward to the brand synergy and programming opportunities that are available to ViacomCBS now: NCIS: Jersey Shore NCIS: Vanuatu CSI: Nashville Big Country Brother Survivor: New York You Can't Do That on 60 Minutes 48 Hours on Nick Bluegrass Bloods Okay, I'll stop now...
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    And as soon as IT comes in, there's going to be the inevitable "No, you can't update this, you're gonna break this that and the other"...followed by the email chains with bosses CC'd when IT updates it anyway. (Good times.)
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    The set was fabricated locally - by the same company who did WGN’s set:
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    Across between Tegna and Hearst would be nice. How have none of you noticed the resemblance to World News Tonight? That's what I first thought of.
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    I wonder if 615 Music revives Newstime and Newsforce for Viacom News Package v2
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    Those L3 graphics were straight out of the 80s! And mid 80s at that.
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    KCNC, Denver; 5 p.m., a few months before the switch to CBS:
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    That was a genuine rarity-- thanks for bringing that up! No FOX or CW station (to my knowledge) uses such names now, and so it was amazing for the time that those stations in those areas called themselves Eyewitness and Action.
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    KRLR was the established #2 independent by 1989, but still far behind KVVU in the ratings (which I would have still considered an independent at the time). Las Vegas was a smaller market than Tucson in 1989 (which had three independents but lost one that year), surely LV couldn't support four of them. If I recall correctly, The Count's father, who was a gospel singer, founded KFBT (and also helped start WFBT-29 in Minneapolis as a religious/family-themed independent eight years earlier, eventually selling the station and it became KITN then WFTC). I believe KFBT focused on religious programming its first few years too. KBLR's story reminds me of KPOL (now KHRR) in Tucson - KPOL went dark for a couple of years before becoming a Telemundo station, and I think KBLR did the same too.
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    Interesting. KBLR was the third independent. KFBT had signed on a few months before, but I think they were a mostly religious station at the time. KBLR was sold and became Telemundo while KFBT ended up becoming the WB affiliate for a couple years.
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