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    That show had a long run in syndication, I tell you what.
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    How well is WRTV doing in the ratings? Because they might have something to say about it too. I fully expect that within the next year or two we will be discussing in future ratings sweeps threads about how both Indianapolis and Columbus have become very competitive. Because in my opinion stations like WISH, WXIN/WTTV, WCMH and WSYX/WTTE were just waiting for someone like a Tegna to purchase the 2 90 pound gorillas that is WTHR and WBNS. Well... They finally got their WISH.
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    None of it was captured better than this report from WPIX New York. The exact moment lights came back on in the city.
  4. 1 point
    WABC is using their newsroom studio.
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    Kaity Tong and Dan Mannarino are anchoring coverage of the Manhattan power outage.
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    You are not the only one... The steamboat whistle sounding before the open was part of WMC-TV’s history for a long time. Gray should’ve recognized the steamboat relevance to the station.
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    Failed Marketing Idea??? Or Al Primo's guest bath?
  8. 1 point
    "Later this year" is what people on here were saying last year. I'll believe it when I see it.
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    Gatehouse also recently purchased the Akron Beacon Journal, so along with their other Northeast Ohio papers (Canton, Alliance, Wooster, Kent-Ravenna and the associated weeklies) they have a very strong foothold in Ohio when combined with the Dispatch. They could easily pool all of their resources to cover the Mahoning Valley since they upped their sharing of content. Most likely, the T-C will expand their distribution to Mahoning County and become a full-market paper, maybe by acquiring the rights to the Vindicator name. They may have been able to sell the Vindicator if they kept up with the times a little more. It was my understanding that the presses were only modernized less than a decade ago, while other newspapers had made the same move 10 or so years prior. Now with WFMJ, the target on their back just grew exponentially, since they will no longer have a daily newspaper tied to them. I'll bet the Wolfe Family said the same thing when they sold off the Dispatch, only to sell their TV stations to Tegna a few years later...
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    Do I believe them? No. Expect a bunch of offers.
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    Scripps & Gray both pinching pennies.. It just seems that they don't value seasoned talent.
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    I said this in the past and got shot down. Finally there is someone here on my side! Folks here have to get out of fantasy land. Bill Evans is now involved in radio. He and his wife bought a radio station recently. The location of the radio station is in far eastern LI. No doubt they live out there too. Bill is part of the radio talent. He can wear rags to work and can shave whenever he feels like it. Maybe he said he wants to get back into TV someday, but for goodness sakes, he just left ABC7 at few months ago. Let him enjoy radio for awhile. The radio and TV businesses go thru cycles of change. Look at Channels 2/4/7. All 3 AM M-F weather reporters have or are about to be turned over. If you don't like Elise, watch another channel! If you don't like Sam, watch another channel! If you aren't going to like Cimino's replacement, watch another channel! Do you really watch a given station in the morning solely based on who does the weather? I hope not! I look at the anchors. John Elliott is not a young guy. Does anybody know when his contract expires? No! Do we know if he asked WCBS TV to cut down on his schedule? We don't know either. Yes, I know John Elliott is on the radio with Scott Shannon, working 7 days per week. Why? You'll have to ask him. That is not for me to speculate about. We don't know how long John Elliott will be on the radio, or on Ch. 2 S/S. If so many people here want to know why, why hasn't anybody written him a fan mail-snail mail letter yet for the answer? For goodness sakes, can we please allow Bill Evans and John Elliott to live their professional lives the way they want to without this constant second guessing?
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    They certainly were able to last longer without looking horribly dated. Both KXLY and WISC's newsroom sets held up well despite their nearly two-decade ages.
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    Honestly it was nice to see TV stations still use newsroom sets. I suspect whatever's in store will again be video-wall heavy. Few stations understand how to properly use such versatile areas, and that's why they're getting really old in the tooth for me.
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    Man, I remember the days when people on here and Radio-Discussions were begging NBC to buy KPRC. Now I think those of us in the Boston area might be jealous of Houston.
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    WSLS and WVTM are probably the biggest winners of being split away from their longtime chains. I know WSLS has struggled all the way since the Park days, while WVTM was a distant fourth when it broke away.
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    Chris on Facebook is claiming his departure form WNBC wasn’t his choice and that he’s not retiring.
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    I knew I'd forget someone - guess you can throw KOTV in the mix too. Wonder how long they'll all last...
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