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    Well, after nearly 20 years with the exact same set; KTVB finally has a new set. Plus, its a nice change from the Tegna Set-in-a-Box (which I personally don't mind). https://www.ktvb.com/gallery/news/tour-the-brand-new-ktvb-set/277-d03e1b38-20c4-4582-bc63-6a69f485aa06
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    It wouldn't be as big of a deal. However, there would probably a lot of confused baby boomers. On the other hand, if you take The Office off of Netflix... oh wait...
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    18 years in syndication, counting the FX days. That's a nice run.
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    People who thinks producers are making the decisions about whether or not to run talent opens, have no understanding of the hierarchy of a newsroom. Show opens are serious business, and their form, format and appearance are strictly the domain of the news director, creative services director and general manager. No producer in any station I’ve ever worked had unilateral power to drop, modify or replace an open. In the past, WABC has replaced the talent opens with generic stingers when: an anchor slot is open and a rotation of people are sitting in; an anchor is out on extended medical leave; a newscast is airing off the clock at an unusual time, such as after football; during continuous breaking news coverage, where a standard talent open might be inappropriate. Opens are not like teases or bumps where a producer or director can call an audible and elect to drop or change it. To station management, they are as important as the hood ornament is to a Rolls Royce owner. Whether an open is a short stinger or a fully produced talent showcase, it is the baby of those far above a producer pay grade.
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    Im 100% here for that!
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    Am I the only one that thinks they missed a good opportunity to reintroduce the steamboat whistle? (And steamboat footage in the back of the 5 logo?)
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    My God, that's everything I've ever wanted.
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    Everything sucks. Can we all agree on that?
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