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  1. She pulled off a rare feat in NY television: never got on the bad side of Suki.
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  2. All of these talk shows just goes to show you how all of the other major Cleveland stations have cut back on their syndicated shows for newscasts or their other inbred efforts (cough cough Scripps, cough cough Tegna...)
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  3. TVNewsCheck has dropped some big news tonight. The GM of KDLT announced that the DOJ has "cleared" the $32M sale of its station to Gray. If I was Gray, I would restart that Wyoming deal stat.......
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  4. So... “Ah the next newscast is starting... better tune out because they are introducing people”? That’s some odd reasoning... People are far more likely to keep watching if they want more news or tune out if they don’t... 20 seconds of talent open won’t make or break you or everybody would do what you are describing...
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  5. No one, except maybe those in this thread, knows what a thrill it is to get an early peek at a local fall TV schedule. Thank you -- and keep 'em coming, folks!
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  6. https://www.newscaststudio.com/2016/03/08/providence-station-unveils-new-set/ Three years on this set, after the sale to Sinclair.
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  7. They'll likely add the network on a new subchannel, while keeping the other diginets in tack. Look at Charlotte (where WJZY/WMYT share the same frequency) they carry eight separate channels in one frequency.
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  8. Weigel owns the other half of Movies!, so you can be sure that the deal with Decades solidifies that carriage (along with H&I). I could see it more being a replacement for Light TV, which pretty much has sunk like a stone to an almost-all Christian station base outside the Fox markets. Buzzer at least has DRTV sales to keep them safe (and since Stirr and Pluto overlay the DRTV ads there, they want to stay on over-the-air whenever possible).
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  9. I regret I can only like this just once lol
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  10. (Cross posted from 2019-20 Syndicated News) WBNX in Cleveland has released its Fall 2019 lineup and there are some changes. The biggest two are: No more "Ninety and Nine Club" on weekdays at 9am "Dr. Oz" moving to WBNX from WJW. Also joining TV55 are Protection Court, America Says, and Sheriffs: El Dorado County. https://www.wbnx.com/fall-schedule-2019
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