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    In the summer of 2009, CHEK-DT in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada was on the verge of shutting down. Parent company Canwest opted to close its over-the-air E! network, leaving its stations sold off (CHCH, CJNT, etc.,) repurposed (CHBC,) or shut down (CHCA and CHEK). CHEK's employees and local business owners teamed up to buy the station from Canwest and save it from shutting down on August 31, and after securing a "stay of execution" for the station to allow time for further negotiations, the employee-led consortium and Canwest reached an agreement on September 4, 2009. The consortium purchased the station for $2, and Canwest provided transitional support as CHEK began a new era as a locally-owned, independent station. (There was a TVNT thread about all this, and the saga was mentioned in the thread on the break up of ABC 33/40). This year, the station is celebrating 10 years of independence, and why not celebrate by debuting a new set and graphics package? The previous set dated to 2009, with the last graphics package dating to 2012. I think this is a nice refresh, and the set is quite good for a locally-owned independent station. (Videos courtesy of Emarsee)
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    I’ll bet you $1,000,000,000,000,000 Scripps graphics and music remain unchanged throughout 2018. You on?
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    I wouldn't be surprised if this acquisition pushes the debut of any new graphics back. Now they have MORE stations to upgrade to Viz, when it looks like they still haven't finished their legacy stations (at least KGTV is still on Chyron) Graphics should be the least of Scripps worries right now.
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    I think Morgan Ratford has a bright future ahead of her.
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    The fine will be in the millions of dollars. No one's losing any licenses.
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    More changes at WWL in New Orleans. This evening, the station will unveil new anchor teams for the 5, 6 and 10 PM newscasts. For the first time in New Orleans history, and maybe nationally too, all weeknight shows will be anchored by two females. A combination of Karen Swensen, Katie Moore and newcomer Charisse Gibson.
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    Yes all those awards have entry fees. To be fair they use the entry fees on the gold plated trophies, and administrative functions of the awards programs. There is also a nice dinner (cost extra) and some kind of convention. Then there is the judging of the entries... Yes, you would think a panel of wise old scholarly types with pointy beards would be summoned to the oak paneled rooms of the Temple 'O News...meticulously checking every detail. Not quite. Typically one markets awards program exchanges with another. L.A may judge Dallas...Spokane may judge the entries from Little Rock. The judging takes place in a station conference room on a weeknight that's totally inconvenient for anyone, but since there is free pizza you manage to scrounge up a few interns and the EP nobody likes. Everyone sits through the first hour of tape after tape after tape of breaking news, features, wx segments, dogs surfing, dogs singing, dogs doing stand-ups on surfboards...and sports!!! It's a lot of stuff to wade through, and it's a Tuesday night and it's only 10pm...and there is still the smaller markets that get included with the larger market entries. Hopefully by now the station suits have completely cleared out of the building...then somebody suggest a little break...to clear our heads..or a little "attitude adjustment" if you will. Hell, one year the entire AP entries of one pretty big Ohio market were judge by a tape editor and station floor director/teleprompter op because nobody else was interested or showed up to judge entries. ...and one time there was a swell Saturday afternoon gathering in the redwoods of Marin... They say that girl that was born 9 months later... was named Emmy for a reason.... Happy 4th everyone.
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    Elizabeth Matthews joined Anthony tonight at the anchor desk (which is, I believe, a first for her).
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    I'm guessing they will settle with a hefty fine (say, $100 million) and additional conditions (i.e. no new acquisitions for x amount of time, like 2 or 3 years). I can't see this ending up like RKO General nor do I see any forced divestments...that would end up going through the SCOTUS and creating a whole new can of worms.
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    A new compilation of WMAQ news intros from the 1940s (!) to the present:
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    The problem is that Ajit Pai has distanced himself from President Trump, Pai was the one that brought up the "lack of candor" issues and had Pai not investigated Sinclair's actions (in spite of what President Trump says about Pai) the Dems would be calling for Pai to resign right now. The bottom line is this: Could licenses of the stations owned and/or operated by Sinclair be threatened? Yes, but it probably won't be pulled Will there be some form of divestitures whether it's from Sinclair itself, their shell companies, or both? Absolutely, especially the stations owned by the shell companies. Also the FCC might also order that parts of the original Standard deal be honored (i.e. the Sinclair stations that were part of the original deal) but other than that, the rest of the original deals in that now-cancelled Tribune deal is nullified and it won't be honored by the FCC Beyond that I fully expect a hefty fine and the FCC will probably prohibit Sinclair from making any deals broadcast-related (not related to divesting of the statiuons both the stations part of the Standard deal on the Sinclair side as well as stations owned by companies like Cunningham, and Deerfield which would likely result in some of the stations owned by Sinclair that are tied to the stations owned by the shells being sold as well) for a certain length of time
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    TV will absolutely be around in 2041. Whether it will be a zombie industry like radio is another question. I think the length of a court battle largely depends on whose administration is in office when this all comes to a head. If Trump gets another four years and it's his FCC again, Sinclair probably gets away with murder. If it's, say, a type like Sanders or Warren, I could honestly see Sinclair just packing up shop. Anything in between probably gets murky.
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    Don't see why Nexstar couldn't continue to own them unless they're really trying to get under the cap to keep PIX 11...
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    KTTV, Los Angeles; 10 p.m.; 1990:
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    If only WGN ditching The CW had happened earlier than it did...Cox/KTVU could've pointed to that and said "we survived without you before, and we can do it again." I'm pretty sure they'll never admit it, but it's easy to infer that Fox used their option to buy WLFL-WRDC from Sinclair as leverage over Capitol to make them cough up WJZY-WMYT. And WCCB has done just fine without Fox too. That it would!
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    It's going to be a fine. There is a 0% chance that any political party, despite how loud they pander to their base, is going to force one of the largest owners of a dying medium to break up.
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    It's semantics. Code Red takes it a little too far over the top and should be reserved for a true emergency situation like a terrorism attack or weather event of the highest severity. At least the "weather alert days" make it about the weather and hopefully make people more aware of the risks they could be exposed to instead of the "you're gonna die" mentality which if it's overdone and overplayed, people tune out especially if the storm does not live up to the hype....
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    Let's all understand something about TV... When you go on the air and trash your employer, it's policies or practices ...EXPECT a bad outcome. You may not agree, but they sign your paycheck. If viewers want to revolt that's fine. But, don't expect some judge to entertain a wrongful termination suit based on publicly trashing your employer, while on their dime, and using their toys. And you wonder why stations won't let most on-air employees say "good bye" when the contract ends? I wish him luck...but if you come on my TV station and trash my station or programs you can expect to see the door...and maybe a boot up your ass. ...and once you pull some stunt like that , the station management of other stations won't trust you on-air...no matter how popular you were at you last gig.
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    Mind blown. How could the FCC have thought that way back in the day, especially since denying people the access to life-saving information slaps in the face of a station operating in the public interest! Then again, this was the days before doppler radar, computer satellite imagery, and even qualified meteorologists at the local level in many places. I remember the days when all you would see on the screen would be the "W" graphic...then came the weather icon graphics with "WATCH" and "WARNING", and later, the county maps with the appropriate watches or warnings in different colors. And eventually, the "polygons" began to focus on affected areas within and encompassing counties. Plus, even in the era before VCRs, DVRs and on-demand television, if a show was pre-empted, you were truly SOL.
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    Danke. As much as I love my parents, their generation (Baby Boomers) just don't appreciate the fact that they do wall-to-wall weather coverage to save lives. They want the FCC to revert back to the old rules where you COULDN'T preempt regular programming to broadcast a Tornado Warning (and that's how many people lost their lives)
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    The second transmitter is probably irrelevant, especially since WICD is pretty much a total satellite of WICS now with no original content other than ids and maybe some ads. The "Code Red" is just worthless fear-mongering, that worsens the relationship between the viewer and the meteorologists. It puts an undue burden on the meteorologists to hype up a weather event that may not live up to its potential harm, and can make the viewer less-trusting of them when it fizzles out or isn't the "eye candy" that it was hyped up to be. And in the era of pissed-off viewers venting on stations for cutting into their programming, it only makes it worse when they have to. I'm just waiting for Boris to chime in on this, bonus points if he brings up the "terrorism alerts" that were used during the 9/11 era.... Here's the bottom line (see what I did there?) JUST LET THE METEOROLOGISTS DO THEIR JOB!!! They know the weather (at least the good ones do), and work in the best interest of their viewers to provide usable forecasts and potentially life-saving information. While it's not technically required, most stations that can put out a forecast will be on-air covering a life-threatening weather event for the affected viewers, or at the very least, have the warning up on the screen through maps, graphics, or at the very least, and EAS alert.
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    Woahhhh......stong reaction. Easy, its just a discussion, just sharing ideas. I did not write, nor did I mean to imply that Jim and Kaity were coming back. I simply suggested that seeing them at 10pm again would be great. Might not be realistic but nothing terrible about stating that it would be cool if they'd return. The last thing I would want to do is spread misinformation. And since Jim and Kaity were removed we havent had an anchor pairing that lasted as long as them, which isnt't fake. The saturated 5-7 pm part is also not fake either. Channels 2,4,7, and 5 all have newscasts at 5 and 6pm so it was a suggestion that PIX stick to mornings and 10pm. Moreover there were two attempts at a 6:30 newscast which havent lasted. Awards dont necessarily equate to viewers or actual quality, there have been complaints in the thread about WPIX, there is even a how to fix WPIX idea thread which means that despite awards there is some desire for change at the station amongst viewers. As for the Barclays set, it was just a suggestion that they could go back to the idea, and build off of it. I like channell 11 news, and there is nothing wrong with sharing a desire for some tweaks at the station. Yes accuracy is important. Spreading "fake news" was not the intention of the post. We get passionate about this common subject of intrest but we can share ideas or unpopular opinions.
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    At this point, WPIX might have to go back to news at 5-9 am and 10 pm only. The saturated 5-7pm slot is already dominated by WABC, WNBC, and WCBS, who all have basically identically formatted newscasts. WPIX has always been a standout in the mornings and at 10. With Greg Kelly out at GDNY for about a year now, better graphics, a better set, and maybe (another major overhaul in the mornings) might give them a boost. A massive move would be to improve their street side studio at Barclays Center and do a Today plaza styled show. GDNY did this well when they went live from Times Sq for the super bowl. Likewise, a Jim Watkins/Kaity Tong 10pm reunion would be awesome and well overdue. WNBC pushed Sue Simmons out and hasn't had a solid replacement for her since. Just like WPIX pushed Watkins and Tong out for Applegate and we've had musical chairs at the anchor desk ever since.
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    It was a longshot, trying to bring back a dead and buried programming form that no company had any interest in reviving, but I honor their effort, and I am surprised they've managed to make it this far. Could we possibly see Kids Click return in the future as a full network? They went through enough shows in the nearly 2 years to fill up a whole day's schedule.
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    I'm with Eat on this one. Companies have gotten away with some fines for much, much worse than "lying to the FCC." PG&E has blown up neighborhoods and burned down cities in California (killing people in the process) because of their negligence, and all they've gotten are some (big) fines and had to go through bankruptcy. Sinclair is going to get their knuckles slapped with a ruler, have to pay some fines, and maybe say "we're deeply sorry." This isn't going to be some Enron-level scandal.
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    A lot of people give Nexstar way too little credit lately. I've said it before and I'll say it again. The Media General merger is the best thing that ever happened to them and the Tribune merger will probably enhance them even further. Nexstar has improved the way they operate their stations tremendously since they merged into Media General, adding newscasts on stations, and trying to serve underserved audiences, to name a few. We're being way too hard on them. In my opinion, the way Nexstar operates could perhaps be viewed as better than Tegna or Scripps, depending on the perspective. Nexstar is working hard to shed their negative reputation.
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    "go away"??? where are they going to go??? gray and nexstar own over 300 stations combined... if they had to "go away" i can assure you many of those would cease to exist... poof... it will happen... eventually... there will be no buyers left... and it will be easier to liquidate assets and shut down... than wait around and try to sell off... happens all the time in a lot of industries... restaurants... stores (how many retailers have gone bankrupt in the past 5 years???) and one day it will happen to tv... then you will wish the grays and nexstars were still around... these companies are keeping the industry from reaching mach speed on the down slope to the end...
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