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    Ratings for the Evening News *were* up under Scott's tenure as anchor, but the gains were molehills compared to the mountain needed. And, unfortunately, Charlie was a draw and his departure has killed CTM. It's good that there's new blood behind the scenes, but I'm concerned everyone looking for the Murrow / Cronkite days to be rebuilt are going to be sorely disappointed. I've already seem some cracks in the "Real News" brand with the recent R. Kelly interview (and their subsequent milking of it) and the Royals special. Considering either of those would have been unfathomable inside those halls 10 years ago.
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    Remember, we've rediscovered in the last few weeks that 60 Minutes operates almost entirely separately from the main news division, so he's probably not crossing paths with a lot of those people on a day-to-day basis.
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    Not sure if you’re serious or not - but ask Megyn Kelly, Ann Curry and a host of other tv personalities why they stayed in a working environment that was toxic. It’s not an uncommon thing to happen in all types of careers.
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    On CBS This Morning Saturday, they still use the table extensions.
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    R. Kelly is being accused of a very serious crime. Just because he's in the entertainment business, doesn't mean news organizations should turn a blind eye. I'm not saying you 'sensationalize' the story, but it's one that needs to be covered. Same with the Smollett case.
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    I always liked Scott Pelley Now I know why he lost his anchor job at CBS
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    Surprised nobody has mentioned how Jeff Glor's last broadcast ended with a 1:45 long credit roll with an extended cut of the theme.
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    Whether or not it's enough can be debated, but they had their storm ticker up nearly the entire time, just like FOX32 the other overnight.
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    Ron Magers anchoring on KSTP, 1975:
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    "Regardless of language" means they beat BOTH the English and Spanish speaking stations - old hat for Miami, but quite a feat in New York.
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    Viewer tastes have changed drastically since the Murrow / Cronkite days, it's an unrealistic expectation if people think CBS News will transition back to what they were in the 20th century. We live in different times and both ABC News and NBC News knows that and have been able to cater to a stronger audience and better brand recognition on their programs. R. Kelly and Royals (fluff that you'd see on TMZ or People Magazine) brings in the eyeballs and the money, there's always going to be a place for that. I still think CBS has better content than its competitors just on what they show on Sunday Morning and 60 Minutes alone, it's obvious that they are trying to revitalize their presence on CTM and CBSEN, we'll see if these changes "work" and if they can balance fluff vs. "original reporting".
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    Exactly. I checked the trades and Googled and saw nothing.
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    40 years ago today the tragedy of flight 191.
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    TEN Eyewitness News Sydney 6:00 open on the night of Gulf War 1 in 1991. Prime Minister Bob Hawke - who died today - announces Australia's involvement in the war. Hawke is remembered as Australia’s most popular Prime Minister, the ‘lovable rogue’ who won four consecutive federal elections, and was described even by political rivals as Australia’s greatest Labor Prime Minister. And his most famous line - said after Australia’s victory in the America’s Cup in 1983:
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    Wasn't Katz also planning on utilizing their library of true-crime documentaries?
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    You mean like the Harvey Weinstein trial? Or how about the Supreme Court's antitrust suit agains Apple? Hell. I've been following a pretty small lawsuit with an online presence that nevertheless makes me want to look in for myself should it actually go to court. If you ask me, Court TV couldn't have come back at a better time.
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    PLEASE learn to use commas and periods.
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    Actually Court TV is the perfect venue since it deals with the criminal justice system, and of course we wouldn't want to exclude any viewers in the huge lesson in civics...so it goes OTA...for everyone to learn from. Anyway... The bigger issue is this.... We all know she is lurking out there. Lock your doors.
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    Just a reminder no lists, discuss Court TV but please don’t list every affiliate it’s singing on. We know it’s going on Scripps and Tribune stations which covers a significant part of the country.
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    Because it will quickly turn into a list thread and will be locked.
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    Just an FYI please don’t list what Affiliate is carrying the channel or when it launches.
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