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    Dude is definitely not at the Tower. My guess would be at his parents house given that Brant has (and maybe still does?) weather reports for WLS radio (possibly other stations too) from home. Everything would be readily accessible there. But this is the first I've seen a weather report via a person's dining (or living) room. It's true that Brant, Andy, Pete, etc... could do segments for the web, the weather app, Facebook and so on, but I don't see anything necessarily wrong with this arrangement. He does have a degree and being the Chief Met's son is an added bonus for sure. He not on-air (and likely never will be) and will probably move on to something bigger/better elsewhere soon enough. Might as well take advantage of whatever may come his way and build his resume.
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    Short (partial?) ABC Evening News broadcast covering Richard Nixon going to China, with Sam Donaldson (probably one of the earliest clips where it was obvious Sam had some cheap Astroturf on his head) anchoring. https://youtu.be/-CDu_xfEk_s
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    As far as videos in general, I'd like to see more moment-of-switch videos from the stations affected by the New World/Fox deal of '94 and CBS/Westinghouse the following year, whether they be boring and uneventful or noticeable and acknowledged. Now for the stations in particular that I look forward to (subject to change...of coarse): Baltimore WBFF: News opens from the 80s when they featured the classic "Turn to News" WBAL: If I recall correctly, there's a newscast from 2001 or 2002 (at the very least, prior to switching to the LLE Hearst music package) that features footage of...ME as a kid at a visit to the doctor. Would love to share that in the Breakroom someday if I come across it WMAR: More videos from the 2 News Now era, easily my favorite of their history. WJZ: Coverage of the first Ravens Super Bowl victory parade in 2001
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    I saw the still before reading anything else about what was going on, and I thought for a second maybe someone was making their own "weather forecasts" with graphics from WMAQ's website. Boy, was I wrong!
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    At least this graphics package isn't around anymore! Hallelujah!
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    They are focusing, at least for now, on the stations that have been cellar dwellers in the morning. They haven’t tinkered really with the newscasts on stations that are competitive in the a.m., such as KVUE/Austin (solid #1) and KENS/San Antonio (typically a close #2 behind KSAT). Makes sense, I guess, even if the new formats they are toying with seem to be targeting a younger demo that doesn’t usually watch local TV news. Also ... that KHOU cold open is insanely long. Seriously, people?!?
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    I don't think they're looking to do an across-the-board brand of these morning shows. They seem to be pretty much the same format-wise, but there's nothing to be gained by branding them the same.
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    Nexstar is desperately trying to stay under the 39% ownership limit* with the Tribune deal. With the planned divestitures (complicated by the failed resale of several other stations to Fox, including WJW) they're barely at the limit. At the rate this is going, I wouldn't be surprised to see WBNX taken over by the creditors. From there, they could 1) sell the station to another entity, or 2) sell the license to one party and the IP to another. Either way, it's out of Ernest's control. *which is an absolute farce because of the so-called UHF Discount Actually, MyNet is on WOIO 19.2 between 1am and 3am in an obvious contract burning, sandwiched within the rest of the MeTV lineup. MyNet has no tangible value beyond being a white-label rerun block in prime-time. For all intents and purposes, WBNX is better off remaining an indie with spillover program inventory from whatever duopoly partner they wind up with, if they wind up with one.
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    KCRA 1985 promo With a cut of a 'Where the news comes first' theme bumper
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    When you are competing against Scripps and Gray, you can't be too cheap and expect to get eyeballs.
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    Good lord what an upgrade. Amazing what actually shelling a few dollars and investing in something can do.
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    In memory of Tom Ellis, here is the first-ever newscast on WNEV (preceded by two promos):
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    Is WTVQ still owned by Morris? It’s hard to tell when the rest of their stations still look cheap.
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    Why? I think they are way better off under Graham than they are with NBC.
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    Nice to see that the particular shade of blue from the classic Windows Blue Screen O' Death lives on.
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    Karyn Greer is a good choice but pretty unlikely. She was, however, a main anchor at WGCL weeknights in the 90s when the station was WGNX alongside Steve Dawson, who later went on to WHBQ in Memphis and then retired. Maybe she's going back to WOIO? I mean Gray is trying to reinvent the wheel.
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    It's not bad. The logo certainly needs help though, that's for sure.
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    You know, whether it's in-house or designed by Linear Drift or any other firm, I believe that WTVQ has some of the best graphics they've had in a while.
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    Open: (Weather graphics remain the same).
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    Why? So they couldn’t hear Chapin yell the last names of the anchors? Here’s a KENS intro from 1979: And a WTVR open from the same channel:
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    why has CBS had such trouble holding down a morning show? Regarding Jeff Glor, he is isn't that bad but lacks the Jennings/Rather/Brokaw spark. Personally since that trio era ended network evening news hasn't been the same. The best evening host post that era has perhaps been Brian Williams who unfortunately messed up his career. Likewise, since Dan Rather messed up and got axed the CBS Evening News hasn't been the same. '
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    I've noticed some weird quirks about the weather hits during Today: 1. During the 7:00-7:30 half hour, the weather hit is around 7:17. During the 7:30-8:00 half hour, the weather hit is around 7:35 AM, just 5 minutes after coming back from a local station break. Why is this? Doesn't it put a strain for the meteorologists at the local NBC affiliates since they're not evenly spaced out? 2. Why does Al Roker NOT say "here's what's happening in your neck of the woods" during the 7:00-7:30 half hour? It seems so weird for him to say something along the lines of "now here's your local forecast" instead.
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    Definitely new graphics but I would be totally amazing if WTVQ went with Linear Drift. This is Morris we are talking about haha.
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    Let's see-- there's a lot of stuff I'd love to see: Local More of KRON from their "24 Hour News Service" era More of pre-2002 WNYW (especially Fox 5 Live and its' convoluted history) More of KCOP's Real News (which is pretty scarce) NECN/UPN38 Prime News (both of which there aren't much of) KSTP (from the mid 90s, and anything of their overnight/ANC combo newscasts) More of CIVT when it was "VTV"/Vancouver Live (their theme was pretty awesome) National More of Headline News from June 1999 to August 2001 (when they had the color-coded Watches, which was a pretty cool look and gimmick), it's pretty rare.
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