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    99% of sets with brick were ordered with the directive to "make it look like a downtown loft apartment". The other 1% are sports sets that are supposed to look like a baseball stadium. Looking around online, Denver does seem to have a lot of downtown loft apartments with red brick that looks like the fake red brick that's on the set. Coors Field is also a red brick structure, and has trussing similar to that on the set. Very similar paint job too... You can somewhat mess up brick on a set when you ignore particular type of regional brick, like Milwaukee's cream city brick. That said, WITI's WakeUp set uses fake red brick and constantly gets the highest ratings in the market for AM news. I guess nobody really cares about the fake brick on their set. Huh!
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    Ok let the resident expert who knows the station weigh in. Firstly, WSMV has branded as News4 for over a year now. That was instituted because Channel 4 News became long in the tooth and it made sense to shorten the name. The previous news director Denise Eck had the idea of making a Nashville-focused 10pm newscast that only covered news in Davidson County which is where the "News4 Nashville" name came into play. However, that largely backfired and the name is now only still around because they use the cold open at 10pm and decided not to switch back to the old 10pm open yet (which they still use on weekends). Secondly, I'm not sure where they (Seth Meyers) got that mug, but that IS NOT their logo and at most recent check the brand is still News4 and the logo is still the gold 4 logo always used. It looks photoshopped because that is clearly the old style NBC logo and clearly looks like someone plastered NASHVILLE over an old NBC Charlotte mug. Thirdly, do not expect them to return to Channel 4 News or The Scene at (insert time here) ever again. The station is starting to find some success under new management who intends to keep the name News4.
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    People who personally don't like Wendy (or anyone for that matter) love to point out nonsensical things just to make their target look bad, no matter how ignorant or just plain dim they themselves look because of the nonsense hearsay they pick up. And people who agree with them also throw around the word "facts", while not getting or knowing or even caring about the true actual facts surrounding the certain news.
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    I kept telling some of the Facebook and YouTube commenters just how intertwined Wendy and Mr. Hunter have been regarding the show, her production company, and oh yes--something I've forgotten--the Hunter Foundation, their charity. So, in many ways, Wendy spilling any/all of her own "tea" could have been disastrous for her situation, her show, and the charity. Some were like, "oh yeah, haven't thought of that..." while others weren't ready to stop calling for Wendy to finally be verbal about her own life and situation. The divorce won't be quick, or simple. But Wendy already sounds happier. And, another thing, she revealed this past week she'll be leaving the confines of that sober house she's been staying at in Queens.
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    1 or 2, maybe. Definitely less than 5. Without knowing the full scoop, I'm guessing the reason that most exist is that Colgate-Palmolive must have had them archived prior to NBC getting control of the show in 1980. SFM Entertainment was given the syndication deal rights by Colgate-Palmolive/Channelex, and for quite a while they said they were working on a rerun deal. The rampant rumor was that SFM was in talks with Hallmark Channel. But that never materialized. Then suddenly news came that Retro TV got the rerun rights. The airings started, not at the first of the series in April 1963, but in December 1967. I asked a big-wig with SFM about the time of the start of the reruns what timeframe would be the start of the episodes. He said that they were concerned that starting them any earlier than with the December 1967 eps would bring tape quality into play. There was talk initially that there could be a DVD release (or releases) but so far, just the reruns on Retro TV have been what's available to see. They've double-run them since the start, around 5 years ago. If my figuring is correct, the 1977 episodes are likely what is on now. When the news came out that SFM had practically all the episodes of The Doctors, I was astounded. It would be wonderful if other shows, including Another World and The Edge of Night, were suddenly available in full (or nearly), but as of now, thanks to NBC and Procter & Gamble (and CBS/ABC in Edge's case) and their short-sightedness, we have what we have.
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    Would you look at that? There was more intelligent thought put into this than we all imagined. The argument now could be over implementation.
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    It’s kind of interesting too how people in comment sections and on YouTube tend to be ignorant of legal implications of speaking too soon. So many people were like “how come she can talk about everyone else’s business but not her own?” Well, that’s probably because she was getting her ducks in a row and her attorney advised her not to speak on it at all until Kevin got served.
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    Yeah - this set's perfectly fine. The criticism is baseless and childish.
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    Really? It escaped NBC's tape erasure policy? How many eps are known to be missing?
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    Not only has "Big Kev" been shown the door at Wendy, but Wendy is already talking during Hot Topics in the past week by referring to herself as "single", and to her immediate family as "me and my son". So even though the divorce surely isn't final yet, in her mind and on her show, Wendy has moved on. She's even getting contacted for dates and outings already, including by DJ Boof--her show's DJ.
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    Oh that reminds me of our old Admiral 19inch Color TV that needed about 3 minutes for the tubes to warm up, and come to life. Ohhh....The Glow....
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    More like hundreds of thousands.
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    Nexstar isn't coming in and changing anything to that studio. Tribune/KDVR just shelled tens of thousands of dollars to BDI to build it from the ground up. It'll be around for years. You really think Nexstar will come in, scrap it, and spend tens of thousands of more dollars to make them look like everyone else?
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    Have you seen some of the newer sets Nexstar has rolled out? They've mostly moved on from using the Dalek Desk and have been using a more traditional anchor desk setup with its new builds. As for KDVR, they'll tweak what they have, but will not get rid of the BDI set if they don't need to.
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    Really not digging the new set. Video walls are cool and easy but we need a balance. I don't like that every station seems to be substituting them for an actual material set. I liked the living room style sets of the Joan Lunden/ Charles Gibson era, they were really warm, lavish and inviting. Bring that back!
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    They may have the most ACCURATE forecast, but not with spelling! (See top of banner. Irony!)
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    Nobody will care unless it was a fulltime car chase channel. CBS Los Angeles has the worst app in the market. Anytime a push notification comes, it never redirects to the story. Despite having the best helicopter reporter in L.A., Stu Mundel, their Facebook coverage always is the weakest as far as numbers compared to all other L.A. stations.
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