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    That's not how it works. You can't just regurgitate almost their entire article word-for-word, just because you happened to credit them. You can quote specific portions of the original article... you can cite the article then paraphrase their basic idea... but you can't just copy and paste their article into yours, regardless of whether you give them credit for it.
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    Oh... He did a copy and paste? Show me me where he plagiarized anything. All he did was rewrite the story....AND he posted a link. You can't be more transparent than that. Your local TV station does it every day of the week when they lift or re-aggregate stories from the net. If you need to know the rules, I suggest you consult your AP Style Guide.
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    Two observations: 1) Fox Business Network being briefly mentioned under Fox News rather than getting its logo on the homepage speaks volumes about how FBN is viewed internally -- as, basically, Fox News 2. 2) The face of FNC on the site? Chris Wallace.
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    How? They used Bank Gothic for a font? I'd hardly call that a knockoff. Looks like this was a TVbD job, WITN in Greenville, NC had a similar open around this time.
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    It doesn't matter what kind of citation it is; whether "Scott" linked to the original or not. Citing your source does not give you permission to copy and paste almost the entire source article into yours verbatim. That's called plagiarism.
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    That explains why Fox is passing on WSFL, but it doesn't explain why they're passing on KCPQ, KDVR/KWGN, WJW, WPHL, and KSTU.
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    Back then, WFLD's 9pm hour was divided into two segments: the first half hour was devoted to news, sports and weather, and the remaining half hour was a light news program with features. It didn't last long.
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    Those anchors turn too fast!!!!!!! Also Rebecca Kolls - known as Rebecca Reheis when she worked at KTVX. And I’m guessing this design was a One80 job. Very well done indeed.
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    Oh this is my favorite game! Here is the world famous KBEX-TV News open... Did I mention it's royalty free, and translated into 175 different languages worldwide?
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  11. 1 point
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    WAFF ripped off some of the old Heart graphics
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