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    Here's a rare video clip from a program called "Informado!", a local program from WUDT Univision Detroit. The station is currently owned by Daystar. As of 2019, Detroit can't afford a Univision, let alone a Spanish speaking TV station.
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    In this case, I was told they made up an internal document outlining the kind of stuff they were looking for, with a couple of examples (surprise, it was all the flat, Tegna-style graphics packages in the industry right now.) That goes out to companies that respond with some proposals. They then pick whatever proposal works best. That's how we end up with all those set design proposals people like to come on here with and post about, saying how they found what's totally going to be WXXX's next set, posted three years ago on some random guy's website.
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    Without diving too much into Speculation 9000 territory, WXIA and WCNC could potentially benefit with TEGNA trading up to WSB and WSOC, it's WSB and WSOC that would be diminished to nothing. At least with WXIA and WCNC there's hope for better ownership.
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    Equity tried local programming? Wow!
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    Scripps really likes using Renderon (do they still exist?) I’m interested in seeing what they would look like.
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    Speaking of Storm Buggies WCAU is the media sponsor of the Philadelphia Home Show and at their booth they were giving away NBC10/Telemundo 62 swag including miniature Storm Buggies: Eat your heart out Hess Truck!
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    1982 KMTV Newscenter 3 newscast.
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    One alternative could be to share all Sunday coverage between the four networks, allowing all of ABC, CBS, Fox and NBC to do games free of conference? ESPN would be out unless they want to simulcast. There would be some restrictions: * Each network would get 6 doubleheaders and 11 singleheaders. All networks get a doubleheader in Week 17, with one or two networks getting a doubleheader each other week. Other sports programming will be considered in what networks take what. * Each network would be guaranteed each team for at least one home and one road game, for the benefit of local affiliates. * Conferences are irrelevant for TV purposes. * Each network can protect one matchup, in a flex setup, alternating between the 2nd, 3rd, 5th and 6th picks (1st pick = Sunday night, 4th pick = Monday night) in the first 16 weeks. In week 17, the NFL controls all matchups. Beyond that, they are assigned by the NFL while ensuring the guarantees are kept. * Sunday night and Monday night games would also alternate between the networks, and would be simulcast on NFL Network. * The Kickoff Game would alternate every 4 years by network, and the other 3 networks would get the Thanksgiving games. There would be no other Thursday games. * In the first two rounds of the playoffs, each network gets one game. They would alternate by year the AFC Championship, NFC Championship, Pro Bowl and Super Bowl (rotating in that group every 4 years). The Pro Bowl network also gets the NFL Draft that year. Streaming rights would be separate.
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    I'm sure whenever ABC gets around to WEAR, Trump will declare another national emergency when ABC tries to kill the second half hour.... It's probably when they run most of their "must-runs" anyways.... At least WLOX has it "Live" at it's intended time.....
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    Another set in almost six years along with the graphics??? what happen to 11Alive
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    It's the Friday Night News Dump... Megyn Kelly has left the building... My bet is she is co-hosting on The View soon. Megyn Kelly is officially done with NBC after months of negotiating, the network announced on Friday night.“The parties have resolved their differences, and Megyn Kelly is no longer an employee of NBC,” said an NBC News statement. Terms were not immediately disclosed.Kelly was roughly halfway through a three-year deal for a whopping total of $69 million. It is not immediately clear if she will receive all of the remaining money. This next paragraph really brings it all out of the closet... Terms of a non-disparagement agreement were critical for both sides, as Kelly has hinted that she knows about some of the skeletons in NBC’s closet. Holy crap! This woman was making herself comfy in closets everywhere! Lesson: if you invite Ms. Kelly to your house, I may suggest you lock your closet doors.
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    I won, because I bet a co-worker the blackout would end before the government shutdown would end.
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    You've seen the image promos from WXTV Univision 41, now here's one from KDTV Univision 14, circa 2010.
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    Firstly, Saban already tried a Captain Kangaroo reboot in the 90s, didn't last long in syndication and it then anchored a block on the ill-fated Fox Family. As for game shows, in this case, no. I want CBSTM to remain as it is-- low-key, news focused, I like it since it doesn't focus on features too much or be overtly political like cable news. I can't go back to GMA or Today now.
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    It’s a shame Cox is looking to sell. I just discovered the Roku channels for their stations and they have live streaming content on almost all of their stations with unique local programming. Of the one’s I’ve downloaded (WSB, WHIO (my home area now), WFTV, WJAX, and WPXI), WSB and WFTV has some pretty good programs like Access Atlanta, The Science of Florida, and On Tap with Christian Bruey. I haven’t downloaded the other channels since I’ve never lived in the other areas but are the others as good as WSB and WFTV’s? This really shows how good of an owner Cox is.
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