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    Clearly NBC 10 has become more powerful, in their news coverage since comcast took over the station.
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    I just don't understand how this can be sustained long-term, and judging from how the Packers are doing right now, I wouldn't have flipped the station this fast because nobody wants to hear discussions about how bad they're doing, especially on a number of radio stations where it's the only topic possible. And there's only so many sports hosts in the market before you begin to run thin and have to bring in the time brokers who only seem to exist to be angry and unhinged. They probably should have flipped with KTI on the 1st, so that way the audience for 97.3 would have understood. Right now though, you're going to have a lot of listeners gone to WXSS/WMYX (not many are going to WNRG) and they aren't going to be coming back to an IH station for a whole month, if ever due to WRIT being all-Christmas. I tuned in this morning to listen not knowing, and it was not a positive reaction. WRNW was far from a perfect station (them and WMYX with Entercom had a huge problem with 'popular with programmers but not with actual listeners' artists being overplayed), but WXSS's imaging can grate at times so it was a good alternative. About the only good thing out of this is Westwood One and NASCAR getting FM homes, but that isn't a top point by any means for any station. And IH is risking WRIT's #1 ranking which includes a move of Badger games on a station that may be strong on local content, but after only 28 days, a full-power FM station, let alone two, seems like a waste of good bandwidth in a market where you still have WTMJ dominating otherwise.
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    Today marks 50 years of Eyewitness News. WABC-TV has posted the following #tbt video to show how Channel 7 brought the news to New York City back in 1968.
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    Yes, and yes. Heck, they still air Judge Mablean in the period between the noon news and The Bold and The Beautiful. I would say that WNCN is very lazy in terms of syndication, especially airing an hour of Judge Judy in access.
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    Fox News didn't come on with coverage until 1 am PST. Still earlier than Fox 11 here in L.A. but CNN & MSNBC had already gone on with live coverage. CNN had their own crew out there early on but that's kinda typical for them when big L.A. stories break. Caught Pat Harvey on CBS 2 & KCAL 9 saying she'd already left the station (in Studio City), was on the freeway and saw lots of police speeding down the 101 freeway in the direction of Ventura County. She called the station and came back. That's a pro. All the 11 pm news anchors from CBS 2, NBC 4 and ABC 7 were on until at least 3 am until they were relieved by the morning crews. I caught what was going on about 11:30 pm because of an 11:27 pm (7 minutes after the first 911 call) tweet from @VCscanner [MEDIA=twitter]1060433726457311232[/MEDIA] so I was able to follow what was going on very early including monitoring Ventura County Sheriff's Department scanner. I'm appalled that it took Fox 11 so long to get on the air. I live not far from Fox 11 studios at Bundy near Olympic. At that time of the evening, driving, it would take no more than 35 minutes to get to the shooting destination adjacent to the 101 in Thousand Oaks. Just simply disgraceful and it makes them look like a third rate news organization. They need a complete overhaul. Kudos to KCBS/KCAL, KNBC, KTLA & KABC. All in their own ways those professional major market organizations came though as one would expect in a late night off hours breaking news story.
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    Whoever ends up with Tribune, Fox is still looking to get their piece. https://variety.com/2018/tv/features/fox-regional-sports-networks-tribune-media-stations-bidding-1203036533/
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    Off topic: What happened to HoustonTVNews? Please don't tell me Youtube nuked the channel!
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    How was CBS 3's ratings during November sweeps?
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    Everyone is doing a great job with nonstop live commercial free coverage overnight. CBS 2, NBC 4, KTLA 5, ABC 7, KCAL 9 (simulcast with CBS 2) ALL came back with coverage starting about 11:45 pm and after 1:15 am are still on live. Helicopters up and all the main 11 pm news anchors from CBS 2, NBC 4 and ABC 7 came back and are still on. EXCEPT Fox 11 which has NO coverage at all. Embarrassing news organization for the #2 market. Even running their normal 10 pm news replay at 1 am. Not even a peep on their Facebook account.
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    Not quite...it's Ballet 'Homage to the Athletes,' Rock Movement from the '76 Summer Olympics, as used by the CTV National News (and several other American stations).
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    In the early naughts, there was some scuttlebutt re: CBS News reviving In the News for Noggin, before it went all-preschool. At the time, Noggin was co-owned by CTW (now Sesame Workshop) and Viacom (sharing common ownership with CBS).
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    Let's see how many other local newscasts that were blatant political cash grabs get axed, though that one's pretty blatant...
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    The problem with TEGNA is that they are thinking WAYYYY too hard and creating a ton of problems that shouldn't exist. A station like WFAA could still hold their own in DFW if they weren't micromanaged to the nth degree. Of course TEGNA won't let up on the micromanaging because it's something that they have invested so much time and resources into.
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    Both WOIO and WKYC staff got cakes also...
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    Chicago couldn't even support 3. Granted, that third one resided on 87.7FM and had more people on-air than listening. I was one in the latter group.
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    Raleigh has about three or four sports talkers, all owned by Capitol Broadcasting but airing different networks. The main channel is WCMC-FM which is affiliated with ESPN with a local midday and afternoon drive show, an AM station affiliated with FOX Sports that I believe has a local morning drive show, and one that just carries the CBS Sports feed 24/7. Hell, DC only has two and they're both garbage at best.
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    @Weeters Could I get a link to the Discord please? I tried to DM you but it said I'm limited to "0 messages a day" So far I'm happy with what y'all have done here, looking forward to what's next!!!
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    Or worse...WTSP is competing for 5th place with WTOG and KXTV is behind KQCA in ratings.
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    Sorry to bump, but WBNX has just refreshed its logo for the holidays. And boy is it U...G...L...Y!
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    I’m of the opinion that Nexstar has not managed to ruin the majority of the MG/LIN stations. If anything WNCN has drastically improved. The others I’ve watched seem status quo.
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    Not sure when it happened but noticed the Anchor shuffle on both CBS/CW at 5PM & 10PM 5PM Marcella Lee and Carlo Chechetto 630PM 7PM(CW) & 11PM no changes 10PM(CW) Barbara Lee Edwards & Marcella Lee
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    This original video was produced in '69, but the format definitely launched in '68. I'm guessing WABC isn't accounting for leap years, which absent those would make the launch today. This is an amazing BTS video - props to WABC for acknowledging their history, a practice damn few TV stations do these days.
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    WJAR's 3:00 news was axed for Dateline for one.
  26. 1 point
    *Cough* WUAB's 7:30pm newscast! *cough*
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  28. 1 point
    Not surprising about KTTV. FTVLive roasted them as well. I live in Southern California, Thousand Oaks is not far from me at all. I have been glued to KABC and KTLA. Their reporters are showing raw emotion. Normally reporters/anchors are advised to shy away from that. In a story like this, I am completely OK with this. I woke up around 3am, had checked my phone and saw all the news alerts and immediately turned on the TV. All stations are doing great with this coverage. CNN and FOX News were covering it as well. Sadly, MSNBC was on Morning Joe talking about the circus in Washington DC.
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    Here's the tail-end of ABC's 1978 primetime election coverage, anchored by Frank Reynolds, followed by Fahey Flynn, Joel Daly, and the beginning of Eyewitness News at 10. Note the mention of the election of a new Arkansas governor, some young kid named Clinton. No word on what became of him. (WLS, 11/7/1980)
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    3PM Update Ten News First
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    Big news out of Michiana tonight. Longtime WNDU anchor Maureen McFadden announced that she'll be retiring from the station early next year after nearly four decades. Don't think we'll ever see another "sibling" anchor pair ever again.
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    https://www.wral.com/david-crabtree-delays-retirement-will-stay-at-wral-through-2020/17976679/ David Crabtree is postponing his retirement from WRAL for another couple years.
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