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    It's been a rough road getting here, but we're excited to reveal the new site. Let's get to it! Outside of visual changes, there aren't a whole lot of functional changes. Notable changes include: Mobile support is improved, especially when composing a message. Emoticons are OUT and the full suite of emojis are IN. BBCode has been removed completely in favor of a more robust WYSIWYG editor. The logo has been refreshed. Coming soon: We will be restoring the ability to register and sign in with popular web services like Google, Twitter, and Facebook. And there is much more to come in the days and weeks ahead! Stay tuned for more updates. Regrettably, the old Shoutbox was not able to be carried over to the new site. We are looking into our options when it comes to real-time discussion, including integration with services like Discord, which many of you already use. This will also be addressed within the coming days. Please reach out if you encounter any issues, either by PM or by emailing support@tvnewstalk.net.
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    Well, I found what the main non-newscast logo will look like. And here's more of the upcoming graphics in action.
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    Dude. We get it. You don't like Tegna, or Scripps, or basically any other company. Drop. It. These companies weren't "better" back in the 80's and 90's. The whole industry was different in the 80's and 90's. It was the golden age of local TV news. Nobody had to compete against a rectangle in your pocket that gives you live news instantly from 300,000 sources. The golden age for local TV has come and gone. We're in a different world. The industry is struggling. These companies are doing what they can to keep afloat and profitable. Nobody is going to "go back" to producing local news the way it was in the 80's and 90's, and even if they did, it's not going to suddenly make their ratings spike back to the levels they saw back then. That was then, this is now, and the times are a changin'.
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    I don't see what the big deal is. I'm 99% sure this is supposed to be a modern take on their old slanted 11 logo. If they used this exact logo 40 years ago, I have a hunch that every one of you in here complaining would be commenting about how amazing and wonderful it is that Tegna was reviving a "classic" and how the logo they moved off of was the worst logo that ever existed in the history of TV station logos and should have never existed to begin with. It's an 11. It looks way better as a social media icon/app icon/etc than the old one did (which is probably the catalyst for the change.) It looks way better than any typeface would look.
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    Maybe Amazon can fund a new set for WNYW and KDFW. /sarcasm
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    Wow. Like some sort of strange testament to Oz, it really says a lot that -- even in its tenth season -- it still gets passed around between stations like a joint at Coachella.
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    Nothing has driven me crazy this decade like trying to identify that voice. You know, the one who did 20+ years of KFVS opens, a similar body of work for KWWL, and other stations from Idaho to Iowa to North Carolina to...lots more Iowa. "Really, given the volume of work he's done, it's amazing nothing has ever turned up on him, even so much as a name." –ChesapeakeTV "This was the VO for WQAD for many years up to 1997. Does anyone know the name of him?" –now-inactive @FirstNews8 in 2009 "The nameless voiceover" –the title of an email I sent the NMSA in 2010 I tried looking and decided my last chance to figure this long-running mystery out was to email KFVS. Years of searching ended in 23 minutes and vindicated my decision. This guy would never have turned up in any searches. So I feel extra special being able to give this man the credit he so deserved. Jeff Ellingson (1948-2008) lived in Cedar Rapids and did work for three AFLAC stations at the same time (KWWL, KFVS and WAFF). This is what KFVS Marketing Director Paul Keener had to say about Jeff in the email I got back from the station: Ellingson's body of work, of course, was larger than just KWWL and KFVS. He should be credited with 68 different NMSA samples for 16 different stations when all is said and done. (Contemporaneously, he did a third AFLAC station, WAFF, and a fourth ex-AFLAC station after the insurer exited the television business, WITN.) Even though Ellingson died February 5, 2008 at the age of 59, his voice lingered around for a time longer at some of his final client stations. At KIMT, which had just had a new open series done not long before Ellingson passed, it took at least into 2009 for a new voiceover to be brought in for the opens. WABG Greenwood, MS, was using his voice on the air as late as 2010. I'm glad that, after all these years, we are able to finally put a name to the voice and give Ellingson the credit he so richly deserved for his voiceover career.
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    I'm now more dumber for having read this. You clearly don't know the woman JacobC, so put your pitch fork and torch away, sit down and shut up. Show some respect and be glad she found another job. Also, you show clear inability to splice together a coherent thought. Work on it.
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    Try using Wikipedia as a source on a school/research paper, and tell us how that goes. Good luck.
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    Everyone, I'm going to be on WFAA News 8 tomorrow night at 10pm. I've was interviewed by Kevin Reece all afternoon today about my autism, my love to local TV news, etc. So, if you're in the DFW area, please be sure to tune in tomorrow on The Update at 10pm.
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    This took me 10 minutes....it could clearly be refined just a bit. They really could just replicate the KARE "11" across the group and the world would be a better place. There's a reason that still looks good after 25+ years.
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    You'll have to forgive Eat News. He and Regis have a bit of a history with each other. Every since the vicious taunting, Eat News sees Regis everywhere and this causes him to boldly address TVNT posters' wild misconceptions regarding ratings versus billings.
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    Scripps isn't paying money to go into New York just to run "2 1/2 Men" and "Friends" reruns ad nauseum and make it into WWOR2.
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    Failed Marketing Idea??? Or Al Primo's guest bath?
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    B-bu-but.... Tegna-itis.
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    Gotta give credit to any organization that sticks around for 1,065 years. Hey, it's longer than the Notre Dame cathedral.
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    They may have the most ACCURATE forecast, but not with spelling! (See top of banner. Irony!)
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    Personally I'm sick of flat design, so a return to 2010 is a welcome departure.
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    Look what I was able to find via the Wayback Machine!
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    The sign was restored and converted to LED, according to this video.
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    This isn't even worth talking about. It's not going to happen. Mainly because there is no such thing as a universal "license to broadcast" (The FCC would need to evaluate and rule on each of Sinclair's 193+ broadcast television licenses individually.) Let's keep this thread focused on the Nexstar and Tribune acquisition, please.
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    I wonder what intern is running the ticker.
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    I bet Amazon would deliver that shiny news set the next day...maybe even that afternoon if you are an Amazon Prime member.
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    Of course it wasn’t necessary. It wasn’t necessary for them to change the lights to blue or for Norah to wear a pantsuit either. It was a choice. This is nothing new, by the way. When Charlie, Diane, and David each took over WNT, they all cited Peter Jennings in one way or another. For people who work in that business, it’s an act of respect. As I said, the 20 second nod to the show’s legacy was just as much for the CBS News staff as it was for the audience.
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    She pulled off a rare feat in NY television: never got on the bad side of Suki.
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    Hallelujah! Praise be to God! (whoops....sorry.....wrong station!) But a long overdue move by Tribune. Hopefully it's a good one that's up and running before Nexstar takes over!
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    Aerial? AERIAL? How to make your station sound small market in one simple step. It's not even edited nicely.
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    Bill Beutel got a promotion in 1975 for AM America. it failed, he came back to WABC, had a career for another 31 years. I wouldn't call going up and falling back a bad thing.
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    Hey, let's not turn this into a game of "who carries Wheel and Jeopardy!"
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    Funny how CNN started using real newsroom backdrops again when their programming shifted away from doing actual news.
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    S Super bowl 65 and 66?!? Are you sure the broadcast networks will be around for that? Hell, even Netflix might not be around.
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    How does this man keep getting promotions? He shouldn't be allowed to manage a Cinnabon, let alone more television networks.
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    The Shell gas station on my street hasn't had a facade lift since 1985...but people still buy gas there. I would take a 'pass" on the Shell station corn dogs though.
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    That list at the bottom is the one that's been on their website for months. The line "According to Wotila, NewsNet has signed up 25 affiliates so far since it launched 28 days ago." is questionable since it seems to say "NewsNet added 25 affiliates in 28 days" when it really seems to mean "NewsNet signed on 28 days ago with 25 affiliates." And they're still insisting KAAP is in San Francisco. Quite a lot of fake news coming from the "facts" network.
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    That's because the Texas 21 logo is shaped after a US Highway sign, not an Interstate sign.
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    Time for WFAA -- and TEGNA -- to do some soul-searching. If you're TEGNA, losing viewers and coming up empty in every timeslot in your biggest market is embarrassing.
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    50 Years of Eyewitness News this weekend Package https://abc7ny.com/4702761/?fbclid=IwAR2UyZ-CN6sRoK-tTnHublU2L9k4YtP3sv2G4IZAtfcGdxQh9S74zuBh-Og Old clips https://abc7ny.com/eyewitnessnews50/
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    I agree with Weeters, it's also not just as simple as "we're breaking into programming," if WEWS is hubbed as far as master control, you would have to contact them and let them know you're breaking into programming. On top of that, the network will need to be informed you are breaking into their programming to deliver breaking news and find out if there will be a special re-air or if you're just plain SOL. In the case of soap opera viewers, you DO NOT mess with their soaps unless there is actual cause for concern. A simple crawl and heavy social media presence is good enough in this day and age. If they waited and broke into WWTBAM, they can do so because that is their syndicated slot and syndications can be reaired later. However, why would we risk potential local ad revenue for breaking news about something that ended up being nothing. Furthermore, like Weeters said, it's better to know all the facts and have things confirmed than to break into programming and have no idea what you're talking about. Working on an assignment desk, I get hate calls all the time for breaking into programming and against. You can't make everyone happy. And screaming at the person who answers the phone and telling them that they and the station can go to hell and you'll never watch them again means absolutely nothing. For every lost viewer for something stupid and small, we gain about 100 more.
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    Something something modern workplace...something something millennials...something something avocado toast.
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    Everything sucks. Can we all agree on that?
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    Well, if anything, the Talkback 16 segment will be a doozy when they do change the music. This is how the viewers reacted to the new graphics... We may not have the riots in the streets when WPVI DARED to change their version of MCTYW.....but we could have the start of a dumpster fire on top of Montage Mountain....
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    The Nexstar executives have been visiting the Tribune stations this month. You always know something important is happening when the station cleans the carpets.
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    Can we PLEASE stop this nonsense every time a merger gets announced? It's pointless. It will be YEARS before they get around to actually changing graphics. There are 10000 possibilities for how Nexstar will handle the graphics for the ex-Tribune stations, which could include absorbing Tribune Creative.
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    WLS' Harry Porterfield interviews veteran announcer Ron Rolland (c. 2002/03)
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    We didn't have much choice on the debate. It came together in about 36 hours. Rep. Yoder refused to participate if it took place at the newspaper, since they had endorsed the opponent Sharice Davids. KCPT was already using its studio for recording a K.T. Tunstall concert, I think.
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