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    I was watching WBFF coverage of a police officer being shot in Baltimore and found, to my amazement and horror, that their flag animates. Does it do that anywhere else? Because it looks F***ING TERRIBLE.
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    Nonetheless, it's CBS46 --probably thanks to their 9:00 pm newscast on Peachtree TV as well as the recent hiring of Gurvir Dhindsa a year after leaving WAGA -- that could be giving ol' WSB the middle finger (now that VP/GM Tim McVay is retiring)! But I think WXIA will still reign in primetime thanks to Thursday/Sunday Night Football, The Voice, and This Is Us.
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    I'm not surprised that he's retiring. I'm just surprised that it came on such short notice.
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    Lonnie Lardner! Formerly of KABC, KHJ and KTTV out here in LA
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    Inside KVUE in the mid-80s. The footage seems to come from May 1985: Listen at the end for a close from the same period. This is one of the earliest uses of this package.
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    WSVN Launched its news at 4 in 2006. Later WPLG and couple years ago it was WTVJ. Not sure if WFOR will suit since not only it has Dr. Phil and Judge Judy, but also currently has A 7pm newscast, (hard to believe it was ten years ago that WTVJ did the same thing but lasted only 2 years) to fill the void of the insider which was cancelled this year.
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    Interesting story from KFMB about 2 dumb asses in Bangkok getting arrested... However I'm still wondering how former KGO South Bay reporter M.G.Perez is connected to all of this. http://www.cbs8.com/story/36947611/lewd-photo-scandal-san-diego-couple-in-big-trouble-in-thailand
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    Considering the sheer number of lights in their "newsplex", that's a half-hour's worth of savings on their electrical bill.
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    The resistance the NYC market had for a 4:00 PM newscast for so long is a bit amazing, especially given how just about every other major market had supported one (or several) for years prior. I know WCBS's two attempts at 4:00 were debacles but did that poison the well that much? Of course, NYC seems to behind the curve on a whole bunch of trends. I find it funny that right now FOUR upstate markets are programming something resembling a 7:00 PM newscast yet nobody in NYC has thought of taking the plunge.
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    So the conflicts between top-4 and lower ranked stations is the only one that is eliminated here. Yes they can use shells, but that is going to court. The only market where the deal becomes clean is Portland, OR as a result. Everywhere else they must use shells, and in at least 5 markets there will likely be court-ordered divestments anyway. Plus they still have to get under the cap...since there is almost no chance the Senate will let that pass (surely at least 2 Republicans will take it down).
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    I mean AT&T doesn't produce anything and that didn't stop them from buying TimeWarner
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    I'm with you. I can't figure out why the Murdochs would sell after building this huge empire that they have total control over, is still well positioned for future growth and isn't facing any sort of financial pressure (like Viacom).
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    There are reports that also say that Verizon is interested too. I, like some of the people on this board, can't make sense of why the Murdochs would want to sell these assets either. However, at least Verizon would make sense as opposed to Disney or Comcast. Also, If they actually wanted to sell Fox Sports/News/the network itself to Verizon, they'd legally be able to do that as well. That's the only way any of this would make any kind of sense.
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    You are correct. The authority concerning the cap does rest with Congress.
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    Aren't there one or two components of this Congress has final authority on? I thought I read somewhere that the cap is one of them (or at least it's the subject of one of the lawsuits related to this.)
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    They got rid of the "frame" behind the scoreboard, and added win-loss records under a line (I would have preferred putting timeouts down there instead like the NBA scoreboard but meh). Also, apparently a lot of Kentucky fans were up in arms about the abbreviation they gave them on the game against Kansas... [MEDIA=twitter]930826248195993600[/MEDIA] It's worth noting that SEC Network actually used "UK" just a week ago [MEDIA=twitter]929236653201346560[/MEDIA]
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    Okay I found the license. I guess when I was searching ABC Holding Company didn’t stick out and the fact that there was an expired license registration next to it screwed me up. Here’s the official address: 12801 Tampa Avenue Chatsworth, CA LOS ANGELES County
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    From Chicago, a news promo from WLS's On Your Side era, 1982: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2YKI9pjTr7Y
  23. 1 point
    That main desk looks very similar to the one used by WJBK, which means this was a Devlin job. That stand up area with the three vertical monitors does look interesting though.
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    WCCO, Twin Cities; 10 p.m., 1968 (Martin Mayer talks about the innovative format of this newscast in his 1972 book About Television, which some of you may know):
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    Tom Skilling is employee of the year after this tweet. It's 10 years ago all over again.

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