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    Found it! There is a second version like this with the Doppler Domination tag named “Powerful”
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    You gotta blame Hearst's partners like VUZ, CNN (the obnoxious Tabloola-pushing side of that site) and such on that; WISN is a completely sober station on-air, but if you were to go solely on its website and social presences you would think they were running the third coming of a A Current Affair out of Hearst's offices. Compared to the other Milwaukee stations, their Facebook has the worst commenters in the market, by far, and you can tell their on-air staff absolutely would love to do anything else than interact with them (which is why they all have separate personality pages they can control on their own). And it's the same no matter what Hearst station I run into (Twitter is fine; there it's easier to avoid the VUZ/CNN garbage). Pretty much this. If you actually make an effort to improve the product rather than just plugging into the CW and trash talk show producers and calling it a day, you should be considered on these grounds.
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    WABC, New York; late news, 1976; the Yankee's American League Pennant win is the top story:
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  5. 3 points
    Honestly, WGHP is definitely more valuable than WXLV/WMYV combined. It will depend on how comfortable they are with the status quo in the Triad and the same goes for St. Louis between KTVI/KPLR and KDNL. Back to WXII. Ever since WCWG entered into an agreement with WXII, Hearst has been pouring much needed resources into WCWG. I'd say the FCC should give it a go just on those grounds alone.
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    Part of the death of TV is its own doing, like a habitual smoker that has lung cancer but refuses to give it up, partially out of denial that they've done this to themselves. That said, even companies like Sinclair can only keep it up for so long.
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    KSWD will be replaced by K-Love. KSWD, along with KSOQ and WGGY, will be divested to EMF. http://variety.com/2017/music/news/los-angeles-kswd-sign-off-1202588367/
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    Feder says Darlene Hill could be on the way out.
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    Now there's a station that's trapped in a time warp compared to your other uploads. They were using that same open (albeit as Channel 29) in 1993: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=id=HFIA_H4EjhA;m=6;s=28 A year later they finally replaced it with a more modern package that I can't find right now (in was in one of NewsActive3's compilations though)
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    I have Spectrum, would’ve used their app but you can’t reverse within the app.
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    Charter and Viacom agreed to extend the deadline short term as negotiations are proceeding. Some have made a valid point - most Viacom channels won't be missed if taken off and others have no specific purpose anymore. Viacom has a lot of work to do to make itself relevent again.
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    New12 New Jersey operates statewide, broadcast not just on Optimum, but also is carried by Comcast and the area that is CharterSpectrum. They still operate their own studio and newsroom in Edison.
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    Here's a real treat, WBKP from 2000 using Move Closer to Your World. Yes, really. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=id=l7M9Z6USG9Q;t=5
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    Two very big shoes to fill at WRAL. It won't be the same after 2018, that's for sure. When you lose big news anchors like Bill Leslie and David Crabtree who have personified WRAL News for decades, its like Charlie Gaddy and Larry Stonger... its hard to swallow and they're irreplaceable once they leave. Truly irreplaceable.
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  16. 1 point
    I will wait till I see the promo again, or until it gets posted to YouTube.
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    That as well. Although they still don’t bring in coverage for News12 in the entire NYC area. Especially in Queens, Staten Island, and Manhattan.
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    I think it's supposed to be a rip-off of the Ch-8 in Fort Bragg, CA that used to do some news way back in the dark ages. Psssst... Nobody in Northern California says "Norcal". Yes, it's acceptable to say "Socal" when referring to all counties south of Santa Barbara....not to be confused with "Soquel" located in Santa Cruz County. Just like no sane native Californian would ever say "Cali". Hollywood screws everything up.
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    You do have a point there. It might have an excellent case for the failing station waiver as well.
  20. 1 point
    Actually, I had to unfollow WMUR's Twitter account because it tweets so frequently and often only with links to "human interest" stories I had no interest in.
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    Speaking of Des Moines, is it just me or does WOI's promo music from 1984 sound similar to KNSD's 1985 theme?
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