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    Now the way the company is, they won't let them do that.
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    None of the other Houston stations have enough space to share. KPRC's new building is smaller than its previous one. KTRK is about right sized for its needs. While KIAH does have room to spare, it wouldn't be enough. Nor would their technical plant or parking accommodate a large tenant. For the interim, KHOU could explore a couple of options: - Move news, technical and studio facilities to an empty retail space; and put sales, traffic and business offices in rented office building space nearby. The news space can work with something such as an empty car dealership, supermarket or furniture store. - I would bet Houston, like most cities, has a few malls with empty department stores. Lots of usable space. - Approach University of Houston or Rice University about renting space on one of their campuses. It's a stretch, but both likely have studio facilities already. Long term, KHOU might have to make a hard choice to build a new facility further out from downtown. However, Houston is such a sprawling city, it wouldn't matter a whole lot, because no matter where a station is, it's at least an hour's drive to get most anywhere. Stations in Boston, Miami, L.A., and Dallas that are not in downtown areas still manage to get the job done. Added: Wherever they put their news department and studio temporarily, a rented football production truck and portable downlinks can give them a quick technical solution. A microwave link or fiber line gives them a studio to transmitter link.
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    Not a good idea..as Bayou Place being in the smack dab of Downtown and is right on Buffalo Bayou...has flooded before.
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    The size of the insurance payout and potentially increased costs to insure the KHOU studios may leave them little choice and a lucrative option.
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    You are right about the original contenders for Steve's spot. In fact, I remember reading comments from Jeff Rosen saying that not getting that gig contributed to his decision to leave the station.
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    Eh not sure which I'd prefer, Brian Williams taking forever to make a point or Katy Tur fumbling over every other word. Love them both, but can't stand a full hour of either.
  7. 2 points
    I'd rather hear Signature any day over some of SAM's new packages especially Aerial. But that is my two cents. Now back to your regular scheduled programming that is already in progress.
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    Still images were borrowed from WKRN, another Nexstar-owned station.
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    A collection of opens from all the "Big Three" stations in Omaha, circa early '90s. Includes an unknown KMTV theme.
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    Talk about rare. NewsActive3's latest compilation tops them all. Here are a few favorites: * The KOB "Eyewitness News 4" open is action-packed and exciting * Not only that, the KFVS "Channel 12 News" open with TM's "NewsBeat" is a welcome addition * A rare WCOV-TV "Newsroom 20 at 5" news open * The CHCH "NewsRoom 11" open that features their theme used until the end of the 1980s * The KTUU "Newservice 2" open is the rarest Alaska news open I have ever seen * The first-ever intro for "KRLD-TV News" is so exciting and... * The KTEW "NewsCenter 2" intro
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    That would have been the Whitney Corporation, who moved what had been KGUL/Galveston to Houston as KHOU in 1959. They had been at the Allen Parkway studios since 1960. Why didn't they move? A variety of reasons. Land availability/affordability to move elsewhere - assuming it had ever been brought up - and simple complacency being at the top of the list. This could be second guessed until the cows come home.
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    Just to be clear, self insurance doesn't mean no insurance. Self insurance usually means a company sets aside funds to cover losses to a certain amount. Usually $100,000 to $1,000,000. Amounts over that are covered by mega policies. The self insurance option is like a huge deductible, to keep huge casualty premiums in line. State laws still require companies who self insure to have backing from real insurance carriers. While there could be a long wait for any kind of insurance payout, Tegna has deep pockets and lots of credit lines to finance whatever they need to do in the interim. Also, Tegna will be able to claim any losses from the storm to offset corporate taxes, possibly over a period of years. Something that could work in KHOU's favor in re-building is that Harris County has no zoning laws. They'll be able to build anywhere they want without having to deal with zoning approval or variances. All they'll need is the property and building permits.
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    BREAKING: KMSP is delivering a newscast at 7pm ct on sister station WFTC entitled Fox 9+ News at 7, set to debut on Sept. 18. The first newscasts since 2006. Although, it will air an encore presentation of Fox at 10.
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    According to their Facebook page, KHOU has found an interim home in the television studios at the University of Houston (KUHT).
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    So, as was mentioned earlier, it appears production and master control shifted from WFAA/Dallas to KUSA/Denver sometime late this morning, which probably gives them greater access to the group’s graphics hub (the old G3 is colocated in Denver IIRC). The downside to production being in Denver means that the weather graphics no longer have all of the Texas counties/locales on their computer systems so they can’t show specific named cities/towns like they could when Dallas was in charge.
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    And that's not even taking into account the manpower needed to rebuild every salvageable building. Or the total amount of raw materials.
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    KTBU (Mega TV) is in the former News 24 Houston (short-lived 24-hour cable news channel) studios on Equity Drive, near 290 and the Sam Houston Tollway. Could be another temporary option. The old KPRC building someone mentioned earlier has already been knocked down.
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    The problem with car dealers, dead malls and furniture stores? Most of them are flooded, too. At that point, it might be a renovation to serve as a permanent facility.
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    I'm going to guess Jim Cutler was off this past week/weekend. He didn't do the weekly WGN Morning News promo on Friday, either.
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    Wasn't WCIV's building destroyed in Hugo?
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    sounds like wfaa got tired of dealing with khou and handed off production to kusa... except the youtube stream is just showing the raw feed from kuht... and the facebook stream is showing wfaa... "take a look at these weather graphics from kusa" but it's just a shot of the talent lounging around at the desk... only ota viewers have the right feed...
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    I love those first three KMTV opens. I've been wanting to see those since I saw a tease left after a Jeopardy! episode posted on YouTube. The musical signatures don't seem to match any of the known news music composers, but rather that of Nebraska's own Chip Davis of Mannheim Steamroller.
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    Why? The show is consistently beating both Fox and CNN in overall viewers and 25-54. Plus it gives BriWi something to do.
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    Might be time for an NMSA date tweak. This ran in the Tennessean on December 9, 1973:
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    That KOAT open I think is pretty cool as well. Reminds me a bit of KTLA's logo ID from the same period.
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    Not as badly as a certain station in Lafayette, Louisiana.
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