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    Totally—it reminds me of growing up in the East Bay in the mid-1990s, when KRON was the top dog in the San Francisco market. Really it's when I got into TV news and decided to pursue it as a career. Wish I could get my hands on the full package. Seems like the SouthernMedia NMSA just added a clean version of the open track, so maybe it's making the rounds these days.
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    They won't confirm or speak on record about anything their bosses have yet to announce or personnel moves that have yet to be announced. Also, it's Saturday. Lori just left Ch. 7 on Wednesday. We all need to practice a bit more patience.
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    +1. Instant Classics was never as good as this package, and it's a major bummer that it's STILL in use today. I'm holding out hope that Nexstar does something with KRON next week when the new 9:00pm show debuts, but I'm sure nothing will change.
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    Eh not sure which I'd prefer, Brian Williams taking forever to make a point or Katy Tur fumbling over every other word. Love them both, but can't stand a full hour of either.
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    I'd rather hear Signature any day over some of SAM's new packages especially Aerial. But that is my two cents. Now back to your regular scheduled programming that is already in progress.
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    Still images were borrowed from WKRN, another Nexstar-owned station.
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    A collection of opens from all the "Big Three" stations in Omaha, circa early '90s. Includes an unknown KMTV theme.
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    Talk about rare. NewsActive3's latest compilation tops them all. Here are a few favorites: * The KOB "Eyewitness News 4" open is action-packed and exciting * Not only that, the KFVS "Channel 12 News" open with TM's "NewsBeat" is a welcome addition * A rare WCOV-TV "Newsroom 20 at 5" news open * The CHCH "NewsRoom 11" open that features their theme used until the end of the 1980s * The KTUU "Newservice 2" open is the rarest Alaska news open I have ever seen * The first-ever intro for "KRLD-TV News" is so exciting and... * The KTEW "NewsCenter 2" intro
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    I love those first three KMTV opens. I've been wanting to see those since I saw a tease left after a Jeopardy! episode posted on YouTube. The musical signatures don't seem to match any of the known news music composers, but rather that of Nebraska's own Chip Davis of Mannheim Steamroller.
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    I'm not the most experienced in knowing the in's and out's of these big shake ups.... But, I have to speculate that the fact that I've tweeted Teresa, Rosanna, Fox 5, Suki and Lori and none of them have responded may mean there is some validity.... because if it were totally false, don't you think they would respond because it seems like all of them normally do. Or am I looking into this too much?
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    From my understanding, WBBM is under obligation by the city to have the streetside studio in "continuous use" until a certain date or point of sublease in which once certain papers are signed or even certain permits pulled, then they can switch over to the new studio. There have been a number of potential leasers. Not sure if one of them is now official. The station saved alot of memorabilia. Alot from the old building was trashed but alot was also packed and stored on an empty floor of their current building that they use for storage.
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    Nothing is official. Yesterday she was joining WNYW and on Weds she was going WNBC and leaving the big apple. Maybe she will end up at WCBS or WPIX or network or cable news. Or maybe she doesn't know where she is going and is simply leaving WABC cause she is not happy there. She was passed over three times for a later slot. In 2003 when Liz came in she got the 11pm slot over Lori when it could have been the other way around. In 2004 for Sade came in she got the 5pm slot over Lori when it could have been the other way around. Finally in 2015 Shirleen took over for Lori and became a primary evening fill in anchor when it could have been the other way around. Let's not forget in 2011 when the 4pm newscast started Lori could have done that and the noon newscast or if Liz did 4pm Lori could have done 6 and 11. The point being maybe Lori got fed up with three newer anchors getting a better position then she had. Perhaps Lori wanted to fill in during the evenings more frequently and WABC refused cause they wanted Shirleen to be the primary fill in at 4, 5 and 11. QUOTE="Eyewitness News-man, post: 187226, member: 1963"]Umm...is Ms. Stokes WNYW move official, or are we letting this speculation getting the best of us?
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    Umm...is Ms. Stokes WNYW move official, or are we letting Scott Jones' speculation getting the best of us?
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    We are each entitled to our own opinions...but how could you not be a fan of Lori Stokes? She had such a warm, relatable and charismatic delivery. She makes a great team with everyone she works with.
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    Why? The show is consistently beating both Fox and CNN in overall viewers and 25-54. Plus it gives BriWi something to do.
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    WLS will have special eclipse coverage from Carbondale on their website while they air ABC coverage on TV.
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    Wasn't David Novarro weekend morning anchor (he was a reporter, at minimum) before he went to Chicago (and then came back)?
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    Might be time for an NMSA date tweak. This ran in the Tennessean on December 9, 1973:
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    If you missed the farewell, I uploaded it on my channel.
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    That KOAT open I think is pretty cool as well. Reminds me a bit of KTLA's logo ID from the same period.
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    Not as badly as a certain station in Lafayette, Louisiana.
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    I agree. Suki likes being the center of attention. Rosanna and Greg are Good Day and really FOX5. It'll be interesting to see what happens if this is all true.

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