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    The Boston DMA stations are phases 4 & 8. So, WBTS-LD should be able to stay on RF 46 until March 13, 2020 (the end of phase 8) at the latest. Their RF channel won't be needed for another full power licensee to move to and the wireless companies can't do much until the reclaimed bandwidth has been fully cleared in that area. So, it's status quo for the time being. I wouldn't worry about them. They'll be fine. It's 90 days from the receipt of auction proceeds for stations NOT entering into a channel sharing agreement. And, 180 days from the receipt of auction proceeds for stations entering into a channel sharing agreement. That is the absolute latest (barring a waiver, for which the FCC I set a pretty high threshold) they can remain on their pre-auction channel. But, I believe the commission is allowing stations to cease operations (or, really go silent until the license is officially surrendered) early provided all the viewer notification requirements are completed. I don't believe any stations have been paid yet so, the clock hasn't really started yet. Yep, WBIN will be sharing with WUTF (using WUTF's facilities.) Barring something totally unforseen Univision will likely be the owner of the WBIN license. There are put/call options in their agreement. I think it is safe to assume this is the "major television group" referenced in those press releases/articles back in February. So, barring Binnie finding another third party to by the license he'll likely follow through on the put option and force Univision to acquire WBIN for the agreed upon price. I don't know why Binnie would even attempt to find another suitor at this point. Plus, as it stands WBIN will only get 1.7 Mbps of bandwidth as defined in their capacity allocation portion of the agreement. So, I'm thinking it's a fait accompli Univision will end up with the license at this point. And, I'm guessing at least in the short term they will just park Grit on the WBIN license for the time being. Also, if anyone wants to read the WBIN/WUTF channel sharing agreement, here is a link to the PDF. It's also unredacted for those that care.
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    I think that's enough internet for today.
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    WaPo wrote similar pieces earlier this week, but talked a bit more about WJLA.
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    That'd actually be better than this Litton Entertainment/Steve Rotfield crap they have on now. At the very least, put some entertainment into the shows. The only Saturday morning show I like on any of the broadcast networks is CBS' The Inspectors. At least they're somewhat trying to be entertaining. I understand this is a different era but still.
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    It's going to be so interesting to watch in 4 or 8 years if the Democrats retake the executive branch and a new FCC admin re-institutes the 39% cap--if for no other reason than to stick it to FOX and/or Sinclair. We may well be witnessing the beginning of a big media bubble not unlike Clear Channel in the 2000s (and that bubble, as iHeart Media, may burst again real soon.) The funny thing with FOX / Rupert is that it's sort of a no-win situation for him. If FOX/Blackstone emerge as the winner of Tribune, the optics may look bad to Ofcom in the UK as 21CF tries to buy SKY Television outright. But if Sinclair wins, it has more leverage in retrans negotiations, and especially when you're staring down the execs of a firmly cemented fourth place network that was in first or second not that long ago, that's huge. (Also, as Jessell's op-ed suggests, could you imagine Sinclair bidding on NFL rights 10 years ago?) Something else to consider: There are legally operating triopolies and quadropolies. If Uncle Rupert talks to President Trump on a daily basis (as has been suggested today) what's to stop him from getting in his ear about relaxing FCC duopoly/triopoly regulations? Absent that, WWOR, KCOP, and WPWR would absolutely be sold... ...I would bet, to ABC. Hear me out. I know ABC does not buy TV stations ever. But we are getting to a point where they may have to just to keep pace with the rest of the consolidation going on, or they could end up on the wrong side of a bargaining table with a Sinclair or Nexstar. NBC has duopolies in those markets, CBS could maybe pick up WPWR if they wanted but that's it. It definitely makes sense in NY, LA, Chicago if the option's there, and Houston to do it if they can get a good deal...I'm just saying.
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    It's the following experience that's foreboding AF:
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    Sinclair thinks they are better than Chuck Swirsky....frickin' liberal!
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    Huh. I always figured KOMO was at least a strong 2nd, possibly even beating out KING in some time slots.
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    Use the FCC's Licensing and Management System (LMS). Usually, most of that will eventually trickle over to the public file/station profile. FYI - There's only one other CSA that has been officially filed with the FCC, that being KTNC. But, I expect them to slowly start trickling in now.
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    Thank you very much. Appreciate it. -- Matt
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    No matter what, I think everyone working at Tribune stations is really nervous and possibly scared right now.
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    Quadcopter 69 is a drone. There's more info about it posted in this thread on page 8, beginning with post # 147, by Mrknowitall526.
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    What's rough is wanting to keep all this private...but you have no choice but to tell everyone because the second you disappear from the air, people will speculate and start emailing and calling the station. Yeah... Some are actual attention whores...even with cancer.. But most really prefer to keep this quiet however social media makes it worse sometimes.
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    Recent article on our "DIY" tech at Tribune http://www.tvnewscheck.com/article/103819/diy-tv-tech-powers-tribune-newsrooms-mcs
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    Thus Spake Zarathustra used as a news theme by France's (defunct) La Cinq in 1988: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sEOU8VZAI5E
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