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    Classic Gannett/Tegna. They just spent all that money to move KING, KONG and NWCN to new headquarters. That would have been the ideal time to pull the plug. Instead, they spent lots of money to build a secondary studio, auxiliary control room and dedicated offices specifically for NWCN that will wind up having lasted less than a year. In addition to the money they've already spent, they're in a long-term lease and will be paying rent for that unnecessary space for years. Pure genius.
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    WABG (ABC & FOX), WNBD-LD (NBC) and WXVT (CBS), all either owned and/or operated by Northwest Broadcasting, have consolidated under one branding (The Delta News) and, at this time, it seems that WXVT's news department is the only one of the group that's producing newscasts. The group's website, www.yourdeltanews.com, only displays a message that says the site is "under construction." Don't expect big things to happen with this change in this market. This seems solely to be a move to cut expenses and, unfortunately, staff. WIKIPEDIA: "Commonwealth Broadcasting Group agreed to sell WABG-TV, WNBD-LD, and WFXW-LD to Cala Broadcast Partners for $11.7 million on October 30, 2015. Cala is jointly owned by Brian Brady (who owns several other television stations, mostly under the Northwest Broadcasting name) and Jason Wolff (who owns radio and television stations through Frontier Radio Management).[6] Concurrently with this acquisition, Cala agreed to purchase WXVT from H3 Communications; a month later, it assigned its right to purchase that station to John Wagner.[7] The sale was completed on August 1, 2016."
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    This is their newscast schedule if your interested: Weekdays: 5:30-6:00am on WXVT 6:00-7:00am on WXVT and WABG 5:00-5:30pm on WXVT, WABG and WNBD 6:00-6:30pm on WXVT and WABG Daily: 10:00-10:35pm on WXVT, WABG and WNBD
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