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  1. http://pagesix.com/2016/09/15/lauers-botched-presidential-interviews-may-not-have-been-his-fault/ Apparently Matt Lauer was left hung out to dry after the Commander in Chief forum. I don't feel sorry for him, finally the NBC bosses are waking up to him.He's an arrogant man who has destoryed people's careers and for so long has blamed everybody for bad things happening to him but has no humble bone in his body to apologize when it was clearly his fault. He was a huge player in wanting Ann Curry removed and he blamed everyone including upper management. He has overstayed his welcome at NBC and the entire brand would be much better without him. The best thing that NBC would do is get rid of him, he is overpaid to the max and everybody else can do his job. He does not stand out nor do people really like him. They are just wasting money on him. The Today show will survive without him, and they would be a much better brand without him. Hopefully after November he won't renew his contract.
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  2. WOLF looks to sever ties with WBRE and start its own 10pm news department...
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  3. New WRIC logo and maybe new graphics?
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