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    Looks like Anthony Ponce will announce his next gig via Facebook today. Stay tuned.
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    WCAU didn't put together the concert. The city put together the concert. The city put together a sleepy concert and WCAU did the best they could with it. It was weak to air NYC coverage over the "big, fantastic, magical" local show, ESPECIALLY in the first year of airing it, but the national broadcast simply had the stronger acts. Let's see what lessons are learned and what everybody (WCAU, the city) does differently next year Can we get down to the real discussion now- when are they debuting those damn new graphics?
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    WBZ/Boston did. About 20 years ago.
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    Saw that as well, but didn't finish watching it. Did they fix it?
  5. 1 point
    I miss Eyewitness News on CBS 5. Dislike KPIX and the product now
  6. 1 point
    Oops saw this today on NBC10 @issue #doublegraphics
  7. 1 point
    I'd prolly throw KPIX in there too....
  8. 1 point
    I believe it was a firm called pencilogic. They designed KMGH's 1998 set, which was pretty similar to WJZ's set, just with a mountain lodge feel: If my memory is correct, pencilogic was based in Denver, as they did a lot of Denver sets — KWGN's 2000 multiset, KCNC's faux-control room mountain set, and the mini weather, news, and tech sets in KUSA's newsroom. A mirror of their old website here has a client list which shows, among others, WJZ, WBZ, WBBM, and KPIX. I'm pretty sure WCCO's late 90s/early 2000s set was a Devlin creation, though seeing that pencilogic and Devlin were based in the same state, and many pencilogic clients went on to beome Devlin clients, there's probably some sort of connection there.
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    Orlando FOX owned WOFL expanding its 6 pm newscast to an hour and calling it NewsEdge@6. http://www.adweek.com/tvspy/orlando-station-changes-6-p-m-newscast/173943 It will be anchored by Stephen Hauck with current 6 pm anchors Sonni Abata & Bob Frier providing a rundown of the top 6 stories of the day.
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    From 1983, a low budget newscast from WCHS in Charleston, WV, with a bonus of ESPN's Speedweek in the clip.
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    I assume it has the same arrangement as CNBC had with dLife for a few years, where that company produced a show about living with diabetes that aired Sunday nights until the current regime came in to change around their Prime schedule and wanted the time for their own. dLife still airs on the web, so I assume like "Your Business" it maintained a diehard and loyal audience and dependable advertisers week to week, and Sunday mornings are basically MSNBC's time to try to not compete hard with NBC due to "Sunday Today" and "Meet the Press", thus "Your Business" and their most wonky news shows are geared to a niche, but loyal audience. "Your Business" has certainly outlasted all of those lousy "pay-for-play" three-minute paid placement shows where companies had Terry Bradshaw or another old athlete promote a business that cable news was lousy with in the 2000's (my bank did one of those fluff-filled profiles with Bradshaw and it was a complete 'what are you doing with our deposits?!' moment).
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