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    Yes, I sure do. From one of my tapes at home - this is good: As always in this thread - posted in the spirit of sharing some of my videos with an 'Americanized' connection. Appreciate it.
  2. 5 points
    Good luck with these. WPVI isn't going to lose its crown for a very long time.
  3. 4 points
    Thomas Roberts sexuality and activism shouldn't be a big deal now a days. Gay marriage is legal in the US and the majority of Americans are in favor with it.
  4. 4 points
    Mardek.....With the recent slew of buyouts to try and help settle their long term financials, to the point that right now as it stands currently, they are under a lot of debt (close to $4.5B). For them to add Tribune to the mix would be corporate suicide. No shareholder is willing to shoulder that much debt! Tribune for all intents and purposes are the most unique group in that they do own some major affiliates but they also own stations in DMA's 1-4 and those stations alone don't come cheap! If they ended up deciding to buy them, the debt load for the new Tegna would double to a point that shareholders would find it completely unsustainable
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    Max Robinson was the first African American to be an evening anchor. Yes it was more of a rotation anchor team but he was technically the first. I will say that I don't see anything wrong with Roberts claiming to be the first openly gay man to anchor an evening network broadcast (even though there some discrepancy about that but that's another story).
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    That's literally impossible. Not all viewers are old and decrepit. I'm not even in my thirties, and I'm still watching.
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    Yes, people have been dying for years now. It hasn't happened yet.
  8. 1 point
    Am I missing something here too? Why is it that every time I read Thomas Roberts' name on this thread alone, I read more about his sexual orientation than his overall talents. He's a very solidly talented and talented anchor and correspondant, and can be a great fill-in and (possibly a) weekend anchor. When I first learned of that, I thought "Okay, cool. What's for dinner?" I also wish we can stop discussing his sexuality and just say how good he is every once in a while. (Like me starting now...)
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    KXAN (36) continues to dominate the ratings in Austin in the April ratings against 2nd place KVUE (24) and last place KEYE (42), KTBC (7) continues to struggle in third place. http://tvradio.blog.austin360.com/2016/04/29/april-tv-ratings-kxan-widens-its-lead/
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    TEGNA is NOT buying another station group anywhere in the near future. I will eat a Trump steak if they even show interest in one within the next 24 months.
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    First, I wouldn't say Tribune Media is "struggling." Second, the renewal of their CW affiliation agreements is totally unrelated to their debt load. One has nothing to do with the other and why you tied those two together puzzles me.
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