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    Hahah I can't believe people do that on websites.
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    Technically, that's not The Awakening. That's the 1999 version, called "Breaking News" composed by Dave Hewson, based upon the Johnny Pearson composition.
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    I agree with you. These graphics are more of the updated version of the CBS O&O from 2010 where the intro was the eye and looped from one location to another location in that city.
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    I may have shared this one earlier, but if not, I am sharing this one for the first time. From 1977, here is the opening to WBIR-TV's "NewsCenter 10" utilizing the music from CBS's promo campaign of that year, "There's Something In The Air". We now take you to Yakima where KNDO opens its news from April 6, 1992 (24 years ago this month). With the recent finding of a WAFF Nightcast open using "We're Your Kind of People", here is a video from 1982 that focuses on the efforts to bring back WAFF 48 just days after fire burned their station's facilities. At 23:26 into the video, a video montage of happenings in the Tennessee Valley is shown and is done to the tune of "We're Your Kind of People". Interesting fact: They had written a special song for the Tennessee Valley and WAFF just days before the fire. After the station signed back on the air, they had it redone. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t89ky5_yWyY Forty years ago this month, WAGA, WXIA and WSB-TV were Atlanta's stations covering local news and the events shaping Atlanta and the world These days, they still cover the local news and events shaping Atlanta and the world. What better way to mention this is by sharing a video containing all three news opens from April 1976. Here is what themes they used during that year: WSB-TV: "Move Closer To Your World" (Mayoham Music) WAGA: "Home Country" (Mayoham Music) WXIA: "A Clockwork Orange: Timesteps" (Walter Carlos) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4bmzYb9NWdU
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    How about a fictional news promo? Here's Family Guy's take on those cheesy '80s image campaigns: It reminds me of this very real WPDE promo:
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    At least these new 16x9 incarnations APPEAR to have respect for the 4x3 safe zone. SD viewers do lose out on any station branding, time & temp, but at least they're not partially cut off the screen. For the select few who still have 4x3 SD, they may run into action safe issues, but you would have thought by now that all SD feeds would use the letterbox 16x9 instead of dealing with the main picture...
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