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    I'm glad seeing Brian Williams on the NBC air again. I've always liked his style, he handles special reports like no other.
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    Lester is out sick today so Brian will be anchoring NBC News Special a Report this afternoon. But don't expect Brian to fill in on Nightly as he banned from appearing on broadcast
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    What I'm about to list is local newscasts debuting in January. What you already know: WPIX 11's new 6:30pm news debuting January 11th. WCVB 5's new 4:30 and 7:00pm news debuting January 11th. WFLA 8's new 8:00pm news on WTTA 38 debuting January 4th. KCRA 3's new 4:00pm news debuting January 25th. WDRB 41's new 11:00pm news, which I learned today that its debuting on January 11th. WFLD 32's new weekend morning newscast that could debut in either late January or early February. What you don't know yet: [MEDIA=twitter]681248275639480320[/MEDIA] [MEDIA=twitter]681596904233418752[/MEDIA] [MEDIA=twitter]681624021285384192[/MEDIA] [MEDIA=twitter]681637436439576577[/MEDIA]
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    And them buying Albittron and Fisher effectively made them the 2nd largest group of ABC affiliates as they have affiliates in larger markets (DC, Seattle, St. Louis, and Portland OR). What next? Sinclair influencing ABC news into leaning more towards the right wing?
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    So sad seeing Pam leave WTVJ, she was the best on morning TV in Miami. But I do wish her well nonetheless.
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    Pam Giganti's last day was Friday, Dec 11, 2015 at WTVJ/ NBC 6 in Miami. http://www.tvnewsinsider.com/story/miami-anchor-retires/
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