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    Here's the article rklosen was referring to: http://www.bizjournals.com/philadelphia/news/2015/09/25/nbc10-ibew-local-98-union-comcast-contract-strike.html Looks pretty straightforward to me that the station wants to implement some level of automation (esp during cut-ins and breaking news) and the union isn't having it. Just my opinion, but do you really need a fully staffed control room just to run a 2-3 min cut-in? I know we're talking about people's jobs and all but it does seem pretty wasteful.
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    The logo does make sense then...whew.
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    They're running on a skeleton staff with few photographers and replacement technicians in the control room that aren't used to their setup. It's gonna show on air.
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    From the video they've gone to "KOMO News" which would make the brand match across all platforms (komonews.com, KOMO News Radio)
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    Rkolsen, totally agree with you on all the points you just made. The article in the philadelphia business journal had stuff in their about the strike, I had no clue what some of that technical stuff was about. Rkolsen, or anyonoe, can you explain to me about overdrive? What is it? and what about someone running the control room during the today show? Didn't get that part of the article.
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    Honestly, things got blown out of proportion because of Joy's comment when she said why Miss Colorado was "wearing a doctor's stethoscope." Were Joy and Michelle ignorant and un-informed with their comments? Yes. Was it something to get overly pissed about? No. The fact that people can chime in via Facebook and Twitter only fans the flames even more. It's not as if they called nurses murderers, or some other demeaning name.
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    With all due respect, so what? The ladies state their opinions everyday, and at least one person is bound to disagree or be offended. I'm sorry whatever they said rubbed you the wrong way, but it really has nothing to do with that thread...but that's just my opinion.
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    Jeez, I forgot that she even works there.
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